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Add content relevant to your specialist skills, and you raise your profile, credibility and visibility in your field. HUB: Provides web-site, brand, audience, page rank, social media, and email marketing together with easy to use templates for you to create engaging content. YOU: Create content relevant to your expertise and experience using our templates for user-ready content. Whether used as a showcase for your skills or for specific offers, the Best Practice HUB makesA content marketing easy. With a strong profile and experience of what works in your area of expertise, you can develop your specialist services and A increase your income A through the HUB.
We help you test, challenge and refine your approach, using detailed analytic s reports which show what content is attracting attention and what sort of content makes people click. The long and short of visual content was the introductory post in which we highlighted why infographics had become so popular.
Infographics II explored the main problems for the good old fashioned static type – namely, way too many poorly designed efforts were making it impossible for a “great” one to stand out in what is an incredibly crowded space.
Most recently, we looked at interactive content and unashamedly declared our love for the increasing number of these beautiful infographics that are educational, highly engaging and cause the reader to literally interact with a brand. But with a bit of planning and by putting your customer (not your brand’s messages) first, then they are ideal for displaying interesting statistics and briefly summarising the key trends and insights that numbers alone don’t provide. The biggest tip would be to use them as supplementary to a broader part of your content marketing strategy, as opposed to standalone content. This way, you will stop the trend of “one-hit wonder” content pieces and instead have different types of content, different places and channels to promote them via, and a variety of different content to promote the same white paper. So, you should make sure your static infographics add complementary value to a content marketing initiative, not be the centrepiece nor standalone content pieces – you’ll get more return on investment this way. Animated video is the rising star of content and is a hugely cost effective tool in a marketer’s bag of tricks. Aside from low cost, the other big plus for creating animated video infographics hinges around control. GoAnimate also provide various drag-and-drop tools and even lip-synched characters for narration to make it super easy for even the likes of us at Comms Axis!
But most of all, they make it easy for your audience to learn, remember and engage – all they have to do is click to play and click to share!
So if static infographics are support material, and animated video infographics are the all-round stars of the show, then what about interactive infographics?
And the hub around which all other content pieces spin off – press releases, blog posts, articles, static mini-infographics, white papers, reports, Executive Summaries.
An interactive infographic is the showcase of your big campaign, and it will also showcase your brand as being innovative and engaging.
The final thought on the Big Daddy of infographics, if you think they’re a step too far for your brand right now, is to keep an eye on them. Without doubt infographics are a great way to convey complex information in a clear and digestible way. We hope you’ve enjoyed this series of posts on infographics, and perhaps learned something along the way! Infographics certainly do not drive the traffic they once used to, mainly because everyone started copying each other and the novelty wore off. I encourage marketers to do more with their infographic than just try to get it tweeted and shared. I agree with Ben, coming up into a new idea to make it more interesting and focusing on the content of the infographics is much needed in marketing it. Information on content marketing and the best ways to create, promote and maintain its effectiveness is everywhere. To combat this happening marketers need to accurately document their content marketing strategy – a Business2Community article quotes stats from the Content Marketing Institute, showing that while 83% of B2B marketers have a strategy, only 35% document it. But planning should also be forward-thinking and consider the next six months to a year’s worth of content. Corporate events are a treasure of content marketing opportunities, that unfortunately, many companies underestimate.
A study from Content Marketing Institute showed that 76 % of marketers rate in-person events as one of the most effective marketing tactics.
Once you start preparing for your corporate event, the first thing we work on together is your teaser video that demonstrates to people the value they’ll receive for showing up.
Preparing the event marketing stages can be pretty hectic, so why don’t you let us handle your videos and help making a one of a kind hit out of your event!
About uswezank builds beautiful and effective explainer videos that deliver big results every time.
O SlideShare utiliza cookies para otimizar a funcionalidade e o desempenho do site, assim como para apresentar publicidade mais relevante aos nossos usuarios. A recent Econsultancy study reports that search queries for the term have more than doubled in the past two years. In this session you will deepen your understanding of content strategy through the lens of best practice.
The best practices we will explore in this session will help you to develop and deploy effective strategies for content marketing across all channels and buying cycles. We will be studying the fundamental disconnect between audiences and marketers in this session. You will identify and develop appropriate mobile marketing opportunities and strategies to engage your audience through digital storytelling. One effective technique for getting internal buy-in begins with not talking about content marketing at all. To be successful, you need to understand who your audience is – and what they want and need from you – in order to gauge how much viable content you already have and what content you’ll need to create. Audit and evaluate your existing content – tools, case studies, solution briefs, white papers, videos, demos, webinars, etc. Create your content matrix by adding each asset – title and link – Into the appropriate spreadsheet location. It’s essential to focus on what your audience wants from you in order to identify the depth and breadth of content that will resonate with them.
Aggregating and reviewing this information will give you a good understanding of what your customers and prospects want and need. Content marketing is about helping your current and future customers solve an issue or need that’s important to them.
Enumerate your customer-centric themes, aligning content with appropriate buying cycle phases and audience personas.
Provide a tentative outline of when different pieces of content will publish, on what platform, and via which syndication and social channels. Clearly articulate cadence; that is, the date each piece of content will be developed and distributed. Additionally, since social promotion and content go hand-in-hand, be sure to map social campaigns to your editorial calendar. The business success of a search engine company is completely dependent on satisfying the human searcher.
Maximize the visibility of your content and brand by including social and share links in your various content pieces – papers, web pages, emails, blogs, etc. By planning your content for scalability, you’ll reduce resource overhead while increasing visibility and providing value to your audience.
Decreasing costs and increasing profit margins are as important as increasing sales and revenue. A recommended method is to develop Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that are tied to the business value of your content marketing program. Good content marketing establishes long-term, trusted relationships with current and future customers by regularly delivering high-quality, relevant, and valuable information. By leveraging these best practices, you can create an effective content marketing strategy or fine-tune the one you already have in place.

We're trying together various strands under the banner of content marketing 'best practice' in this preparatory section. Let's not forget that our content must have link back to the conversational tone and voice as our copy.
The podcast below follows on from the above article by Brian Clark on the topic of creating audience-focused, meaningful, and engaging content. When it comes to best practice, no conversation would be complete without covering accessibility. Thought leaders are the informed opinion leaders and the go-to people in their field of expertise. The report below is based on IBM's Creative Leadership Study, which found that leaders who embrace the dynamic tension between creative disruption and operational efficiency can create new models of extraordinary value. Karen McGrane, author of Content Strategy for Mobile and pioneer in user experience design and content strategy discusses content marketing opportunities in the disruptive rise of mobile technology.
Scenarios have been provided below for you to further develop your understanding of thought leadership.
The Blue Paper below brings together the various themes we've covered around thought leadership. The first lecture video covers quite a few of the best practice approaches we have covered in this session. The second video below covers how IBM engages some of the technology industry's leading influencers to broadcast their messaging across all social media channels.
For nearly two decades, Carol Barnum has been helping clients understand their users' experience. Please read the article below, which features 4 successful examples of content marketing storytelling. Read the article How to Find Your Social Media Marketing Voice: The Best Examples, Questions and Guides and provide answers to the key points and the questions contained in the article.
This content reaches other customers and prospective customers, delivering your brand’s message for you.
How will you delight customers and get them to talk positively about your brand, essentially creating new content? How will you not just give your customers something to talk about; but give them somebody to talk about? The Reading Room for this session provides carefully selected resources for you to further explore content marketing concepts, elements, issues and practice.
By sharing your insights, you build trust and engagement and encourage prospects to connect with you when they have a need for your area of expertise. Using the HUB is time and cost effective – A and you can use your content elsewhere too. You can also deliver CPD sessions in your field, and accredit other associates to use your approach with their clients.
They each have their virtues and roles to play in the content mix, so in this post we provide some best practice advice for how you should weave them into your content marketing strategies.
Be sure to be disciplined too, otherwise it will be data overload and your infographic will be too congested. They can much more easily convey a complex process or concept than paragraphs of words, and are more easily remembered too. For example, if you are going to publish a white paper then don’t create just a white paper.
All of which will make that one piece of content – the white paper – appeal to a broader audience which, in turn, will help drive traffic and awareness of the white paper to your site and encourage downloads of it. Applying these to infographics is beginning to prove highly popular and prompted GoAnimate to launch an infographics theme back in April called “Business as Visual”. They are so easy to use that you can do it yourself – there is no need for skilled expertise or for outsourcing to a third party. An interactive infographic should be the hub to which you drive all your traffic for that campaign. Although the value of static infographics is much diminished now, they still have a role to play and can add value as part of larger content programmes. Let us know if you are bored with infographics or see huge potential in the animated and interactive styles by leaving a comment. With nearly 15 years' experience, and the grey hair to prove it, Dan Purvis brings a wealth of agency and in-house experience to the Comms Axis party.Dan Purvis looks after the growth strategy for our clients and also for Communications Axis. For example, chop it up and turn it into a videographic and upload to video sites like Vimeo and Youtube. There are a number of sites and experts dedicated to providing detailed advice on the practice, promising marketers the best results from their endeavours. Without dedicating time and patience to properly planning a content strategy, it is highly likely that it will fail to pull in the results expected of it – the campaign will fall flat and marketers and content specialists will be left scratching their heads as to what happened.
Many marketers have the tendency to expand upon content plans until they are wide-ranging and frankly impossible to stick too; professionals need to remain focussed and resist the temptation to try and include everything in a single strategy. How can you make the most out of capturing content throughout the life of the event marketing? Which is why combining a live in-person event with a virtual component is a great way for two strong tools to guarantee the success of your corporate event. A preview video can also be a direction to get visitors excited as you announce your event. At this stage of your event marketing we will create an introductory video about your brand and live stream videos to keep your online viewers updated as the event is happening, and your social media channels active.
The next step would be to take the videos you captured during the live streaming, and put together a recap video to share the success of your event to be used later on to spice up future presentations. You will explore and assess how to create a strong foundation of content that attracts an audience at every stage of the buyer’s journey, seeding awareness and nurturing ongoing interest.
It's about educating, entertaining, or otherwise informing your readers in order to earn their trust over time.
By assigning content to the most appropriate buying stage, you not only make the best use of existing content, you also discover gaps that need to be filled. A typical buying cycle is: need, learn, evaluate, negotiate, purchase, implement, advocate.
Focus on creating a sequential flow where each content asset "continues the conversation" by building on the previous content. Accessibility is all about making your online work accessible to your widest possible audience. Which means you have to do some research to find out what’s already out there… and what’s missing. This includes blogs, forums, and the ever-increasing networking channels your audience is interacting with. In the age of big data, research studies are being published more frequently than in the past, with many of them at low or no cost.
Ask your current customers specific questions about what they’re interested in when evaluating whatever it is that you sell, what features are important, what their favorite websites are, what information piques their interest or breaks the deal. To do this, your content needs to facilitate conversations among influencers, stakeholders, and decision makers, giving them the confidence to take the next step. Many organizations make the mistake of investing heavily in pushing marketing messages that are important to the company, rather than providing information that’s important to the customer. Take the time to understand which channels and formats your customers prefer, and then diversify how and where you publish your content to extend your reach.
There’s enormous value in not only creating original content, but in curating “best of” content from across the Web. For now, just consider that every good content marketing program begins with a carefully planned, proactive editorial calendar. Work with your social team during the calendaring process to align the respective publishing schedules and help drive traffic to your website. Visitors who come to your page from a search engine expect to see the words they searched for in your copy.

Search engines are very good at interpreting a searcher’s intent, but they still rank pages that exactly match a searcher’s query higher than a page that has all the right words – but in a different order. You are writing for real people, not search engines, so you want your writing to have relevance to your audience while also sounding natural and authentic.
Page length should be dictated by the message you want to communicate, not an arbitrary limit. For example, after putting time and energy into a fantastic webinar, convert it into a video and publish it on YouTube. We'll be quickly re-visiting concepts we've already covered throughout this course so far - like the important of tone and voice.
They are trusted sources who move and inspire people with innovative ideas; turn ideas into reality, and know and show how to replicate their success. It can be an important and invaluable means by which brands can establish and build upon credibility.
You will find a set of exercises, tools and insights that we hope can help you in your work with creating innovative content marketing strategies and innovative content. In a world, where 87% of connected device sales will be tablets and smartphones within three years, marketing has a unique opportunity, right now, to clean up crappy, outdated, useless content. Client projects run the gamut from software, to websites, web applications, documentation, training, elearning, mobile devices, and more. Think about all of the key concepts we have covered in this study unit - and particularly this session. When it comes to answering the questions in the article you're going to read  you can use any number of approaches. Add as much fresh content as you like, participating in blog discussions to increase visibility and engage your audience. PowerPoint and Prezi were considered, but animated video infographics (check out GoAnimate) are clearly the best option for telling your information story for many different reasons. All you need is an Internet connection, the same time to plan as you would a traditional infographic, and some common sense! Well, static infographics used to take both time and a skilled designer to create but are relatively quick now, while animated videos have totally democratised and disrupted the costly video marketing industry, making animated video infographics affordable. Interactive infographics, on the other hand, are the ultimate for content marketing campaigns right now. Different themes or goals for each month need to be detailed and the different experts in charge of these topics identified, giving them plenty of time to plan, too.
The answer is simple: videos, and we would love to be part of your event marketing from start to finish.
In fact, videos boost email opening up to 13% and improves conversions by 21% , but you may also want to consider using them on a landing page for the event. Even as an explainer video company, we used videos to showcase our work and what our business is all about. Using visualisations will help your audience process the information more effectively. Their credibility of recap and survey videos will help convert more visitors and potential clients next time.
Done well, content marketing builds familiarity, affinity and trust with prospective and current customers by providing information that resonates – in the right format, through the right channel, at the right time. It also spotlights a very real need for products, services, businesses and organizations to rethink their go-to-market plans by adding content to their marketing mix, or refining an existing strategy. Uncover it by looking at keyword performance, internal search data, user behaviour and bounce rates. A variety of listening tools – many are free – can help you collect data about the conversations and topics people are discussing as they relate to your company’s products and services. Relevant research results can provide insights into your industry, as well as your competitors. When planning content, always take a customer-centric approach to best ensure you create something of value for your readers.
In addition to printed (or PDF’d) content, consider other formats such as HTML-based articles, blogs, social media sites, webinars and videos. By showcasing and sharing relevant content from other thought leaders – from magazines, blogs, research, etc.
It’s the execution plan for integrating content into a cohesive story that you want your audience to see. Use each keyword phrase three to four times within your copy – more if it makes sense and still sounds natural.
Longer copy provides a better opportunity for keyword placement that reads well and allows you to provide more information to your visitors.
Five may not always be the optimal number, the goal is to extend the life of your content by using it in multiple ways, offering it in multiple formats, and distributing it everywhere. They create a dedicated group of friends, fans and followers to help them replicate and scale those ideas into sustainable change not just in one company but in an industry, niche or across an entire ecosystem. You can access this course for US $24.99, which will buy you a month-long access to the course. Carol is the Director and co-founder of the Usability Center and Director of Graduate Studies in Information Design and Communication at Southern Polytechnic. She touches on accessibility in her discussion of focusing on content and audiences.
You can use blank sheets of paper to write your answers down, an MS Word document, Powerpoint, Mindmapping apps like Mindmeister or an online whiteboard & post service. Passionate about social media, digital marketing and the value of digital properties and PR, he lives in the real world with an open door policy for all our clients and strategic alliances.Dan Purvis has a proven track record of successfully leading various multi-discipline marketing and communications campaigns, messaging platforms, and rolling out internal communications strategies. When executed properly, it's a long-term commitment that requires continual collaboration and engagement to succeed.
So…we’re going to take a hot few minutes to re-visit this…just to make sure you haven’t forgotten. Given the steep adoption rates of tablets and smartphones, make deciding what you will optimize for mobile part of your strategy. You probably won’t follow it verbatim, but if it exists up front you’ll be far more consistent and successful at publishing the content you need and generating the results you want.
A minimum of 300 words is a good target, but make certain its all quality content, not obvious filler. Use keywords and metadata to make your content findable by the people you’ve created it for. In doing so, it is our hope that the thought leaders in our industry will re-invigorate and guide it. In the video below, Jonathan Mildenhall, Vice-President, Global Advertising Strategy and Creative Excellence at The Coca-Cola Company, is the person responsible for leading global creative vision and strategy for the Company's portfolio of global brands.
Animated video infographics, however, seem to cover all the bases with ease – definitely worth experimenting with them! Unless you are a solopreneur, you’ll most likely need to sell the idea to you team, management, as well as other key people or departments within your organization. And we don’t just mean how easy it is to find information on your website – though that does play a role. In this video he explains how Coke will realize the opportunities in the new media landscape and transform one-way storytelling into dynamic storytelling hoping to add value and significance to peoples lives. It’s our hope that with the majority of practitioners in the field working within a best practice framework – and leading what best practice looks like and feels like – that the worst practices of in-bound marketing practices will fall by the wayside and be forgotten. Jonathan describes the challenge of content creation in an enlightening way, reminding us that "every contact point with a customer should tell an emotional story". While watching the video, think about all of the concepts we have explored and developed in this unit. When your content is accessible by everyone, regardless of ability, you are automatically using digital content formats and solutions (i.e.

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