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In 101 dalmatiers vind je Peg uit Lady & de Vagebond terug achter het raam van een dierenwinkel. In de wachtzaal van de tandarts uit Finding Nemo is het jongetje een strip van The Incredibles aan het lezen. Peter Chiykowski is an award-winning artist behind Rock, Paper, Cynic, a geeky webcomic and free music project. Nothing creates that stomach-churning feeling of exaltation and terror in the hearts of book lovers more than the news that their favorite book will be made into a movie. Personally, I’ve got my fingers crossed for John Green to make an appearance in the upcoming The Fault in Our Stars adaptation (Have you read it? Stephen King (Pet Sematary): Okay, okay, so Stephen’s had a cameo in pretty much all of the adaptations of his books, but the one included here is Pet Sematary, where he plays a minister who officiates Missy Dandrige’s funeral.
Chuck Palahniuk (Choke): His most famous novel is Fight Club, which is one of the few movie adaptations that are considered equal to the book, but have you seen Chuck? Stan Lee (pretty much anything and everything Marvel): Arguably the Master of the Cameo, Stan has appeared in every Marvel movie adaptation of his comic books, from Iron Man and The Avengers to Spider-Man and Thor. Jonathan Safran Foer (Everything is Illuminated): In the movie version of the critically acclaimed book, Elijah Wood plays a character named Jonathan Safran Foer. Irvine Welsh (Trainspotting): In Danny Boyle’s adaptation of his book, Irvine plays the drug dealer Mikey Forrester. Kathryn Stockett (The Help): Let’s be totally straightforward here—someone who can come up with lines as simultaneously hysterical and cringe-inducing (and enough to break Dean Winchester’s heart) about pie as Kathryn did deserves to have a cameo in every movie ever, so it’s only fitting that she appears in the Oscar-nominated adaptation of her own novel while rockin’ a snazzy sixties hairdo, in a scene with the Junior League.

Emily Giffin (Something Borrowed): This one might be one of most semi-meta cameos on the list. Allison Racicot graduated from Emerson College with a degree in Writing, Literature, & Publishing.
Ook tekenfilmfiguurtjes moeten na hun doorbraak op het grote scherm ervoor blijven zorgen dat er brood op de denkbeeldige plank komt. Peter's book of comics, The HMS Bad Idea, is on Amazon, where it debuted as the #1 New Graphic Novel Anthology on their international bestseller list.
I mean, sure, the excitement level is insane, but at the same time, there’s also that fear in the back of your mind that the director will stomp all over something you’ve spent so much time poring over and loving. I guess it’s only fitting that he plays the role of someone who lays people to rest while also being the literary master of horror, ghosts, and everything else that goes bump in the night.
He’s so skinny, soft-spoken, and such a sweetheart; he’d stick out like a sore thumb among Tyler Durden and company. Since his name has a starring role, but he himself doesn’t, the author snuck into a scene where the movie Jonathan is looking at his grandfather’s grave. Thompson (Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas): A movie as drug-laced, crazy, and generally awesome as the book it was based on, Fear and Loathing sets a stage that’s rife for cameos, and the casting agents totally take advantage of it.
I remember reading this book in sixth grade, and whenever I would finish reading it, I’d just turn it back to the front cover and start reading all over again. There’s a scene in this 2011 rom-com where two of the characters, Rachel and Marcus, are sitting on a bench in the middle of a park, and Marcus is discussing some stuff that…probably shouldn’t be discussed on a bench in the middle of a park.

She spends too much time reading, listening to podcasts, and getting overly attached to fictional characters. Peter also writes charity-focused articles in places like the Seattle Times, San Francisco Herald, Vancouver Sun, and Ottawa Citizen.
Something that can set readers’ minds at ease, though, is the author having something to do with the movie version of their book, sort of like a stamp of approval, and one of the coolest ways authors do this is by having cameos in the movie adaptations of their books. Go grab a copy and a box of tissues—it’s okay, I’ll wait), but in the meantime, here are ten other authors that have had cameos in movie versions of their own books. The best one, though, comes from Hunter himself: at a music club, the camera takes in everything that Johnny Depp sees, and one of those things is the book’s author lighting a woman’s cigarette. Emily plays the woman sitting next to them, looking slightly grossed out at first and then turning back to her book, a copy of Something Blue, which is the sequel to Something Borrowed. Movie-Thompson notices him, says, “There I was…mother of God, there I am!” and creates one of the most tongue-in-cheek author cameos ever.
Collingwood, a man getting advice from Sam on the best way to help his hair grow (hint: it’s onion cream). Choke came out in 2008, and in the last few minutes of the movie, you can see Chuck as one of the passengers on the same plane as Victor, the main character.

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