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TwitterBritish politician Gavin Barwell was humiliated over the weekend after his complaint about advertising on a political press release appeared to reveal his own online searches for "Arab girls". Barwell, a Member of Parliament for the governing Conservatives, was apparently incensed by an online press release opposition party Labour's Press Team had tweeted. The Labour Press Team quickly responded, however, that the press release was released on a TwitLonger account, and the advertisements Barwell was seeing were being served by Google AdSense.
For example, when Business Insider clicked on that link, we saw one advertisement for Google's Chromebook, and one for Virgin Mobile. Of course, there's no evidence that the married politician himself was searching for "date Arab girls" a€” it's not clear he was using his own computer. The Side Hustle Show is the podcast for part-time entrepreneurs who are looking for business ideas, actionable tips to start a business, and killer strategies on how to turn their side hustle dreams into a growing business. Guests include Jon Acuff, Chris Ducker, Brian Clark, John Lee Dumas, Pat Flynn, and many Tim Ferriss and Gary Vaynerchuk proteges. Product licensing is essentially selling your ideas to larger companies for a percentage of future sales. In this conversation, Stephen shares how you can get started in product licensing without any big upfront investment, how to protect your intellectual property without a patent, and how to get big companies to take you seriously. Carey Green had spent the last 20 years as a pastor, before making the leap into entrepreneurship.
Today Carey helps other aspiring mortgage brokers pass their certification exam, a test he says was the hardest he ever took. Then, as he studied to become a licensed mortgage broker, an idea took hold to put his study notes online. In this episode you’ll hear how Carey hustled to make it happen and the steps YOU can replicate in your own industry or niche. You may know Jason as the IWearYourShirt guy, where he earned over $1,000,000 wearing t-shirts for various companies. In this episode, he shares his tips for getting sponsors for your work, even if you're just starting out.
Since then, I’ve experimented with several other sponsorship projects, including sponsored posts on this site and more recently, paid advertising on The Side Hustle Show.
You may know Jason as the IWearYourShirt guy, where he earned over $1,000,000 wearing t-shirts for various companies. In this episode, he shares his tips for getting sponsors for your work, even if you’re just starting out. In my recent annual member survey, one of the biggest challenges named was coming up with the right side hustle idea. We actually recorded this a live Blab hangout (my first ever!), and may try and do similar sessions in the future.
This is the second in what will (at least) be a 2-part series on side hustlers earning income from their land investment endeavors.
In addition, Chris does the occasional cash flip and also has more than $70,000 worth of land payments under contract. In episode 108 of The Side Hustle Show last year, we met Mark Podolsky, a real estate investor specializing in raw land.
Tune in to hear Chris’ tactics for sourcing deals, finding buyers, and setting up his land business for recurring passive income.
How to use public information to find leads (and how Chris has trained a virtual assistant to do much of this legwork for him). In episode 108 of The Side Hustle Show last year, we met Mark Podolsky, a real estate investor specializing in raw land. Josh has actually been investing in real estate for over 10 years, but accelerated his land-investing efforts after hearing Mark on the show last year. Tune in to hear Josh’s tactics for sourcing deals, finding buyers, and setting up his land business for recurring passive income. I know it’s a good episode when I hang up the call buzzing like I should totally start this! The time commitment needed to run this business as a side hustle to his Army job and Enduring Charity work. We've talked about Uber and Airbnb before, but there are literally hundreds of different platforms where you can put your buy buttons.
These app-powered peer-to-peer transactions are unlocking an estimated $300 billion in economic activity by 2025. We’ve talked about Uber and Airbnb before, but there are literally hundreds of different platforms where you can put your buy buttons. Tune in to hear about several promising platforms and Glenn’s top tips for side hustlers getting started down this path. We chat content, traffic, and monetization strategies, as well as how he manages the business in his spare time. How he added a forum to the site to address questions one-to-many instead of one-to-one (and build an archive of user-generated content in the process).
Kenny Azama has worked with massive global brands like Nike, Samsung, Apple, Chevrolet, and Coca Cola, but he's not an ad agency or a top secret marketing mogul.
Kenny Azama has worked with massive global brands like Nike, Samsung, Apple, Chevrolet, and Coca Cola, but he’s not an ad agency or a top secret marketing mogul. When we caught up, Kenny was in the middle of a cross-country RV tour for a pet care brand, earning $2k a week! But not every brand ambassador gig requires this kind of full-time commitment, and many can be done on your schedule part-time, nights and weekends. Kenny is so in love with this income stream he’s actually built an online platform dedicated to helping people learn more about the opportunity.
Gina Horkey has come highly recommended by a number of listeners, and I’ve seen her work what seems like “all over the Internet” for the past couple years so I’m excited to finally connect and bring her on the show.
She’s a freelance writer extraordinaire, but also a virtual assistant, and someone who now helps others follow in her footsteps. Gina successfully built her freelance writing and virtual assistant business to be earning several thousand dollars a month; enough to quit her day job and go full-time. In this call, we chat pinpointing a service you can offer, finding your first clients, pricing your services, and growing the business and expanding into more time-leveraged income streams.
Jon is a former attorney turned full-time entrepreneur, and he's the master of building high quality niche blogs and monetizing them to $10k-20k per month in record time.
We've covered niche sites in the past, but the type of sites Jon focuses on are a different animal. Parenthood has got me thinking, every BIG victory is built on the back of a ton of mini victories. We all want the BIG win; quit our jobs, passive income, early retirement, location-independence, whatever it is.
Phil's built up a HUGE library of more than 50 online courses and teaches more than 130,000 students. In this episode we chat about how he comes up with course ideas, how he structures his content, and he markets his material, along of course with the tech he uses to get it all done.
Teaching online is a fantastic way to earn money from your experience, skills, and expertise - Phil's built up a HUGE library of more than 50 online courses and teaches more than 130,000 students. His own ecommerce empire has grown to $400k per month in revenue -- yes, per month -- and he's the founder of the popular Jungle Scout software tool that helps make the product research process faster and easier.
In this call we dive into his specific sales criteria and next steps in evaluating a product's profit potential and how to bring it to market on Amazon.
My Journey to Create the Most Usable Keyword Research Tool, Long Tail Pro, and a special discount on it for you!
Learn the Best Subreddits that allowed us to get 10,000 pageviews in less than 2 weeks from Reddit!
Dre is not your typical niche site builder or affiliate marketer (like almost all of my previous guests).  Dre is actually a professional basketball player!
I’ll let you read or listen to his entire story below, but he worked his way from basically not playing much in high school to eventually playing professionally overseas quite a bit.
However, the moment he decided to put one of his highlight VHS tapes from a training camp onto YouTube changed everything for him.  People started to find his videos and he continued to add more, until eventually he decided to start adding daily basketball tips and training videos. Perrin and I really enjoyed interviewing Dre, and I hope you enjoy listening to the podcast as well! He realized that if he kept practicing, even just by himself, he could get better by himself.
Finally, he made the team his senior year in high school; but only averaged a couple of points a game. The he walked on to a Penn State branch school and then got recruited to Penn State Altune.  He played there for a couple of years, but got kicked off the team as a senior.
He then went on a stint of a few different jobs including Foot Locker, Bally Total Fitness, and others. However, people DID watch the video and started leaving comments for him to show additional basketball drills.
He wasn’t very ambitious about posting videos at first, they would sit around his house for months before he would post them. He gets between 15k to 40k video views per day.  It just depends on the Youtube algorithm changes.

Sometimes you have to sell yourself.  Be willing to reach out and connect with other influencers in your market. Outside of speaking and books, he is also involved in modeling, selling merchandise, and other ventures.
You need to look at things on a case by case basis, and how do people view you and your skills. Dre knows he in the top 1% of all basketball players, but you have to be in the top 1% of the top 1% to be a Kobe Bryant or Lebron James.  So, you need to look at what you really can be that great at.
I know i may be biased because it focuses on YouTube but i think Dre’s outlook and work ethic are an inspiration. I of course linked back to this interview in the post – hope some Niche Pursuits fans find it useful.
Hey Spencer and Perrin- Thanks for the great podcast and introducing your listenership to Dre. It’s funny how it happened but I was looking for marketing ideas for my blog which is on the same niche and somehow your post popped up on google. On the marketing side of things Dre is not so much the typical marketer we’re used to seeing but he has various forms of monetization which he utilizes such as youtube, affiliate stuff and even his own products and programs.
Anyway, I just wanted to say thanks Spencer, this was really inspiring and Dre is definitely a guy we can call learn a lesson from. Finding Perfect KeywordsLong Tail Pro is the software I created to find all the keywords for my niche sites. I also worked at a global consulting firm, where I worked on content teams writing all sorts of stuff for some of the biggest brands in the world.
With my first niche site, aPennyShaved, 40-50% of my overall traffic clicked affiliate links, and some pages had conversion rates that were even higher—up to 70%. Whether you’re outsourcing your content or writing it yourself, getting highly engaging content on your site is one of the highest-value activities for any business. It’s probably a lot more important than a lot of the things you’re already spending time on. Most of the time, amazing content that converts visitors into customers will be much, much more valuable than any link, Facebook post, or tweet. Think of it this way: It’s much more valuable to convert 40% of 100 visitors than it is to convert 5% of 500 visitors.
In other words, writing A+ content is one of the best ways to boost your revenue per visitor.
I’m going to dig into each of these (and more) in detail below, but if you’re a little impatient, and you’re itching to create some stellar articles, here’s a quick checklist you can use. Buying an entire suite of incredible, beautiful themes from ThriveThemes is only $120 per year. I’m not going to show any example of ugly sites, since I don’t want to hurt anyone’s business. LESSON 2: Your content should be highly skimmable and formatted for readers with short attention spans.
As much as I love to think that there are a bunch of people coming to my blog to read my fantastic writing, it’s just not the case.
When you read news pieces at major publications, the most important point of the story is in the first paragraph. If possible, it’s a good idea to break content up with visual elements (more on this below).
Here’s a good example of all this stuff: I’ve always approached formatting from a best-practices standpoint, and these are habits I developed over 10 years of writing for the Web. If you want to see how drastically formatting can increase the value of a page, go read Gael Breton’s post about formatting on Authority Hacker. It’s very difficult to achieve a truly personal tone unless you (or a great, dedicated writer) are writing the content. Lots of the bloggers you probably already read are doing this, but if you want to see a really amazing example of impeccable tone, read Mr. LESSON 4: Your writing should include strong, relevant, interesting visual elements—and especially calls to action. Even in markets in which visual elements don’t seem as important, you should be including them.
Usually, unless your site is already making tons of money, no one blog post is going to be important enough to hire a designer. For example, to create great featured images, just find buy a good stock image for a few bucks, pop it into PowerPoint, and add a few text boxes.
For stuff like content boxes, product tables, visual quotes and testimonials, I usually use Thrive Content Builder.
If you’re interested, the guys at Thrive set up a discount for Niche Pursuits readers here.
Admittedly, this is something I’m just learning about, but it’s already proving to be extremely powerful. Again, I’ve seen some great success from my own testing, but I’m not even remotely an expert.
If you want to test for free, I recommend using Thrive Content Builder in conjunction with Google Analytics Experiments. But there are ways to (1) inherently increase the interesting-ness of any piece of content and (2) test to see if the article you just wrote actually is interesting. Two of my favorite authors are masters of harvesting previously generated content and book ending it with their own perspectives of it to make up each chapter of their books. The first author is Robert Greene of 48 Laws of Power, The Art of Seduction, 33 Strategies of War, and the book Tim Ferriss of 4 Hour Work Week fame helped to catapult to elite exposure, Mastery. His books consist of parables from all different ages, from all different corners or the world, from all different segments of society that he uses as teaching tales to support his theme on Power, Strategy, Mastery, etc. Neither of these gentleman create from scratch the raw material that makes it possible to write their books. Thank you Perrin for reminding me of such an important lesson that I can’t be reminded of too often. Only after months of this not working out as I had hoped, did I start to really focus on content quality.
I have tried the heatmap thing on Google Analytics but it doesn’t actually give a clear description about where people are actually clicking and moving towards, rather it gives us an overall idea about how visitors engage with the site and which portions of the site is more popular etc. Perrin I have a question to ask you, in addition to content marketing what are the other means by which we could achieve similar results of user engagement and potential leads for a website. Little off topic I know… but I was wondering if Adsense bans IPs from previous banned account? For images; you can either find any old image and properly credit the creator (still slightly risky) or just buy cheap stock pics. You could definitely take this content and turn into into a training program (like a Copyblogger).
I have some niche sites that I monetize with amazon links and I never managed to get a higher conversion rate than 15-17%.
You sum up most of what you need to know to be successful with more than just niche sites – writing online as a whole. Experience the POWER of 180393 Members!Over $170,330.56 Paid Out!215 New Members Last Week!1029 New Members Last 30 Days!21 Million Page Views Monthly!Sign Up Now! The Guardian reports that when they tried to access the website, it did feature a banner advertisement for a dating website at the bottom of the page, even when accessed from multiple computers, though the "date Arab girls" message could not be reproduced. We cover all aspects of starting a business and making money (online and offline), including small business marketing, sales, websites, social media marketing, blogging, time management, and more.
You don’t have to worry about the design, manufacturing, marketing, distribution, or anything outside an initial pitch and perhaps a prototype. He’s the author of One Simple Idea, the bestselling licensing book, and the founder of InventRight. Win a free copy of Stephen’s book, One Simple Idea, by commenting with your top takeaway from the episode below.
As he studied to become a licensed mortgage broker, an idea took hold to put his study notes online. That business, which actually derives most of its traffic from YouTube, generates $1000 a week! A friend asked him for some audio editing help, and he couldn’t help but notice the rapid rise in popularity of podcasting. It’s a great example of combining The Piggyback Principal with what people are already asking you for help with.
He's even sold his last name (twice -- each for $40k+), formerly going as Jason Surfrapp and Jason Headsetsdotcom.
If you don’t want to toil as a freelancer or build your own products, one interesting way to cash in on your work is to attract sponsors. I shared the event in our SH Nation Facebook group and was excited to see about a dozen people stop by while we were live.
He called it “The Best Passive Income Model,” because there are no products to build, no tenants or toilets, and you can start without a huge upfront investment. The first is my friend Josh Brooks, an Army Battalion Commander and founder of The Enduring Charity Foundation.

At that time, he was earning $3-4k a month from a portfolio of different sites, and looking to expand his online empire. You win it one quarter at a time, one possession at a time, one down at a time, one yard at a time. As someone who is, shall we say, less-than-savvy when it comes to mechanics, I was impressed.
While he now focuses on his business full-time, he hit the 6-figure income mark before leaving his day job. He decided he wanted to continue pursuing basketball, but wasn’t getting any bites from NBA teams.
He then started having his girlfriend video tape his practicing and being in the gym.  He would upload the videos to Youtube and people loved them!  He got more and more feedback and people asking for more basketball tips. I like Dre’s attitude for consistency and hard work, overall he is down to earth and authentic. This will probably be something you use everyday.Get a Free Trial!Hosting My SitesOne of the essential tools that you need is a high-quality hosting service. I Love to LearnBlogging and Content Marketing is the base my multi 6-figure business is built on. And really, a lot of sites do that, but keep this in mind: my site was small, monetized niche site with affiliate products on every page.
And I wanted to give you guys a small guide for writing killer content that engages and converts.
And because it’s much easier get 100 visitors than it is to get 500, great content can drastically strengthen your bottom line, especially at the early stages of a business. If you have great content, you’ll convert a lot more visitors, and you’ll probably build a loyal audience at the same time.
Feel free to bookmark this page, so you can pull up that list the next time you (or your writers) sit down to draft an article. If you have an ugly theme, a crappy header from Fiverr, a wackadoo color scheme, a logo done in Microsoft Paint, and a layout that doesn’t make sense… your site might just be ugly. So even if you don’t have any design expertise, please… either buy a good theme or turn your site over to a qualified Web designer. If you’ve ever read a newspaper or taken a journalism class, you’ll know the structure I’m talking about. You don’t usually need to go that far, but you should definitely be putting your main point in the introduction. Then in the first few paragraphs, you should at some point say something like, “Doing yoga for a long time both exhausts you and releases melatonin, which can help you sleep” (I have no idea if that’s true; this is just an example). When most people skim an article, they’re going to be looking almost entirely at the headings. Like, if someone were to only read your headings, they would make a literal miniature story. You don’t have to, but I usually feel like it creates a better feeling of movement for people reading through an article—and even more of a sense of movement for people skimming it. Not only does it help a reader skim, but it also makes your content feel about a thousand times more interesting. This is probably the most important one of the group, since some markets aren’t conducive to lots of images, and some markets require detailed, technical sentences. I’d rather read a blog about plumbing supplies written by a funny plumber who comes across as genuine, friendly and trustworthy than a plumbing supplies blog written by a faceless, generic Fiverr writer.
Adding good visual elements improves all kinds of good metrics, but especially time-on-site and bounce rate.
So you should use whichever of these (1) makes sense for your blog and (2) is easy for you to find and create. There are lots of different types of calls to action, and I’ve seen plain old links work really well. For example, plain old text links seem to work really well for aPennyShaved, but pop-ups seem to work really well for sites like Quicksprout.
I started to think about this way back in the day, when I was first look at all the data I was collecting from aPennyShaved.
If you scroll to the bottom, you find an image of a heatmap, which I installed on a total whim and out of complete curiosity. Jock makes a living buying or selling high-end sites (hundreds of thousands—or even millions—of dollars).
First, those pages probably have the most traffic, so you can test them faster and more efficiently. Even if you’re not a true experts, people love to hear how other people think about things.
There are plenty of people, especially in this audience, who have a lot more experience making money than I do. Seriously, the heat mapping is something I need to implement and experiment with in my own site (along with actually making really good content). I, like many people building niche sites started out just cranking out sub-par content with the hopes of making money. So it is a good place to start but it would definitely help to get a better heatmap solution which gives detailed analytics. Secondly, I want your advise on starting a blog on two completely different niches, such as programming and science. I got banned from adense last year from clickbombing i believe and i have a new computer ever since but the still IP I believe from my cable company. And if so can you use that Content Builder on other premium themes you bought elsewhere or would you need to separately purchase the Content Builder to do that? I added 50,000 words of content across the whole site and disavowed all but 20 white hat domains with which I’d built personal relationships. A good chunk of those made money for me (and even more, I’m sorry to say, made money for other people!). Those are high stakes, man, and if you’re not writing stuff that moves people to action, you aren’t doing your job. And, while you might make some money, you probably won’t be making the heaps we all dream about.
Then, if they find a heading that catches their eye, they’ll stop and read that section in more detail. Just a few elements instantly makes any blog post look like it’s been crafted with a lot more care than a text-only post—and this is especially true for elements that obviously took you time to create. For charts and graphs, either use Excel (Spencer’s favorite!) or find ones already created and credit the author. However, most of my hyper-successful colleagues are using more visual calls to action, like those above. In fact, that assumption was so ingrained into my thinking that I didn’t even consider testing it.
When we were talking to Jock about what he does to improve sites that are already highly profitable, his answer was pretty simple: testing and optimizing for conversions.
Second, it’s generally easy to build on something that’s already working than to figure out why something isn’t working. How many of you perked up when I mentioned above that Niche Pursuits increased its conversion rate by nearly 200%? Do you think its advisable to do so with two separate blogs or could I do it from a single blog.
I got my adsense account approved… do you think it is OK for me to login with my new computer but living in the same house with that IP? With these sites, it’s almost always the case that the content—in some form or another—just isn’t up to par. That’s typically not how internet searchers work (depending on the market of course; some audiences love to read all the juicy details).
I meant that people should be able to follow your thought process only by reading your headings. You can be highly interesting if you ask a good question, especially if you ask your audience directly. Each chapter is built around behavioral studies that have been conducted that prove the numerous ways we delude ourselves or are deluded by others .
The reason I prefer the single blog approach is because then it would go by one domain name and therefore more link juice and also it would be easier to get the user from one section to another without having to move to a different website altogether. But it is so hard to find a great writer who can create interesting, convertible and, perhaps, the epic content. However, it’s $17 per month, and it doesn’t integrate with WordPress, since it’s mostly made for businesses who have in-house developers. I’m sending the link to this post to all my writers as a MUST-READ-AND-IMPLEMENT instruction.

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