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I know that with a MacBook Pro I’ll be able to edit any videos needed, tweak photos and more. Additionally, at 2 pounds it will feel even more lightweight than the MacBook Air in my backpack.
So here I am, even at the end of this editorial, torn about whether or not the new MacBook is something that makes sense for me. The Core M processor means I won’t be able to do much else other than my basic writing tasks. Am I alone, or is anyone else concerned about the price and power of the new MacBook offsetting its beautiful design?
Todd Haselton has been writing professionally since 2006 during his undergraduate days at Lehigh University. It’s been less than a year since Microsoft first unveiled the Surface Book, but the company could be ready to unleash a follow-up model as soon as next month.
I have no need for a DVD drive anymore, all of the media I consume is over-the-air through services like Netflix, and if I need to store files on something I simply hook up a USB hard drive. Sure, I plan to use a new computer for the next 3 years at least, so $1,300 split across that time means the cost isn’t as big of a problem.

Plus, since it’s powered by an Intel Core i5 processor, I can even play a few games, something I highly doubt the new MacBook is going to do very well with its Core M chip. As Jon showed us in his video, the new MacBook is incredibly thin, sports a totally revamped keyboard, has an edge-to-edge glass panel without the chunky silver bezels on the MacBook Air and has a unique new trackpad. Sure, it’s good enough for typing out articles, browsing the Web and staying in touch with the team.
When I consider those issues, it seems like the MacBook Pro is the better choice. Or, instead, I could look at the whole batch of new Windows PCs that are hitting the market, like the new Dell XPS 13 which is also getting rave reviews.
It packs a high-res display, an Intel Core M processor, plenty of battery life and more into a super thin and light package that’s even smaller than the MacBook Air. The problem with a single Type-C port, however, is that I have nothing that connects to it. The only problem, at least for me, is that Wi-Fi at press events is often so terrible I have a hard time connecting, let alone downloading large image files. On Lenovo’s notebook, it also had a hard time providing me with enough battery life to get through the day. Toss in that $79 for the dongle, however, and any other upgrades, and it quickly becomes as expensive, or more, than a MacBook Pro.

I’m more attracted to the space gray model, but the gold one does look pretty sweet, too. As a journalist, I need to carry at least one camera, sometimes several, battery packs, cords, a tablet, backup phones, headphones and more. The problem, at least as I see it, is Apple’s vision that we should rely on wireless networks for everything.
Still, I’m going to need to see if that promise really holds up in early reviews before I drop cash on the new computer.
Each item quickly contributes to a bag that can weigh me down, and keeping things as light as possible is essential for a long day on the show floor. It’s very similar to when Apple ditched the DVD-drive on its notebooks, when it argued that the USB ports were enough for data.

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