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Para visualizar correctamente los Canales de television es aconsejable disponer de una conexion de tipo ADSL o Cable con una velocidad de 1 Mb o superior.
Aside from NASA's savvy social media feeds, NASA TV is a great place to see what thousands of astronauts and scientists are doing and discovering all over the universe.
NASA TV broadcasts live spacecraft launches, experiments at the International Space Station, interviews with astronauts, and shows about the agency's planned missions.
It was where tens of thousands of people watched astronaut Scott Kelly return from 340 days in space.

Besides, wouldn't you rather tune in to the state of humanity's progress toward the stars than some reality TV fight between lovers?
Internet users of all ages are spending more time than ever watching TV online, spelling trouble for traditional pay-TV services that have been slow to react to the rising trend, according to a new study from GlobalWebIndex. As pay-TV subscriptions have continued to fall, an increasing number of video streaming services have popped up in the past few years to attract viewers who are shifting to online services to watch TV.
And viewers still spend a significant amount a time watching programming through their pay-TV packages.

While the services are often marketed to younger consumers who are more apt to be "cord-cutters" (those who once paid for a TV subscription but now do not) or "cord-nevers" (those who have never paid for a TV subscription), the study reveals that the shift to online TV-viewing is catching on across all age groups. Stay ahead of the curve and gain a comprehensive understanding of the latest news & trends, start your day with the Digital MediaA INSIDER.

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