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Although business experts say a business plan is required for starting a new business, it’s not always true. The secret of a successful courier service business is providing services not available from the bigger firms like Fedex and UPS, such as local, same-day service, or finding a profitable niche, like medical specimen deliveries. You’ll quickly learn who will be your best customers, as they now have your contact information and will call you when they need packages or documents delivered locally the same day. Business Overview: Roadrunner Courier Service is a new courier service based in Bend, Oregon, specializing in local, same-day deliveries.
Marketing Strategy: The marketing strategy of Roadrunner Courier Service is to provide dependable and exceptional delivery services to businesses and professionals who have a regular need for pickup and delivery services. First Year Goal: Based on the size of the local delivery market and the fact that Roadrunner will be a one person business, our sales projection for the first year is $40,000. There is a free resource available to start-up companies, including courier and delivery businesses. If you are planning to start a courier service, you can probably skip preparing a courier business plan unless you plan to borrow money. Blueprint For Starting a Successful Courier BusinessWhat will it take to make your courier service business a success? In today’s connected world, a web site is an essential marketing tool for any business and even more so for a local courier service. Statistics show companies that operate from a formal business plan outperform their competitors who do not. Participants of Violand’s Business Planning Retreats tell us that, if they had to write their business plans on their own, they would never set the time aside to do so and it would never get done. Imagine having the security of knowing your company has a business plan in place to handle everything the coming year throws at you.
Violand’s Business Planning Retreats give you a break, without distraction, to work on your business instead of in it. Great opportunity to be with good people in a great place to help the company’s mission succeed. To belong to a team or company you really need to understand the triangle and what’s all involved in setting and obtaining company goals and 5 year plans.
This experience helps to teach you how to develop your business plan and without a plan, how can you expect to grow? Coming to the retreat forces you to address all aspects of your business and take the time to consider the necessary elements. It’s a good idea to come and will help you with planning, execution, and managing and motivating personnel in your company. If you don’t attend you’re missing out on an important aspect of creating a solid growth pattern for your business. Owning a business for 23 years, I felt I was just spinning my wheels in a mud hole and not going forward. The opportunity to work on your business versus in your business is refreshing and motivating.
If you don’t go, you miss a great opportunity to get a very insightful and powerful perspective on your business!
Violand’s Business Planning Retreats enabled us to focus on specific areas of the business we would like to improve on in the upcoming year and form effective strategies. Violand’s Business Planning Retreat is a must do program if you plan on growing your business. An awesome retreat for owners who need to take a look at their operations from a thirty thousand foot perspective. Violand Management provides an excellent opportunity to give you and your company a clear, concise plan to succeed in the coming years. This program gets you to look at your company from a different angle and allows you to create a plan to support and obtain your financial goals. I would recommend the Violand Business Planning Retreat to anyone struggling with making positive changes in their company. The retreat was very productive and it also allowed for time to enjoy yourself or bring your wife and family. The environment that is created with other business owners here gets you to think about other perspectives.
Violand’s Business Planning Retreats always pay for themselves because of the accountability of writing down your goals and strategies. It’s a great opportunity to focus on planning with experts and learn from peers who have knowledge of the same industry.

It’s extremely valuable as a business owner to work on your business, not just for your business. If you are serious about knowing your numbers, growing your business, and planning your future then you need to attend Violand’s Business Planning Retreat.
Coming from a position of not knowing much at all of how our numbers work, we’ve come away feeling we have been handed the tools we need. Josh and Connie Klopfenstein from Spot Out Restorative Cleaning explain what they received out of attending Violand’s Business Planning Retreat for the first time. VMA Business Development Advisor Scott Tackett discusses the importance of holding yourself and your employees accountable at Violand’s Business Planning Retreats. Debbie Glasnow, CFO of CBC Cleaning and Restoration, explains the importance of attending Violand’s Business Planning Retreats and the takeaways her company gets from them every year. For every business that fails because of poor planning, another fails because of too much planning. The danger is, by spending too much time on planning, you’ll have less time and energy to try new marketing ideas to find paying customers. Roadrunner can transport documents and parcels to customers within a 40 mile radius of town. We plan to build our customer base through direct contact with prospective customers and word-of-mouth referrals from happy customers to continue to grow our sales, focusing on the most profitable types of deliveries. SCORE is a government program that taps the experience and brainpower of retired business owners to help new owners get off to a successful start.
Informal sources of funds will likely be happy to see a simple one-page plan that demonstrates you’ve give some thought to the best way to build your business. A business plan is a comprehensive guide on the best way to secure funding, monitor business activities, and supervise employees.
As a business owner, you need a written plan designed around your specific situation in order to keep your company moving forward in a proactive way, rather than simply reacting to the current business environment. Here’s your opportunity to gain a significant edge over your competition by stepping outside the day-to-day demands of running your company and building a focused Business Plan customized to your restoration or cleaning business.
Imagine knowing that every day your entire team is aligned and working toward increased profitability and growth with accountability and a shared vision. Download the BPR 2016 brochure and BPR 2016 Registration Form, or call Jeff Jones at the VMA office at +1 800 360 3513 for more details.
By attending this retreat it has given us a lot more details on how a company should be run. We did more structured business planning in the last 3 days than we have in the previous 3 years!
We have benefited so much from attending the retreats, growing as a company and making us better leaders. Violand’s Business Planning Retreats give a simple approach to developing a comprehensive business plan. It is helpful to have someone confirm what I think are big problems in our company that I am too afraid to admit or too scared to correct. Without a doubt, this entire Violand planning process is the most effective I have participated in. You need to set goals, review your goals, and make sure everyone involved is accountable and VMA does that! The tools, the guidance, and the consultants all combine to make this do-not-miss event for us each year. Not only to you get away from your business so you can focus on the planning, but there is a wealth of knowledge with the Violand team. And then to have 6 very knowledgeable and talented people in the Violand staff to advise and direct us is a great combo for success.
The input from the industry experienced VMA staff is invaluable in ensuring that you remain objective in the creation of your plan. It is very rewarding to see the major business objectives planned over the years completed and the direction the company has gone.
It is just too difficult to carve out this concentrated, uninterrupted time to focus on the necessary goals, direction, and changes that are needed to grow your company. Once the money is coming in from deliveries, you can prospect for more businesses in your area that are similar to the customers you now have.
The secret is to test your ideas as quickly and cheaply as possible, then improve and refine them.
It should cover the business plan basics, with an overview of the business, a market analysis with a look at the competition, and an estimate of your first year’s sales.

Our customers are medical professionals, attorneys and local businesses who need reliable, same-day services not offered by the larger service providers, such as Fedex and UPS.
There is only one other local courier service in the area, and we believe there is ample room, due to our growing local economy, for another reliable courier service. The second part of our marketing strategy will be to gain customers who need courier services occasionally, such as last-minute parts and supplies delivered to a contractor’s job site, plans deliveries for architects and engineers and documents and materials for local government agencies. If you find you need a comprehensive business plan to get funding for your new courier business, SCORE can help you with that as well. Also, a solid business plan is central to keep you motivated about company goals and to maintain your focus when confronted with hurdles.Most businesses fail because they become insolvent. Writing a business plan is the difference between working ON your business and working FOR your business. Violand’s Business Planning Retreats qualify for 2 CECs through IICRC and 14 contact hours through RIA. Instead of wasting your time and energy coming up with an elaborate business plan, just get started.
Handing out notepads with your contact information and a catchy slogan is a great way to do that. It assumes that you will not have employees to start, or buying or leasing property and equipment. Sample business plans and templates are available for every business industry and can be used to outline a course of action or to secure funding to help manage cash flow. Our expert team of advisors will work with you to craft specific, measurable business objectives for the coming year along with a financial forecast that reflects the impact of the specific actions on which you’ll be working. The following sites provide sample business plans and resources that will help novice and seasoned business owners structure the best course of action for their businesses.
This let’s them test your service at no cost, and makes them much more likely to call you the next time they need a same-day delivery.
Users can easily browse the popular categories to download a plan from: Restaurant, Cafe, and Bakery (46), Medical and Health Care (26), Retail and Online Store (116), and Services (216), or they can peruse the other 16 categories to help them brainstorm and write their own plans.
Once you sign up for an account, you can finish each part of the “Business Plan Tool” at your own pace. A flower company that doesn’t have an in-house delivery driver needs to get those roses to Mrs.
SBA also arranges for a mentor or counselor from your local SBA resource center to discuss the next steps to take to make your business proposal a reality.
Downloads include The One Page Business Plan, The One Page Promotion Plan, and the Instant Consulting Business Plan.
Additionally, you can email mentors and experts who offer advice and help manage your business templates. Some of the more popular proposals links are Project Proposal, Bid Proposal, Event Proposal, Sales Proposal, Tender Proposal, Software Project Proposal, Training Proposal, Advertising Proposal, and Cleaning Proposal. Here’s How to Earn an Extra $432 Delivering PackagesIt sure would be nice to make some extra money.
As users scroll the length of the site, a “Go To More Proposal Templates” link is available to forward users to more business plans.Writing a business proposal can be time consuming and challenging.
There’s that college fund you’d like to put money in, or that vacation to Hawaii you’ve had to put off for years.
However, with the help of these resources, you can finish your business plan in very little time and receive the advice and assistance you need to maximize your potential.  To launch your idea to the next level, write your business plan today!
She is a contributing writer to this and other blogs and also writes email newsletter articles, press releases and web content.
Prior to her writing career, Natalie worked in various fields including real estate, equipment leasing and banking. I would also like to contribute an additional resource that may also be helpful to new entrepreneurs.
Businessplantoday provides over a dozen free sample plans in industries such as retail, food, construction, and real estate.

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