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The first image is a pre-existing web shooter that can hold about ten pounds and is made of several glues.
I'm not a typically big member on this site; but seeing as White Widow left, I will welcome you. The bottom part is a whole chamber of gas and not co2 There are still improvements to be made. So instead of building a wrist web shooter, why not build one that takes up the whole forearm, As long as the wrist is mobile and the thing goes under a long sleeve shirt, it shouldn't matter.

White Widow was the starting user of this forum, and began with the issue of trying to create a formula. Spider-man is my favorite hero and i think it would be awesome if we could actually make web shooters.
As for the formula, I created one that might work, and theoretically it is strong, but new research suggests that depending on how much of the agents I use might make the formula insoluable and that isn't good. The positive news is that with the superglue being reactive with that kind of polymer, I might be able to combine it with an elastomeric glue like e-6000 to make a strong elastic crosslink.

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