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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. This is why retaining customers is so important as not only are an organisation benefiting from having customers, but this could lead to a bigger customer base for an organisation such as McDonalds. They do this by ensuring their customers of the '7 minute' rule, where customers should have their products ready within this time-limit once their orders have made. This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our AS and A Level Marketing & Research section. Personal characteristics Personal characteristics are the way the people act and do things. This is good for a business to know because you will need to know what your income and outcome is and by having a cash flow budgets you will be able to see exactly what your profit is. Task 3 Marketing Mix There are marketing tools that every organisation has at its disposal to influence customers and compete affectively in the marketplace. Mobile phone These are used for fast communications, enabling quick feedback and discussion.
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This is an example of a page, you could edit this to put information about yourself or your site so readers know where you are coming from. In the first case, the organisation may be multidivisional in nature to the extent that in principle or even in law, separate parts of the enterprise could operate as viable entities in their own right.These a€?group structuresa€™ may undertake strategic planning as group exercise where under the corporate level strategy, each separate subsidiary or division has its own strategic planning process and strategic plan. Note when we say business unit, it may also, among other designations, be known as strategic business unit strategy or divisional strategy. Remember that at the beginning we said that corporate-level strategies address the entire strategic scope of the enterprise.
Business-level strategies are similar to corporate-strategies in that they focus on overall performance.
Strategies for an organization may be classified by the level of the organization responsible for the strategy. One approach to corporate level strategy that clarifies the task is the "Parenting Advantage Model".
Goold, Campbell, and Alexander list four forms of parental value creation:Stand-alone influence a€“ each subsidiary is viewed as a separate profit centre. Return from Corporate Level Strategy to Definition of Strategic PlanningReturn from Corporate Level Strategy to Simply Strategic Planning Home page. You Are Secure!When you click the Donation Button, rest assured you will land on a page that is encrypted and secure.
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In this assignment, I will be describing the different methods that are used to attract and retain customers for a selected organisation. If an organisation has a big customer base, this usually means that they have a lot of customers and this could only mean profit. This suggests that McDonalds are a quick service restaurant in which customers would not have to wait long for the food. You need to have a good personality so that when you work the people you work with you will get along with.
Over the past 5 years, the UK economy experienced many fluctuations; generally the economy was steady or increased by a small percentage point. The marketing mix refers to the combination of elements within a firms marketing strategy, which are designed to meet or influence the demand of consumers in order to generate sales.
I could use a mobile phone to get in contact with a number of people, my manager, staff or even security if there's a problem. This environmental issue won't really have a very big affect on McDonald's objectives although they may need to change the lid design of the McFlurry which may cost a bit more then the usual price of the lid.

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In these cases however, one of the most significant inputs to each divisionsa€™ strategic planning is the output of the corporate strategic planning.
Moreover, functional strategy may apply to cross-divisional or cross-functional processes, or major projects. This is the "big picture" view of the organization and may include deciding in which product or service markets to compete and the geographic boundaries of the organizationsa€™ operations.For multi-divisional organizations or enterprises, how capital, staffing, and other resources are allocated is usually established at the corporate level.
And where should it be in business?How should the organization allocate its resources its various existing lines of business or business units?What level of diversity should exist in the business as it moves into the future?
As distinct from corporate-level strategy, however, they focus on just one instead of a range of businesses.
Corporate-level strategies concern top management and address strategic issues of facing the organization as a corporate whole.Business-level strategies deal with major business units or divisions of the corporate portfolio. Your information is safe with PayPal, one of the largest payment processors on the Internet. However, if an organisation would like to increase their customer base, this could be timely and costly at the same time for the organisation itself. However, if McDonalds do not keep up with this rule, the customers are allowed their order for free if it takes more than 7 minutes, this being a way of apologising for taking long to make the order ready.
However in 2008-2009, the economy contracted, or shrunk as a result of the recession experienced at that time. We’d love to hear of any bugs, comments, suggestions, feature requests … What is your email? These outputs from corporate level strategy are usually in the form of performance targets for the divisions. Additionally, because market definition is usually the domain of corporate-level strategy, the responsibility for diversification, or the addition of new products or services to the existing offerings, also mostly comes within the responsibility of corporate-level strategy. Are there other activities the enterprise should be in or are there current activities that should be targeted for stopped or sold off to others?What should be the nature of this diversity or how diversified should the organization be? The corporate level strategy of a multi division operation is like a strategy for managing an investment portfolio.Business units are usually individual enterprise-like entities oriented toward a particular industry, product or service type, and or market.
Business-level strategies are generally developed by upper and middle-level business unit managers, in negotiation on key targets with the top corporate managers, and are intended to help the organization achieve its corporate level strategy.Functional or business process strategies address issues usually faced by lower-level managers and deal with strategies for the major organizational functions such as marketing, finance, production, and research, which are considered important to achieving the business strategies and enabling the corporate-level strategy. With reference, I will see how McDonalds retain their customers and describe the methods they use to retain customers. Also, McDonalds allow the use of customer desks in their stores in which customers can put forward any complaints, questions or queries they may have in order to enhance the performance in the future. The subsidiary units cannot ignore them.The corporate business strategy may also set down a small number of other factors that the divisions, or strategic business units as they may sometimes be called.
In addition, whether to compete head on with other companies or to selectively establish cooperative partnering arrangements, or a€?strategic alliancesa€™, is a decision for corporate-level strategy, while requiring ongoing input from business unit or divisional level managers. Should it diversify in similar product or service markets, or into completely different areas; becoming a more conglomerate entity.How should the firm be organized? This could be costly as introducing new products can be expensive for some organisations but an organisation such as McDonalds have heavy turnovers so they are able to do so.
McDonalds acknowledge the views of their customers and are happy to meet customer's needs and wants in order to make McDonalds a better place to be rather than having their customers at a rival restaurant such as KFC.
Business-level strategies look at the business unit strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats; much like corporate-level strategies, except the emphasis in business-level strategies is on the specific product or service, not on the corporate level investment portfolio. Customer service is the process in which an organisation tries to propel themselves according to their ability to supply customers with their needs and wants. This could be time consuming as advertising and the overall promoting of the product can't be done over night.

This helps retain customers as not all customers will have a positive viewpoint of McDonalds, there being a minority in which they may not be pleased with a certain point.
For example the subsidiaries of a multinational bank may be defined by the country in which they operate. How will these boundaries impact relationships among parts of the business, with suppliers, customers and other interest groups? It allows customers to believe that they are the main priority of any profit making organisation and that receiving good customer service before, during and after their transactions can lead the organisation in securing customers. However, retaining customers can be the hardest aspect for an organisation that profits from customers spending; they must also encourage their customers to make sure that they stay loyal to the organisation. For example, a customer may not be pleased by the number of fries they receive when they ordered a large meal. In this case the corporate business strategy would set profit targets for each country bank. How will the organizational functions such as product development, production, distribution finance, marketing, sales customer service, etc. Corporate-level strategies attempt to deliver benefits to the primary beneficiaries, such as increasing the wealth of shareholders through profitability of the overall corporate portfolio, and business-level strategies are concerned with: matching their operations with the overall objectives of corporate-level strategy while simultaneouslynavigating the environment in which they are active in such a way that they are among the better performers in their industry.
However, bad customer service can lead to potentially customers being let down on behalf of the organisation and them losing customers, therefore less profit can potentially be made.
As McDonalds cannot force customers to only shop at the restaurants, they have to make sure that they meet customers' needs and wants.
By allowing their customers to put forward this complaint to the McDonalds customer service, this ensures the customer that their complaint will be followed up and would be evaluated if more customers complain about the same problem.
The corporate strategy would yield to the country banks as to the strategies they pursue in generating these profits. Customer service is very important for all organisations and by creating good relationships with customers, they are giving their own company a good name, this by keeping customers happy at all times. By doing this, they are able to attract and retain customers as they are returning to shop.
By just having such services, it gives customers the satisfaction that they have complained and that they would return if this problem was solved. The country level banks would have their own business unit level strategies.In the second case corporate level strategy is used to distinguish it from the many other plans and planning processes that get the term a€?strategica€™ in their names. A happy customer is more likely to spend more at the organisation and can help persuade potential customers to shop there as well. The word strategy has acquired a kind of aura that seems to make many people want to use it, regardless of how actually strategic the matter at hand is in relation to the overall performance of an organisation.
Which will be carried out in-house, and which will be contracted out?Should the firm enter into cooperative, mutually beneficial relationships or alliances with others?
This can lead to higher profits for an organisation such as McDonalds, as repeat business with a customer is the backbone of their type of business. The 6 steps to customer loyalty > Prospect- customers that potentially may shop at the organisation or be persuaded to do business with you. The purpose of customer service and the role it plays The purpose of customer service, in terms of the customer, is that it allows customers to feel part of the organisation in which they make transactions at. If not, what impact might this have on future organizational performance?As these questions show, corporate strategies address the long-term direction for the organization as a whole.
Corporate strategies deal with plans for the entire organization and change as the capabilities of the organization develop and as the environment of the organization changes.Top management has primary decision making responsibility in developing corporate strategies and these managers are directly responsible to providers of capital to the organization, whether shareholders, donors, members, and so on depending on the type of organization . The role of the governing board of is to ensure that top managers actually act to address these owner or primary beneficiary interests.

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