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If you're a designer wanting to submit your work, click on the ‘SUBMIT YOUR WORK' tab above.
Below you will see a selection of stationery, identity and branding elements design: business cards, letterheads, envelopes, folders, cds and dvds, packaging, calendars, examples of car branding design, logo sub-branding variations, corporate presentations, branding manuals and even iPhone applications interface designs.
Logo and stationery design for Blend, a consulting company focused on business process transformation, management consulting, system architecture, system engineering, system integration, application management, hosting solutions. Logo and stationery design for a web design studio and an online advertising agency: double sided letterhead, envelope, two sided business card. Logo design, stationery design (letterheads, double sided business cards, envelope, folder) and car branding (VW Golf 4, Fiat Punto) for a real estate, civil engineering and constructions company. Logo and stationery design for a company dealing with topography, real estate and civil engineering: letterheads, two sided business cards, envelope and folder design. Stationery design for a book distribution company: letterheads, two sided business cards and folder design. Logo and stationery design for Cerebral Art advertising agency: letterheads, two sided business cards and envelope design, 2 pages from the company presentation and also the folder design, both inside and outside. Branding manual and identity design for Nagual, an innovative concept of multitasking environment, club, bar, lounge and restaurant. Corporate presentation for electronic music records label All Inn: about the label, releases, djs, artists and producers, clubs and venues. New packaging design for 3 products launched by Ciel, an accountancy firm: box, cd, sticker. If you’re ever in the Nashville area make sure to stop by Honest Coffee Roasters in the Factory at Franklin. About NiceNice Branding Agency is a Branding and Marketing Agency with offices in Lakeland, Florida, and Nashville, Tennessee.
Logo and stationery design for Vertikal, a lecture hall based in an aeroclub in Russia that will host lectures from various areas of knowledge: technology, helicopters, GTD, web, biomedicine, and other.
Our approach to brand building is focused on developing authentic connections through shared values and interests.
Unfortunately, defining a company’s brand takes more than designing a memorable logo or drafting a tagline. A company’s “brand” is a collection of the thoughts and emotions that come to someone’s mind when they see your logo or hear your slogan.
The Ancient Greeks were onto something with the aphorism “know thyself”: only after you’ve determined your meaningful differentiators can you begin communicating your brand identity. When embarking on a brand strategy, aim for a brand that is malleable enough to evolve with society, yet reliable enough to maintain your unique identity. Sassoon has provided The Villa Roma Resort Hotel with quality photography and video content on numerous occasions.

Completely rebuilt following a tragic fire and flood, this cornerstone resort now hosts more families, tours, and corporate groups than ever. Conferences and conventions are events where one can have the need to hand out a large number of business cards quickly. For more recent projects I invite you to visit the current portfolio section of my website. Initially designed for a PR and electronic music events agency, the logo and also the sub-brandings were not used and are now available for sale.
We have also designed a folder, a small presentation for the products to present and promote them and general business cards for the company.
We are a group of brilliant thinkers and savvy strategists that work to uncover who your company is and creatively capture what your company does.
Just as every person you know has a different personality, we believe every brand has a personality.
The name combines the two values – the exponential growth of knowledge and vertical takeoff helicopter.
Our approach to brand building uses the art of design and storytelling to create authentic content that resonates with consumers through shared values and interests. The reason for this is the fact that stories produce experiences and experiences leave lasting impressions.
We believe that in order for brands to connect with people they must understand and address their needs. To establish an enduring brand identity, be prepared to carve out a substantial amount of time researching and questioning your customers and employees to truly understand what defines your company. Meanwhile, a poor brand is one that’s little-known, not respected or doesn’t have any lasting value.
Your reputation has the ability to make or break your business – so how can you possibly land on one idea that completely defines your organization? A great brand acts like a magnet for attracting customers and creates a lasting emotional connection with your audience. As they say, perception is reality – before settling on a brand identity, do your research and be honest with yourself to make sure it leads to the perception you intended.
The casual, friendly atmosphere and extraordinary range of activities also attracts bus-tour groups, weddings, and family reunions.
The cards for this branding agency have been printed as huge rolls of tickets which are perforated and can be torn off and handed out.
Our primary goal is to showcase identity design from around the world; we want to give designers the opportunity to share and publicise their creative work online. We want to see iterative sketches, including discarded preliminary and prefinal designs, wherever possible.

We craft unique meaningful brands and devise intentional marketing plans that align your organization’s objectives, strengths, and strategies.
Your corporate brand is how all your marketing materials work together to make up this personality.
The stationery package contained design for letterhead, envelope, double sided business cards with QR code included. We work with our clients to help establish a deeper understanding of their target market so they can reach that audience with more efficiency.
They’re known as “The Happiest Place on Earth.”  It’s no surprise that both companies landed spots on Forbes’ list of the world’s most valuable brands – but what makes them so great? Brands have the power to encourage customer loyalty and attract the employees committed to carrying out the essence of your brand each and every day.
In-house luxury boutiques provide shopping opportunities, and the resort has the only in-house Starbucks in the Catskills. They're not just tickets though - they're business card sized and made of a higher quality paper and as such this was a custom printing job.
Also a stationery package was designed for the mother company containing the standard letterheads, two sided business cards and envelope design. We use the art of storytelling to communicate brand messaging and connect with audiences emotionally. Extensive pool facilities—including a waterslide and a bar—are a major draw, as is the indoor sports complex and fitness center. Keeping with the theme of the ticket roll each card is individually and consecutively numbered which gives the cards a collectible aspect and also shows a clever piece of attention to detail.
It is the way all of these items, and others, work together, that in turn give your company an overall cohesive image, playing on your company's personality.
Content makes paid media work harder and allows brands to engage, grow and sustain their target audience. The concept works well in the convention scenario but has the added benefit of being different to the usual stacks of business cards available at other company displays, so they stand out and are memorable.
Dining options are numerous, and there are organized bus trips to nearby gaming and shopping meccas.
We create content that resonates with consumers and positions brands so they matter in culture. The article is called A logo design as sweet as honey for one of our Nashville based clients, Polleneers.

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