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Business books and theory can’t teach you about business as much as practical, hands-on experience can. BizMAP is a Management Simulation Game created by Sameer Kamat (Founder of MBA Crystal Ball) to test and develop your Business Management Aptitude & Potential (that explains the acronym!).
BizCool, a fictitious technology startup that provides customized, high-end servers has just received the first round of venture capital funding.
That’s why, on a strong referral, they got you onboard to take on the reins of the business. Your mandate: As the CEO of the fledgling startup, you have signed an employment contract for 12 Quarters (3 years).

At the end of the tenure, the paranoid VC team will decide whether you stay hired or get fired!
Hire usWhether it's career counselling or MBA application consulting, working with us could be among the most important career decisions you'll make. If real-world experience is difficult to come by, choose the middle ground – Management Simulation Games.
With zero investment (apart from your time), it puts you in charge of a growing business and tries to test your aptitude for managing a startup.
The VC investors saw potential in the business, but felt that the founder (a techie at heart, not a businessman) who has done a pretty good job with the basic product, wouldn’t be able to scale it up.

That means you already have a team (4 employees), some sales and some cash (a million dollars) in hand. If not, the backlog of orders keeps piling up and needs to be satiated in the subsequent quarters. Play the game multiple times and try to refine your strategies and entrepreneurial skills with each attempt.

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