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Notice the impact potential of the following marketing letter and youa€™ll begin to see why this strategy gets results. The philosophy of these sessions is that any good manager should be a good talent scout as well. Some job seekers feel comfortable just picking up the phone and contacting employers without having previously sent a marketing letter.
Writing an effective marketing letter requires that you first have a results-oriented and empowered resume.
If your advertising department needs a person with strong experience, you may be interested in what Ia€™ve done.
If you choose to describe jobs, as in the third sample marketing letter, phrases can again be lifted from the resume.
A good closing paragraph for your marketing letter might include a summary of your background, such as the number of years in your field, and information about your degree and alma mater.
If the person is out of state but is likely to be in your area in the next two or three months, see if you can line up an appointment for that time. For more on how to follow up after sending a marketing letter, see Appendix B for examples of marketing letters and techniques for using them. The best way to understand how a resume, marketing letter, and cover letter work together is to see a sample of each for the same person. Using a marketing letter effectively will get you in to see more hiring managers than any other strategy I know. When you send out a marketing letter you will already know what fields you want to pursue and through Reference USA (see page 287) and other resources, you will have identified organizations that meet your requirements for size, location, and industry. You may previously have used informational interviews to nail down your career field and perhaps developed a list of industries. Having identified prospective employers, you need to identify at least one person in each organization who has the power, the authority, to hire you. We each know a certain number of people from all phases of our livesa€” work, recreation, community, family, worship, etc.
Getting to see someone on the inside brings you that much closer to the hiring authority. Friends, relatives, acquaintances, business contacts can all provide useful leads if you approach them in the right way. When directly contacting a manager, sometimes youa€™ll contact that person at the pefect moment when they have an opening or are about to have an opening. When you consider that approximately 70% of job seekers find their job through referrals and direct contact, you wonder why some job seekers devote 80% of more of their time browsing online job listings, when that source accounts for less than 10% of hiring.
Begin by handing or sending your resume and a list of your top 60-80 employment prospects to everyone you know.
Speaking to contacts is one of the most valuable things a person can do in a job search, yet few job hunters are willing to expend even the moderate amount of energy this strategy requires.
The full details of how to use a marketing letter, referrals, and direct contact, goes beyond the scope of this book. Our site is funded in the main by the selling of editable versions of our most popular and best designed CV templates. All you need to do is simply copy or type your personal details into the ready made text boxes, within minutes you will have a eye catching, interview winning and professional resume.
Less than 1% of all job seekers use marketing letters, yet few job-finding strategies can lead to more appointments and job interviews.
It is especially strong because each accomplishment has been quantified, always a winner.

It can highlight those skills and experiences you acquired at various times in your career without providing specific dates or even job titles. Would you think it worthwhile to meet the author, even if you did not have a position available at the moment?
While they use a more narrative format and are less quantifiable, they also have a strong impact on the reader. To write a strong marketing letter, review your resume and think through how you want to summarize your background. If your career does not lend itself to that approach, the more narrative form might work best for you.
Take a look at your qualifications statement; in many cases parts of it can be imported almost verbatim. Since this is a marketing letter, describe only the most important and relevant positions, even if they are not presented in any chronological order. If the person has no plans to be in your area, polish up your phone skills because that is probably going to be the vehicle for the meeting.
These are not informational interviews where you are seeking information about a career field, an industry, or a specific organization. Here, at least you have someone with access to internal information, internal directories, email addresses, and more. Before they can help, people must know what youa€™re looking for and what your qualifications are. A significant part of the 34% is made up by folks who go straight to hiring managers seeking appointments with them, regardless of whether a current opening exists. At other times a manager will agree to a brief appointment, giving you an opportunity to kindle interest in you for when an opening does occur. The best resource to create that list is Reference USA, a database with 14 million U.S.
By going to Appendix B youa€™ll be able to access the details for carrying out this highly effective type of job search on our website. By doing this we avoid having to pollute the site with unnecessary display adverts, pop ups, blogs or spam emails. Also remember that you will have more than one superb high quality designs and layouts to choose from. The marketing letter presents your strongest accomplishments, often those with quantifiable results, to entice the reader. The essential information here is the quality of your experience and results that might be buried on the second page of a resume under unrelated job titles in an unconnected industry. In fact, the results statements used in the marketing letter can come almost word for word from the resume.
Names of employers and key customers are seldom mentioned unless well-known or prestigious.
If you will be in the persona€™s area in the near future, ask for a brief appointment when youa€™re in town.
The cover letter borrowed some elements from the marketing letter, making it fairly quick and easy to write. No, the people you are going to visit are managers who hire people with your background. We say probably, because sometimes youa€™ll meet a manager who just yesterday started seeking a person like you. If you make a good impression, there is the chance you will be referred to either the hiring authority or someone close.

Ask your contacts to review the list carefully and to indicate if they know anyone who works for any of the organizations. This in turn means we can enhance our users experience by giving them a clean and easy to use site, which is simple to browse and where they can quickly find the resume examples they are looking for. The key to success is addressing it to a specific person and informing that person that a phone call will follow. Remember, a responsibility of managers is to maintain a list of potential employees in the event a person quits, or changing market conditions require a special set of talents. Provide them only if you think they will sufficiently impress the reader and help your case. Your letter should cause the person to recognize your value and to remember you when you call. You truly want to talk to anyone, whether it is a janitor, secretary, or purchasing agent. Your goal is to meet as many hiring managers as possible, regardless of whether any openings exist at the moment. The beauty of the marketing letter is that it a€?greases the skids.a€? It prepares the person for your call. If your marketing letter gets into her hands at this moment, you will likely be granted your request for a 15 minute appointment.
By talking to that person you can learn if it is a good organization to work for, what its problems or strengths are, and even get inside information about the person who has power to hire you.
Then, when you are connected, you do not have to go through the painful cold introduction. Dona€™t be concerned if your resume and marketing letter have similar phrasing; no one will notice. Or, unbeknownst to the manager, a valued employee is going to quit in the next four weeks. To use it you must have a library card for a library system that pays an annual subscription. Knowing that a person is expecting your call, and is already convinced that you have something of quality to offer, makes a substantial difference psychologically. If you can spend even two minutes with a hiring manager (15 minutes is what youa€™ll initially ask for), you can cause the person to seriously consider you for future openings. Compared to resumes, marketing letters are more personal in tone and more like business correspondence in appearance. Using the marketing letter, combined with effective telephone skills, should get you in to see hiring managers 30 to 60% of the time. Tell the person that all you need is someone to contact and that you will take care of the rest.
The employer information includes all the industries the organization is involved in, its headquarters address along with branches, the names of key people, and sometimes bios of those managers. If you access Reference USA from your home computer you can accumulate more than 100 per week.

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