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You may have noticed that almost everywhere you looked at the start of January, there was something about the importance of setting goals.  It’s enough to turn you off of planning for the future but at the very least, it is particularly important to set out direction for your business.
Simply put, strategic plans create a road map to determine where an organization is going, how it’s going to get there and how it will recognize success.
This segues into an opportunity to create not only a direction for the organization but also to craft a team vision.
Mission, Vision and Values.  Create them if you don’t have them and ensure they are still relevant if they already exist because this is the foundation of your business. Create Action Plans and Timelines.  Action planning typically includes deciding who is going to do what and by when and in what order for the organization to reach its strategic goals. Evaluate and Monitor the Plan.  Strategies are not set in stone and can be modified based on progress made, obstacles encountered, and the changing environment.
Cathy came recommended to us through the conference services department of our Whistler hotel. Cathy Goddard has created a culture of sharing, educating, connecting and promoting small businesses through all of Lighthouse’s programs. In the last mentor group I participated in, an introduction turned into a contract that provided three months of work.
Cathy is an advocate for entrepreneurs passing along her energy and enthusiasm to everyone she meets, as well as her extensive know-how. Cathy Goddard of Lighthouse Visionary Strategies was the jump start we needed to create our company’s first ever strategic plan. Whether Cathy is facilitating a mentor group, leading a workshop or moderating an open forum, her passion for business is evident in everything she does.
Today newspapers are increasingly finding it difficult to maintain their competitive positions owing to challenges from electronic media and hence are trying to evolve.
Manager might want to measure advertising revenue from print and online versions of a newspaper.
Newspaper popularity is measured through number of visitors to the websites or total number of printed newspapers sold.
Internal processes are assessed with such KPIs as number of sectors covered or number of available printing facilities. The better reach and promptness of electronic media are giving tough competition to newspaper houses.

This is the actual scorecard with Newspaper Management Indicators and performance indicators. Download a trial version of Newspaper Management Evaluation Balanced Scoreboard or purchase a full version online.
What kind of team do they want to be?  Allow them to identify their team values and define what they want to achieve.  Business is moving away from isolated mentalities and has a fresh perspective of a team. Her enthusiastic personality and innovative platforms have given me the confidence to launch my new business. Although we hadn’t met prior to her actual presentation, she grasped our intention right away.
Whether through her coaching services, award-winning mentor program or the Open Forum Speaker Series, Lighthouse empowers small business owners, helping them to discover opportunities and encouraging them to action.
The intimate group setting encourages close connections that focus in on achieving business targets. That would not have happened without being a part of the Mentor Network and I look forward to driving my business growth in this round of the program. I worked with Cathy through her Mentor Network and she truly practices what she preaches, making her an excellent role model for any small business owner. She was able to guide our team through a new process with patience and experience; she helped us build a plan that suited our company and she has provided continuous support to ensure that we follow through. It’s right there in her company name, Lighthouse Visionary Strategies, but she truly lives it. In their endeavour to retain their pre-eminence as the preferred choice for people for relevant information, they need to utilize performance evaluation tools like Balance Score Card (BSC) that can give a holistic view about the myriad organizational processes. This leaves less scope for committing mistakes when it comes to Newspaper Management.Consequently, organizations involved in such a business have been looking for a strategy to enable them for managing and measuring managerial operations.
Cathy funneled my ideas into a structured vision so my company is true to my intentions and goals.
Her workshop focused on building leadership from within and and received lots of positive feedback from our team. As part of Lighthouse Mentor Network from the very beginning, I have witnessed Cathy’s willingness to share her business advice and feel that this program has enabled me to prosper in exciting ways. The group members share professional advice and their business contacts, turning what would be a “cold” call into a “warm” call.

Her level of customer satisfaction is outstanding and she truly cares about the success of everyone in the program. Cathy has a real talent for providing effective business solutions for small business owners.
She envisions business opportunities or programs that help others reach their potential and then she makes those ideas real, delivering excellent results for all involved. Using a BSC, key performance indicators can be framed for categories like Financial, Internal Operations, Employees and Growth.
Cathy kept everyone in focus and did a great job of delivering the message in a humorous but thought provoking way. Her energy, enthusiasm and determination are infectious and with her support, anything is achievable. Financial stand can be assessed with parameters like Profit after Tax, revenues from advertisements in print and electronic modes and revenue from 'behind-the-wall' concept.
I am thankful for her guidance to clarify my ideas and encouragement to believe in my dreams. I would highly recommend her for any group or team as she was able to customize her presentation to fulfill our desired message.
This is to extract substantial monetary gains from the business.Internal operations can be measured with 'number of sectors catered', 'number of printing facilities available', 'number of unique visitors gained' and 'number of disputes that rose, if any'. However, this job of selecting KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) that are really useful and 'make a difference' to the growth of a given newspaper house demands a detailed study of the area to be carried out. Once the dynamics and underlying principles have been understood as they are, putting down the factors in terms of metrics gets much easier. Growth aspect can be measured using KPIs like '% increase in number of subscriptions', 'Award winning instances' and '% drop in paper wastage'. Employee and Collaboration Perspective can be had with 'Constructive: Defensive Culture ratio', '% dip in Labor Turnover' and 'number of journalists'.

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