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Ballet, Tap and Modern classes give students the opportunity to participate in graded examinations in order to gain recognised, accredited dance qualifications.
Our Wednesday Morning Parent & Toddler session is 45 minutes free-play followed by story time and singing and dance activities. We are proud to put on Gala performances at some of the finest theatres including the Palace Theatre in Manchester - all featuring our wonderful students! Commercial Jazz teaches a range of styles and techniques combined to create the dance styles you in music videos and on stage. Classes are great for fun and fitness with opportunities for dancers to perform in shows and festivals.
LR Productions specializes in top notch commercial choreography which caters to a variety of special events.
The qualities of commercial jazz allow for a more universal student who wishes to develop a unique and personal style of dance.

Expect lots of strutting, posing, booty popping and hair tossing as you work it like a diva! We offer fun and fresh classes that teaches a range of styles and techniques combined to create the dance styles you see on MTV, in clubs and on stage today! We create professionally choreographed, unique routines from a variety of dance styles that will suit your needs!
You will consolidate your technique and performance style, while developing a fresh routine each week. This class will work up a new routine each week, taking influences from hip hop and contemporary. If you need a good looking carpet at a reasonable cost, then Jazz commercial carpet is a fantastic budget minded option. Working to music from various genres, the class will be upbeat, energetic and full of personal style.

Jazz Commercial Carpet comes in 12 foot wide rolls with standard Actionbac for Stretch In or Glue Down applications. Jazz Carpet is available in 6 colors and is CRI Green Label Plus Certified which gives peace of mind for those environmentally conscious consumers. This commercial carpet would also work great in a basement, apartment, or other residential application where durability and cleanability are needed.

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