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Corporate Citizenship is focused on delivering sustainability strategies that drive innovation, cost savings and brand equity for your business. For 20 years, we’ve helped our clients develop robust and enduring sustainability strategies.
Our work on Sustainability Plans with companies like Unilever can help to drive innovation, realise cost savings, reduce risks and build brand value. Increasingly, many of our clients are looking to integrate sustainability right across their businesses. The Context – understanding the current and future operating environment for the business, including long-term trends, potential new business models and specialist audiences who might help or hinder achieving your goals.
For more on Growth Plans, see our publications on Mastering Resilient Growth and Creating Resilient Strategies. Inclusive Business means embracing innovative business models that generate profit for the company while at the same time contributing positively to society. When companies get it right, Inclusive Business can be a successful growth strategy – opening up new markets, improving efficiencies, increasing resilience and enhancing reputation.
To speak to one of the team about how we can help you with your Strategy needs please get in touch. This past year has marked the subtle yet strategic shift in the style of online advertising for social media and content publication sites, and it’s only just beginning to turn heads.
Let’s take a look at a few prototypical native advertising examples from some of the more well-known industry publishers.
Native advertisements at The Huffington Post are unique for the fact that they possess their own partner studio which manages sponsored content creation with Huffington writers. The article is a collection of gifs that have nothing to do with Thanksgiving or even Netflix, but Netflix pushes the prospect of having a boring or unfortunate weekend and having Netflix come to the rescue.
Forbes‘ BrandVoice is their rendition of a native advertising program that mixes in relevant articles written by paying partners. They’re aware that someone reading an article on working from home is not qualified enough for their service, so the benefit to NetApp here is that they link to several other of their sponsored Forbes articles as well as articles on their own website.
On Business Insider, native advertisements are facilitated through their Sponsor Posts program.
In this example, UPS wrote an article on corporate responsibility, but this article features General Mills, Ikea, Bank of America, and Ford.
This links to both UPS’s page on sustainability as well as more UPS posts sponsored on Business Insider.
You wont see typical and straightforward advertisements on The Onion, so consider them as a native advertising partner only if you have creative leeway with your brand. As one of the first social channels to get into native advertising, YouTube has proven to be one of the most deliberate and effective drivers of native ads. Mashable’s Branded Content Sponsorships is their native advertising program, where sponsored content lives amongst the mass of their regularly produced articles. This example, paid for by American Express, is part of their Inflection Points series, which outlines the growth of small businesses. While some content and social media sites offer a more fluid advertisement experience than others, the trend of incorporating native advertisement through subtle and content relative sponsored pieces is on the rise.
CPC Strategy is a retail-focused Search agency that uses a proprietary Search optimization process to drive conversions by matching inventory with consumer intent.

Leading companies view corporate responsibility strategy as an essential element of planning for business growth.
The most effective corporate responsibility and sustainability strategy begins with a clear assessment of the current state of the business. The Corporate Citizenship Benchmarking Service provides key insights into best practice amongst peer group companies.
Our futures programme can help to identify the risks and opportunities facing the business over the coming years, for example through scenario planning.
We stress test a strategy against stakeholder expectations through interviews, workshops, online surveys and desk research.
Corporate Citizenship’s Materiality approach engages with internal stakeholders to identify the issues that matter most to your business. From expressing your purpose and crafting a mission statement through to setting clear goals, we work both to develop your sustainability strategy and express it clearly.
We provide clear, practical and realistic guidance on embedding your strategy within the business, adjusting organizational structures and resources and identifying targets and KPIs. We identify and engage specialist audiences, such as key opinion formers, with your new strategy – gaining feedback, responding to their issues and building advocates for the company. Our Sustainability Plans assessment methodology helps identify the level of ambition, spot new trends in the market and provide fresh ideas to include in any Plan.
As a result, we are starting to see how commercial strategy development and sustainability can go hand-in-hand.
In the coming years, we believe that the most pioneering companies in this field will talk and demonstrate success in areas like business resilience, new revenues, impact and cost savings – not the old language of philanthropy and corporate responsibility. In particular, Inclusive Business refers to profitable core business activity that expands opportunities for marginalised and disadvantaged groups in the society, with a focus on under-served markets. We believe that Inclusive Business is the next frontier and the way forward for businesses looking to take corporate sustainability to the next level. Perhaps more accurately, it’s the current big thing going on in enterprise-level digital advertising.
There are 2 links, one before the premium content and one at the end, that lead to a sign-up page for Netflix. This article by NetApp was actually the most viewed sponsored article on the Forbes website in October, with 131,000 page views in that month and 625,000 page views in total (not to mention over 2500 social shares). This increases brand awareness and established NetApp as an expert in the corporate business community. If BrandVoice’s growth chart is any indication, big brands are quickly catching on to an adopting native advertising practices. Unlike The Huffington Post, Business Insider features sponsored content written exclusively by the advertiser.
YouTube Promoted Videos is an advertising channel that shows ads alongside standard user-submitted videos in the SERP stream as well as the sidebar.
Great native ads on YouTube (highlight videos, humorous clips, compilations, etc.) have a higher propensity to be shared, meaning more exposure for no extra cost.
Here, American Express is promoting their new OPEN forum, a help-network for small businesses. From what I’ve seen, the trend, however, has not been adopted by smaller businesses, and this is most likely due to an issue of cost and content resources.

Jon heads up email marketing, content strategy, co-marketing, and revenue cycle efficiency. Our focused suite of data-driven solutions helps retailers own bottom-of-the-funnel traffic. For them, effective sustainability is a source of innovation and new revenues, cost savings, stronger brands and lower risks. Our internal audit service is tailored to your business priorities and provides a baseline for future development. Our bespoke Sustainability Plans assessment methodology is designed to challenge and inspire through comparison with world-class strategies. By testing against long-term trends, an evolving strategy can be made more robust to help ensure the company can thrive, whatever the future holds. Expert input can provide challenge, fresh ideas and a better understanding of how any strategy might be received.
We believe that sustainability should be an integral component of an effective strategy for long-term commercial success.
This is an exciting new area that we call Growth Plans – resilient and responsible strategies for commercial success.
Mentoring by those who have been through this process many times before is just one way that we are helping our clients to measure, manage and explain their Growth Plans.
These business models include the marginalised as customers, suppliers, distributors and employees.
Native ads are quickly becoming a more intriguing and utilized advertising channel with big brands, and (if past trends are any indication) smaller brands are likely to follow close behind. This native advertisement example is a sponsored piece by Netflix created by The Huffington Post during Thanksgiving week.
From what we see here, native ads on The Huffington Post can get away with distinct and forward call to actions as long as the content of the article itself is not directly self-promoting.
Like Forbes, Business Insider’s sponsored articles are informative and often have little to no correlation with the advertising brand, and so many times the native ads here are simply geared towards branding. The promotion comes in the form of a newscast of bizarre bird sightings, in which their beer is depicted as actual flying birds. YouTube advertising functions on a Cost per View (CPV) model, which typically means you’ll be only charged if someone views 50% or more of your video, via the Google AdWords interface. Native ads are somewhat of luxury that only larger businesses can leverage, at least for now. Additionally, at no point does NetApp link to their services page for the reader to sign up.
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