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Every publisher and author has certainly heard the common saying “Don’t Judge a book by its cover” but unfortunately, readers always do that and so no matter what the quality of your content contained in your books, you will soon be kicked out of business if you do not invest in stunning book cover design.
It is simple and I have taken out time to lay out the steps taken for implementing this strategy. And you do not necessarily need to spend a lot of money getting a good book cover design done; all you need is simply find a professional and experienced graphic designer to help get the job done. Business Process Change by Paul Harmon, Second EditionThis is the second edition of a book that I have previously reviewed. The book describes three levels of business process change: enterprise, process and implementation techniques.
In addition, the book gives clear exposition of process management compared to functional management, and the combination of both to give matrix management. Experienced practitioners will be interested in what the author labels project scoping diagrams. The implementation level section also covers modelling tools and Business Process Modelling Suites (BPMS). This book gives a thorough up-to-date survey of the business-change landscape - the author even gives a nod to recent OMG initiatives regarding business rules.
Obsessive businessman implementing a best practise marketing strategy with big list of detailed notes.
Everyone is writing even with little or no idea of the information and still one wonders why a novice will get a flood of sales on their books while the other known professionals in their field are getting lots of orders and tons of sales, and do you know why that is?

It takes absolutely nothing, just time to do good research and a bit of money to afford paying a professional book cover designer. If you currently have a book with minimal sales, I recommend outsourcing the book cover to be redesigned; you will certainly see an improvement in sales. The 2003 edition is now showing its age and the new 2007 edition brings the material up to date in a fast-moving field – indeed over half of the material has been re-written. Interest in business process management and the popularity of implementation techniques such as Six-sigma and Lean, have increased markedly in the time-period and the new edition puts these practices into context of a wider business-change programme. Like the first edition, the author advises those contemplating large-scale process redesign to consider alignment with process management frameworks such as SCOR or project management frameworks such as those advocated by PMI.
The author also gives details on how to handle outsourcing within the redesign process and how to run a business-change programme alongside an ERP software implementation. This edition uses the Business Process Modelling Notation (BPMN) diagrams, the new de-facto standard for modelling processes. It is derived from the software engineering-based IDEF function-box diagrams and, in a simpler form, from the familiar SIPOC [Supplier-Input-Process-Output-Customer] diagrams, used in value stream [value chain] analysis in Lean approaches.
This high-level approach is a useful guide for those undertaking such an initiative but those wanting guidance that is more detailed may wish to look at that of Jeston and Nellis. The chairperson & managing director of Marico says that the demands of work have definitely taken a toll on reading for pleasure but he does his bit towards promoting reading among the younger set at Marico by giving away his books every time his shelves get overloaded. For an example, take a look any genre type it into the search engine of amazon kindle, you will notice a lot of books written on that same topic and sometimes deciding on which to order can be very confusing.

The latter, which extends this modelling capability to use workflow and execution engines, are relatively immature and the author rightly advises caution in the face of optimistic sales-talk. The lists of future reading at the end of each chapter are comprehensive and although the case study is a little brief, it is illustrative.
A big fan of Blue Ocean Strategy and Good to Great, Mariwala circulates extracts from books he’s read and ex-colleagues continue to call him for copies of extracts. Apart from the reviews gotten on those books, what other thing do you think will attract a reader’s attention?
Your aim here is to increase the sales of your publishing business by applying simple yet powerful strategies. Too many words can cover the important graphic parts of the cover which could distract from the main image. Do not compromise quality of information for quality book cover design, both work together. Though there is an exception for book cover designs that are text-graphically oriented which are mostly commonly business books. If you must display more information about the book on the cover, then using the sub title is just the best strategy for this.

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