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B2B (Business-to-Business) are the e-commerce and business strategies, wherein the business or transaction takes place between the manufacturers and wholesalers or between wholesalers and retailers. B2C (Business-to-Consumer) are the transactions which takes place between the businesses and the end-users.
B2B refers to business that is conducted between companies, rather than between a company and individual consumers. B2C is business or transactions that are conducted directly between a company and consumers, who are the end-users of its products or services.
These types of transactions are larger in nature as they involve bulk quantity of goods and services.
These are short transactions, taking place between the consumer and the retailers, manufactures or traders.
Buying B2C products is not that riskier as compared to B2B as there is little involvement of money and products. Here the buyers are in committees in order to purchase in bulk from a single Business brand. Companies seek long term relationships as any experiment with a different brand will have an impact on the entire business.

An automobile manufacturer conducts a number of deals like purchasing tires and rubber hoses for his or her vehicles.
B2B is meant for Business-to-Business, wherein the business transaction takes place between businesses and B2C is meant for Business-to-Consumer, where the transactions of products take place between the businesses and consumers. While B2B products and services are sold from one company to another, and in B2C, the products are sold from a company to the end user. The companies who sell the products and goods directly to the consumers can be referred to as the B2C companies. It is a typical supply chain, which involves multiple business to business transactions, as companies purchase components and other raw materials for use in its manufacturing processes. Consumers have to be made satisfied of the respective brand quality, as only person to person or person to brand transactions takes place.
They are large transactions, as they involve the selling of bulk quantity of items to the businesses. In 1990s, this term was basically used for the online retailers and for the companies that sold the products and services to consumers through the Internet. They are e-commerce strategies, in which the marketing of products are involved from one business person to other.

In a typical supply chain, there will be many B2B transactions involving sub-components or raw materials. These are the electronic activities that concentrate on the basic retail transactions, which take place between the retailers and direct consumers.
When the transaction takes place amongst the employees it is referred to as “B2B” Communication. The other phrases associated with B2C transactions can be referred to as "bricks-and-clicks," "click-and-mortar," and "clicks-and-bricks." This transactions offer products and services from the direct business manufacturers, retailers and traders to the direct users or consumers. For example, an automobile manufacturer makes several B2B transactions such as buying tires, glass for windscreens, and rubber hoses for its vehicles.

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