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Get your site off with a blast, and keep people informed by adding this retro under construction page. This theme can be deployed in seconds and even comes with a PHP script that records signups to a local file. Seria is a new premium template made with Bootstrap, a full-featured responsive coming soon landing page that you can use to present your upcoming site or product and begin collecting subscribers before the launch.
Although Windows Phone 8 SDK has already been leaked last week, Microsoft has yet to launch the final version of the software development kit.

With the Windows Phone 8 operating system officially unveiled, Microsoft is expected to release the platform’s SDK pretty soon, though the Redmond-based company has yet to reveal the exact launch date. According to the latest hearsay, Windows Phone 8 SDK will be announced on September 7, though Nokia is rumored to unveil its first WP8-powered devices two days earlier. For the time being, Windows Phone developers can take advantage of the recently leaked emulator, though they cannot test useful capabilities such as Bluetooth and NFC (Near Field Communication). Today, the folks over at WPSauce discovered that the Windows Phone 8 SDK webpage is up and running, though the package has yet to be uploaded on Microsoft’s servers.

Still, this might indicate that Microsoft plans to skip releasing beta versions of the SDK and launch the final version directly through this website. Below you’ll find the full list of features, the live preview link and the purchase link.

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