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When you start working with clients you have to understand that the work you produce is not just about how good or bad a design is.
Being aware of this is being aware of the branding of a company. What is branding and why is it important? A quick lesson on branding: Companies should be trying to brand their company (especially if they believe they have a unique service or product to offer). The answer is pretty simple: by doing marketing research—in its simplest form, this could be a survey sent to past customers asking them their perception of the company.
Every good company should be trying to create a brand and not just creating a company or a nice product. When you create a business without really throwing attempts at branding it, your audience will kind of lose sight of it and most times think of it as a copycat business or nothing to really write home about. Once your audience has clamped on to that recognition or that placement, if it’s positive, you want to do everything you can to continue with it. Designers can also contribute to branding through creating work that is consistent with the views and perception of the clients company.
Most of the branding should come from the company—what do they stand for, what do the sell, who do they cater too—so hopefully for a good designer, branding should be a breeze, as far as logos and color schemes go.
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The benefits of branding are often long term, but include customer qualities like loyalty, memorability familiarity and at some point, your marketing expenses will significantly decrease because an audience is already familiar with you. A nicely branded company has placement in your mind–when you think of innovation, perhaps you think of Apple Products.
Something all designers (and companies, for that matter) must understand is good design equals good quality. All that stuff sounds good, HOWEVER, the catch is that the company is not in direct control of the brand. When you think of graphic design, you may automatically think of Adobe Products or Photoshop directly. The best way to find out if your client is serious, is to ask them what they would like their brand to be perceived as.
This recognition and placement can work positively for one company and maybe even negatively for another. Recognition and placement for brands can end up pushing sales harder than any marketing or advertising plan. When you really brand something in a consumers mind, it can really stand out for ever, for example color schemes and logos are really memorable and help create a good foundation or start of branding. For example, if a company sells a product that needs packaging, what is the best kind of packaging for that product and how is it designed? If the copyright of any wallpaper or stock photo belongs, contact us and we will remove it!
In a nutshell, branding is the perceived emotional image of a company as a whole and, in its simplest form, has nothing to do with things like logos and stationary as many designers will lead you to believe.

These are just examples of what good branding is and how they create an attachment with their audience. You want to create something that is consistent and adds to a company’s brand and if you are working with a company that does not have an established brand, you want to create something that works within the views of the company. For example, some people think that Volvos are some of the safest cars or Chevrolets are gas guzzling machines—positive and negative effects. If the brand is to be known for their scholastic wealth and achievements, you want to create something that gives off that feeling. You want to keep this in mind so that you make something that can be EASILY remembered, rather than easily forgotten. In another example, a car might try to brand itself as a super safe car, but an audience may feel its safety features aren’t better than a Volvo, so they just end up getting a Volvo. If a brand has a product that is designed to make the consumer happy, don’t create or use anything that could do otherwise.
Though minute, these things have a ton to do with how a company is perceived and remembered.
There’s no need to re-invent the wheel (of course unless asked) but you should think of more creative ways to get across the same message they have.

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