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As Melanie suggests, building a strong personal brand includes: reputation, trust, attention and action. Yesterday, I pick up my teenage grandson from a friend’s house and gave him a lift home.  I ask him what fun things he had done over week-end. He’s a typical technology driven teen, which includes an ipod mic in his ear, fingers that fly across his cell phone keypad, and visiting with friends on Facebook. Having easy access to a cell phone and a computer is awesome but along with this compelling technology comes responsibility… no matter who you are or your age. Once posted on the Internet, either by computer or phone… photos and words are like feathers scattered on the wind from a broken pillow.  You simply cannot get them back! All the way through your post, you have done a tremendous job of explaining what branding is all about as well as a doggone good list of do’s and don’t's!
Sometimes I wish I could lock my grands in a box until they get a little bit more common sense. Kathy, this is one of the best posts EVER for how to use the internet and social media in particular.
If you’re a business owner, director, or manager, you know the importance of planning for success. Successful companies know that taking the time to plan and implement an effective brand strategy is what sets them apart from the competition. To understand the concept of brand strategy, you must first have a solid understanding of your brand. Your brand strategy is the way in which you deliver the vision of your brand through each and every interaction that you have with your audience. A successful brand strategy bridges the gap between your customer’s perception of your company and the vision that you have for your brand.
Understanding who your best customers are and why they shop with you will help you develop a successful brand strategy. An effective brand strategy helps you identify and build upon the things about your company that are truly great. Your brand strategy will result in more efficient and effective communications with customers and prospects, which ultimately leads to increased sales. In addition, you will benefit from constantly monitoring and enhancing your brand strategy. Overcome SEO and marketing challenges by giving you access to some of the world's best marketers.

Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Oversaw in-house team to conceptualize, develop and launch new site within first 60 days of employment. Acquisition team, partnering with colleague on program design, delivery, content and structure.
Utilized innovative sourcing and candidate development strategies through social networks (e.g. Leveraged market intelligence to create business development opportunities in emerging markets.
Above all… remind them that they are building an “Online Brand” that will extend way into the future. Lets say that your goal is to have happy productive children and your purpose is to create a sane and planet that promotes creativity and freedom; then you better have the firm policy in place that makes this happen. Wonderful and much needed words of advice, not only to our young, but to adults that are clueless, too!
Inventory and production, cash flow, payroll management, and transportation all require a significant amount of planning to be efficient and to meet your company’s needs.
It includes your logo, signage, social media channels, advertising campaigns, building exterior, the way in which callers are greeted on the phone, and everything in between. Your customers work hard for their money and could easily take their business to one of your competitors. Talk to employees throughout your company and find out all you can about your ideal customer and what they enjoy about your business.
Your brand strategy will keep your entire organization focused on the image your company wants to portray and will allow you to be consistently represented, and your brand reinforced. Your completed strategy will tell you when and where to deliver your branded messages and to what audiences. Your employees will work together to create an internal culture that authenticates your brand vision. If you’re going to travel overseas, however, it’s good to make sure that all details are taken care of before you board your flight. Take the time and effort to develop, implement, and regularly review a strong brand strategy. You likely have regular audits in place to manage and review strategies for optimizing each of these processes.

Too often, details regarding a company’s brand are randomly thrown together with little thought toward long-term goals and customer perception. It is the vision that you have for how your customers and prospective customers perceive your business.
Your brand strategy focuses on reinforcing your message and building trust and loyalty by making your brand message true. They return to your business because they’ve formed an association or attachment to your business. It will help you make purchasing decisions based on how well a particular solution fits with your branded vision. Not only will your customers be happy and reward you with loyalty, but your employees will also because they have a clear vision of the company they are working for and what the brand stands for.
You need to make sure you have money, you have packed enough appropriate clothes for the weather conditions, you have accommodations once you arrive and have transportation to your hotel or lodging.
By successfully implementing your strategy, you will achieve your goals resulting in more satisfied and loyal customers.
A logo is selected, social profiles go live, signs are posted, shrubs are planted, and the phones are answered. It includes your customer’s perception of the company’s products, services, employees, customer service, and more.
Managing these details in advance help you to have a great vacation, eliminating unnecessary problems that may put a damper on your mood and make for a less than successful adventure. Each employee does their own thing with little thought about how their job duties relate to anyone else’s and how they personally represent the brand. It is the perception of every element associated with your company from initial impression to lasting memories. Perhaps they enjoy being greeted by a particular employee or find that you have a superior product or service.

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