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Business skills are some of the most versatile skills you can learn. Our program will help you learn them fast, and on your terms.
Learn the principles and applications of accounting, marketing, sales, desktop publishing, management, website development, and more so you can set yourself apart from the crowd when you begin your business careers. Learn everything you need to be an office manager or executive assistant that helps run an office. Western Dakota Tech is a public institution of higher learning that embraces quality programs, expert faculty and staff, and a commitment to academic excellence to teach the knowledge, skills, and behaviors students need to be successful. Business and Marketing Management Technology is a two-year business program located at the DeSoto Center. The fundamental overall purpose of the Academy of World Business, Marketing and Management Development (AWBMAMD) as well as the Research Centre for International Marketing, Exporting and Trade (RCIMET) is to advance, transmit and sustain knowledge and understanding of business, marketing and management development through conferences, research and publications at the highest international standards for the benefit of the local and global communities. The Executive Management Advisory Committee of the Academy of World Business, Management and Marketing Development consists of the President, Senior Vice President, Vice President and the General Secretary. Although in Australia, the Academy of World Business Marketing and Management Development (AWBMAMD) was founded by our current President in July 2002, he transferred the ownership of it in 2003 to an Australian organization that is a keen to sponsor AWBMAMD activities.
Be honest and trustworthy and never deliberately mislead by withholding or distorting information or advice. Have the courage to make a stand on matters of principle and be prepared to identify and act against malpractice of any sort.
Maintain confidentiality but be prepared to expose any malpractice or illegal, unprofessional or fraudulent conduct that comes to their notice.

Note:  Mrs Ruth Ogunmokun is one of the directors of the Australian company (ANIHE) that AWBMAMD was transferred to in 2003. This program will give you the skills you need to successfully open a small business and becoming your own boss. Complete courses in writing, speaking, professional development, records management, and more! This program is designed to prepare students for careers in dynamic marketing professions and to qualify for an entry-level job such as retail sales and customer service, wholesale distribution, advertising, or buying and promotions. Specialized occupational training includes E-commerce marketing, international marketing, marketing entrepreneurship, management, advertising, salesmanship, and retail management. Online channels deliver a wealth of quantitative information that can be used for ongoing optimization.
In fact, the tactical execution of marketing measurement is now starting to elevate channel decisions, customer insights, and budget allocation to a tangible and justifiable conversation. In this blog post, we will explore the concept of Marketing Performance Management (MPM) in more detail and outline a maturity framework for organizations looking for a better way to leverage analytics and measurement in ongoing marketing execution.In a 2007 survey of 250 Fortune 1000 firms conducted by Kellogg School of Management, 75% of respondents reported marketing was essential to their business. It stands to reason that optimizing the marketing process would therefore be a top concern for organizations. Yet, 61% of respondents indicated they did not have a defined and documented process to screen, evaluate, and prioritize marketing campaigns.
Why is MPM such a challenging discipline to embrace?Defining MPMYou can find a lot of definitions of MPM.

At the foundational level, MPM includes a data repository, BI tools and analytical workbenches. At the strategic level, MPM provides role-based access to information and KPIs through dashboards, visualization, point-and-click analysis, modeling, simulation and optimization.”Kellog School of Management defines Marketing Performance Management as “The combination of tools, processes, and methods used to develop, monitor, measure, and control marketing campaigns and programs to increase the return on both individual and aggregate marketing investments.
Marketing campaigns are defined to include all direct and indirect organizational marketing endeavors such as promotions, advertising, analyst relations, customer relationship management initiatives, etc.”The State of MPMMPM can be engrained in all facets of marketing execution both before and after a campaign is executed. For example, MPM could be used to define which campaigns are most profitable, control group strategy, real-time monitoring of results, or as a basis for testing which campaigns are most successful.
These days, marketers recognize the value of making marketing more transparent to the organization.
There’s job security in being able to justify campaign spend and demonstrate a return on investments. The reality is, there are aspects of marketing that are difficult to measure and likely always will be. However, the research from Kellogg School of Management found marketers “…are also struggling to optimize marketing management in their organizations.
The findings suggest many marketers are still foreign to a disciplined metric-driven approach to marketing.

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