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Create Professional Site Maps in minutes with a revolutionary software product that not only helps to get your site indexed quicker, but also IMPROVE your search engine rankings. Many webmasters link to every single page of their site from the homepage to ensure all pages get found by the search engines.
A site map is a great navigational aid for your visitors, especially if you create a themed site map.
Each link on a site map helps your pages rank higher because of the link reputation passed to each page. Until now, creating a sitemap which could achieve these benefits was a time-consuming and boring job. I just wanted to write to let you know that I’ve successfully used your Sitemap Creator software to boost a page from absolutely nowhere to #13 on Google for a very popular keyword phrase without any other optimisation work at all!
On completion I put Sitemap Creator to the test by re-building my site map for this web site (you can see the results here). Quickly include whole directories of files you want to include in your sitemap, or select them individually.
Exclude files from your site map by selecting them individually, or by using an exclusion list. Links to each web page use the title tag of the web page as link text (so keyword rich and increases link reputation to the page it points to). Use server side includes in your sitemap pages if you wish to include advertising, page footers etc. Each sitemap page links to every other sitemap page in the current project which ensures all pages get found quickly.
Projects are saved so that when you add new pages to your site, you can easily regenerate the sitemap and re-upload it to your server. Although Sitemap Creator can build sitemaps for huge sites in minutes, with a little extra effort, you can create keyword rich content for your site which I call "themed sitemap pages". By selecting groups of pages in your site that are very closely related, and building a sitemap page for each group, you can quickly and easily build keyword targeted content for the search engines. New in the latest version of Sitemap Creator: For large sites (spanning several sitemap pages), you can easily re-order the list of web pages to be included in your sitemap so that related pages appear together on the same page.
When you have created your sitemap, looking at it can highlight some problems in your overall search engine optimization strategy. Sitemap Creator allows quick visual checks to make sure titles and descriptions are both search engine friendly and visitor friendly. My fellow members of the "technologically challenged" brigade will be relieved to know that Andy's program makes the task of building a sitemap an absolutely painless experience. An added bonus of sitemap creator was that after the first run through and viewing the result, it highlighted just how poor and ineffective my existing titles and descriptions actually were.
The best selling internet classic, Nothing but 'Net - How I generated $750,000 in internet revenues, in less than a year, with virtually no advertising costs, by internet marketer and search engine expert Michael Campbell. The sitemap generator will automatically follow the Google news sitemap protocol when using the Google news sitemap preset. Search Google News for your articles to find the displayed publisher name for your news stories. Remember: A1 Sitemap Generator Allows you to change option values manually if Google suddenly changes specifications.

This week, on two concurrent website projects, we first developed navigation wireframes based on a customer need-focused content strategy. Page type: is this an overview page, a detail page, a product page, a case study page, etc.? Existing sources: mapping of existing content and pages to new content and pages is a tedious job, but it makes the content development and loading for the new site MUCH smoother later on. Related pages: we work very hard to ensure that no webpage is ever a dead end for a visitor, so figuring out which other pages should be cross-linked from each page is important.
Focus keywords: we combined our keyword research with each page on the sitemap outline so that we could verify with the team that the content would be focusing on the correct keywords and phrases.
The exercise of walking through this document with the team was a bit daunting at first, but we quickly got into a good rhythm of verifying that the draft navigation was still working well for everyone, that we had captured the correct source content for new pages and identified all the gaps, and also talked through some of the logical relationships between pages and the content on them. Custom designed elevations that include full wrapped brick, natural stone, and hardiplank siding. Customer selected exterior materials including brick, natural stone and hardiplank wood look siding.
ABOUT USAmong the Miami Valley’s most beautiful and prestigious homes, developments, and commercial projects are the creations of G.A. Opal Shelters – OverviewOpal Shelters is a BDA Approved luxury residential villa project that encompasses 45 Acres and comprises of 810 plots of varying dimensions located at Hirandahalli, Virgo Nagar Post, Old Madras Road, Bangalore East Taluk. Not only does this waste valuable PR by sending it to less important pages, it also makes the homepage look cluttered.
Sitemap Creator will build them for you in minutes; even if your site is 1000s of pages in size. Your software was very easy to install and I was able to complete the work in only a few minutes.
Also, each link has a description – provided by either the META description tag OR visible text found on the target page. Cut through the hype and become accomplished in the black art of search engine optimization.
Imagine creating pages where all the links and descriptions of those links are keyword rich and related. Imagine my delight when I discovered Andy's SiteMap Creator, I thought all my birthdays had arrived at once! A user friendly and intuitive interface backed up with a step-by-step user manual make the job of producing an accurate and professional looking sitemap easy. You will find it on the Sitemap Creator Updates web page available through the Sitemap Creator help screen. If necessary, multiple sitemap files will automatically be generated including a sitemap index file. These wireframes included primary navigation, secondary navigation, footer navigation, and the first layer of sub-navigation for each item. Each page type will have its own content outline structure and layout wireframe, so we try to anticipate pages that have common content elements and organization. So we took the time to document related source content for each page in our new sitemap outline. Are there related products or services, related articles, related resources or case studies?

Adding a couple of columns for keywords and monthly search volume seemed overwhelming at first, but having it associated with each page in the sitemap proved very useful and intuitive. White designed and developed neighborhood located within the master-planned Stonehill Village community in prestigious Beavercreek, Ohio.
The Opal SheltersProject is set amidst a lush green background that will definitely rejuvenate your soul. A site map will simplify the overall navigation system of your web site by allowing you the freedom to only put up links on your homepage to important areas of your site, not every single page.
Before I wrote Sitemap Creator, I built a site map for this site by hand and it took me several hours of mind-numbingly boring work.
This gives visitors information on what each page is about and also ensures that keywords relevant to the page are found on the sitemap page.
This is a great benefit as that PR then gets passed to your web pages and helps them rank higher. Given the importance of making a site search engine friendly I have to say that SiteMap Creator is a "Must Have Tool" for anyone looking to quickly and easily improve search engine ranking at an affordable price. From those wireframes, we then developed an outline-style sitemap as a complex tabular (Excel) document with each new parent and child page accounted for. Identifying them now helps us plan how they will be integrated into the content itself as well as the page layout and UI. Will a section be best served with a custom post type and a custom page template to structure large amounts of similar content? Residents of Liberty Hill Woodlands will enjoy all of the vast amenities that Stonehill Village has to offer with many of the home sites featuring beautifully wooded lots. Gordon White’s vision produces visually stunning and distinctive designs, built with uncompromising quality.
A single link to your sitemap will be enough to guide the search engine spiders to every single one of your pages.
Not only is this great added value to your visitors, it also is a highly optimized web page that the search engines love. Maybe you want that, but it does not look good at search engines that uses your title for the link, and meta description for your page description. You can always select the option to build your sitemap using the visible page text instead for the descriptions.
The homes at Liberty Hill Woodlands are full custom homes that are tailored to each client’s design preferences, style, and needs. As a benefit, I also noticed that the keyword rich link text I used helped my rankings in Google.
In addition, Google could perceive this as a spam technique which could hurt your rankings. Although Sitemap Creator can build normal "un-themed" sitemaps, it will also help you build themed site maps quickly. The resulting pages don't just appear to the search engines as a link farm, but as keyword rich content that will ultimately rank well.

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