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Although they are in the advertising business, media companies do very little advertising for their print and online publications. As a savvy 21st century marketer, you can now apply the lessons learned by publishing companies over many decades.
Prospective buyers who were regular readers of every publication that I managed were dramatically more likely to accept an appointment, share their challenges, to listen carefully, and ultimately to buy advertising.  Conversely, for those buyers who were not regular readers, it was much more difficult just to get your foot in the door. Why publishing companies don’t get a worthwhile return on advertising dollars spent promoting their publications. We would also have loved to deliver a consistent marketing message in a targeted media vehicle that reached our buyers. The essential content marketing lesson you can draw from the experience of thousands of publishers. We were able to help our advertisers succeed because they were an integral part of that trusted information source. Today, the dominance of the internet and social media empowers companies of every size can easily emulate best content marketing practices. Content is key to finding and validating prospective firms and law firms are getting on board as they discover its potential for promoting their brand and reputation, establishing expertise and building trust. Here are 50 shades of content marketing, though unlike the book and movie, this list is not intended to titillate, unless you’re excited at the prospect of increased awareness for your firm, establishing thought leadership, and attracting new clients. Content marketing done properly can boost communication with your prospects, build relationships, and raise awareness. The term “content marketing” has recently reached buzzword status, although any marketers worth their salt have been doing it since the beginning of time. We spoke to content marketing experts Barry Feldman and Robert Rose and found out what they thought of content marketing today. Barry Feldman, of Feldman Creative, is a content marketing strategist and creative director. Robert Rose is chief strategist at the Content Marketing Institute and a senior analyst with Digital Clarity Group. Both Robert and Barry agree that increased audience engagement is an essential stepping stone to creating more leads, which is a primary avenue to increased sales. American Express’s “Unstaged” program organises live music events for streaming online as well as edited release after the show. By knowing who their audience is and having their personal email addresses from the registration phase, they can effectively market their services directly to potential customers.
Adapting content strategies to changing markets and keeping ahead of the crowd are important, but actually doing it is difficult. Robert explains that, “The biggest challenge, and one that I’m primarily focused on these days, is teaching companies how to be good with the creation of content.
Barry’s opinion on outsourcing your content creation is of a slightly different take, “…you can’t say ‘you’re the digital expert, here are the keys to the kingdom,’ I think you have to be involved.” He says of the people who create your content, “It’s getting harder and harder to master the skillset that it takes to succeed in marketing. Placing a value on content creation, instead of simply expecting it from everyone, can have dramatic effects on the quality of content that is produced by your organisation. Once you’ve prioritised your content creation and then want to improve the quality of it, taking a look at other markets for inspiration and taking risks are important. When it comes to audience targeting it’s usually best to be as specific as possible and then branch out, rather than start with a broad base and refining it. Don’t forget about other forms of online advertising: they’re still important and both interviewees agreed they are essential in supporting content marketing efforts.
Finally, if you want some examples of “smaller” companies that have great content marketing programs then here are some that are bound to lend some inspiration: HelpScout, recommended by Barry, has great content especially in the form of blog posts and ebooks.
It seems that companies today are on quite a level playing field when it comes to content marketing, and not taking full advantage of it would definitely be a mistake.
Director of Marketing for SweetIQ, inveterate traveler, writer, reader and general enjoyer of patios, mountains and people of all sorts.
Add mobile HD cameras mounted to helmets streaming death defying leaps, extreme bike moves and dives and you have an explosion of multi-media creators and publishers.
Content and media is no longer gathering dust in the bottom draw or the filing cabinet but is published online. These fast changing opportunities and mediums are presenting the traditional marketer with some thought provoking and uncomfortable choices. The old school marketing habits and paradigms don’t cut it anymore because content marketing requires a different way of thinking. These mind warps are presenting some challenges and potential disruption to the marketing department and the CEO.
Here are a few to keep in mind as you move to a content marketing culture that  embraces the new. Developing an integrated mindset. This means weaving content marketing into other marketing channels.
So let’s take a closer look at the key elements of each phase according to Altimeter.
Red Bull is an Austrian company that was founded in 1987 that sells the most popular energy drink in the world, with 5.2 billion cans sold in 2012.
It now has a separate stand alone media company with 135 staff. Red Bull has become a media company that just happens to sell an energy drink product.
These are mostly sporting events of some type and includes: diving, Formula One Motorsport, plane racing, snow boarding and cycling just to name a few. Not content with digital media they also sponsor a music school and month long event called Red Bull Music Academy. The brand awareness created by this content provides some insight into content marketing on steroids. Currently  their YouTube channel has received over 600 million views putting them in the top 5 of sports producers on YouTube on the planet.
There are many lessons to be learned from Red Bull, but here are the top lessons about content marketing we can learn from their public strategy and execution. They created a focused and powerful content strategy by setting up a separate media company.
Want to learn how to make your blog a success with social media marketing and contagious content? My book – “Blogging the Smart Way – How to Create and Market a Killer Blog with Social Media” – will show you how. Don’t forget their music label, Red Bull Records, and their recent global deal with Sony Music. What is encouraging though is the fact that 68% of companies with 10 – 99 employees maintain a blog as compared to only 55% for larger companies that employ this content marketing tactic.
This year, B2B marketers are measuring the effectiveness of content marketing slightly differently from the past year. An industrial blog can provide a huge boost to your SEO efforts because it is easier to optimize posts for long tail keywords than it is to optimize static Web pages. The use of videos in content marketing is on the rise and this is reflected in the increase in the use of YouTube as a distribution channel.
CMI’s report also found that 60% of respondents intent to increase their spending on content marketing in 2012. Video production is one area where I have found more manufacturers opting for DiY videos to avoid the high cost of outsourced production. Those are some of the findings from the report that I think manufacturers and industrial companies should pay close attention to in 2012. One thing is for sure with the industrial market…buyers are completely in control of the buying process, and if MFG relevant content is not available, we may be left out of the purchase process. The solution is to educate engineers that they can build their personal brand while also contribute to their company’s goals. Thanks a lot for taking the time to post your comments and for agreeing with my point of view. You make a terrific point about engineers building their personal brand and they should be recognized (paid?) for their contributions to content marketing. 15 pages packed with bite-sized, actionable digital marketing ideas to help you score more wins for both sales and marketing. If we look at some of the greatest media and branded content marketing examples, a simpler, better model may actually exist. As Michael Hyatt said in his book and blog, both titled Platform, your ideas and stories need a place to live if you are going to succeed. Matthew Patrick from Game Theory decided to create consistent videos and distribute them on YouTube. Darren Rowse from Digital Photography School uses mostly articles with images, leveraging a website developed in WordPress. John Lee Dumas from Entrepreneur On Fire (EOF) does a podcast every day; he distributes it mainly through iTunes, Stitcher, and SoundCloud, and delivers show notes on a website. Articles or blogs (or content-based websites) – CMI’s main platform for building an audience is by distributing content via a blog. E-newsletter – Social Media Examiner delivers daily content via email to over 400,000 business owners and marketers.
Podcasts – Every day, Enterpreneur On Fire’s John Lee Dumas presents a new podcast interview.

Companies using a platform strategy diversify their content type onto other properties once they attract a large enough audience with the primary type.
For detailed information on the specific pros and cons of each content type, download CMI’s complimentary Content Marketing Playbook.
Now that you know how you are going to tell your story, you need to decide how you are going to deliver the content – the channel.
What channel gives me the most control over presenting my content and building my audience?
A blog like Copyblogger has more control but less reach than content programs like Game Theory’s videos and Entrepreneur On Fire’s podcasts. Brian Clark’s Copyblogger has almost infinite control over its channel, a WordPress site that it owns. On the other hand, Entrepreneur On Fire (podcast) and Game Theory (video) have a greater reach possibility than Copyblogger since they publish in an environment with a built-in audience.
The problem with EOF and Game Theory is that they are leveraging platforms that they have little or no control over.
Consider the example of the duo SMOSH: The YouTube sensations built an audience of 20 million subscribers on YouTube.
Although social channels, such as Facebook and LinkedIn, are great places to build your digital footprint and followers, you ultimately have no control over what those companies do with your connections. Social channels like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Instagram, and newer channels like Tumblr and Medium may be solid considerations for your platform choice depending on whom you are targeting, but it’s important to understand the dangers. Look at the fastest-growing media companies of today, such as BuzzFeed or Vice Media, or more mature new media platforms, such as The Huffington Post. In every case, they build websites or print properties (both with subscribers) that they can own and control, and they leverage other channels to drive people back to the sites they own so they can convert passersby into an audience they can monetize. Kraft Heinz (formerly Kraft Foods), one of the leading collections of food brands in the world, owns KraftRecipes. Of course, enterprises and businesses of all sizes need to tell stories in different ways, leveraging different platforms, depending on the goal. It’s an amazingly simple model that hardly any company uses, yet it has proven to be successful. Join Over 150,000 of your Peers!Get daily articles and news delivered to your email inbox and get CMI’s exclusive e-book Launch Your Own Content Marketing Program FREE! Great article as usual and found the Content Model to be very helpful and confirmed that I’m on the right track!
You made some great points and I have read just a handful of blogs that has the big idea as you mentioned. The one thing that turns off newbies is delivering great content overy a long period of time. Here is a method how it is possible to make 65 bucks each hour… After searching for a job that suits me for six months , I started making cash over this internet site and now I possibly could not be more satisfied. There is a method how it is possible to get sixty-five dollars an hour… After searching for a job that suits me for 6 months , I started earning over this web-site and now I could not be more happy . The safest bet is to use all the major platforms to pull your audience into something you control. You, too, should consider replacing a significant chunk of your advertising dollars with a comprehensive content marketing strategy.
Attorney Bios – Attorney profiles continue to be among the more highly trafficked pages on law firm websites. Blog Posts – Many of the top blogging lawyers blog because they love to write and share their knowledge, experience, and passions. Books (Print) – This takes more effort that most of the items on this list but once completed, it can be used to get speaking gigs and establish the author as an expert. Checklists – Checklists provide step-by-step instructions for processes that potential clients may need. CLE Materials – Lawyers give presentations that require accompanying written materials.
Client Memos – Client memos are short pieces that are responses to or distillations of regulatory, legislative, or litigation changes and is part of the law firm ecosystem. Content Aggregators – Expand your reach by submitting content to Digg, Reddit, StumbleUpon, and other aggregators.
E-Books – These PDF-style books can be written from scratch, or repurposed from existing content, such as compiling a series of blog posts.
FAQs – Compile questions from clients, surveys and other engagements and provide basic answers. Google Hangouts – Use this free live broadcasting platform for one-on-one or group chats and video calls. Guest Writing – Write pieces for other blogs and magazines, a great way to build your brand and send traffic to your website. How-To Guides – During my CLE consultant days I built a website that included detailed guides. Images – Images compliment your content or they can tell a story with photographs from law firm events. JD Supra – JD Supra delivers your content to executives, in-house counsel, lawyers and reporters via hundreds of thousands of social media and email subscribers.
Landing Pages – A great way to test which messages resonate with your website visitors is with landing pages. LinkedIn Articles – LinkedIn publishing platform now accommodates long-form publishing. News Stories – Add your thoughts to news stories of the day that are relevant to your niche. Newsletters (Digital) – Email newsletters to a well maintained list of subscribers is still one of the most effective ways to get the word out. Pinterest – Some law firms are more suited to using Pinterest as a marketing platform than others. Podcasts – Since the explosive popularity of Serial, podcasts have seen a resurgence.
Press Releases – For $250 on PRWeb, you can put up a press release that will be picked up by news outlets, search engines, and alerts services. Radio and Television – Target local media communities for advertising and appearances.
Social Media – Share articles, pictures and news on Twitter, Google+ and your Facebook and LinkedIn Pages. Testimonials – Client testimonials are powerful, but be aware of the  rules that govern lawyer advertising. Top 10 Lists – These are typically blog posts, but can be used in other formats like brochures, newsletters, and infographics. Video – One of the most compelling ways to convince a potential client to contact your firm is with video. Webinars – Webinars are a great way to showcase your expertise, expand your reach, and provide useful information. Websites – Home base for law firm where much of the content ideas on this list lives. White Papers – White papers educate by using data points to identify and help solve a particular problem. I went to a conference last month where they were live blogging and people really loved that aspect of the conference.
Today, however, it has become essential in order to grab, and keep, the attention of an audience, because it has become second nature for them to tune out the barrage of advertising that they’re subjected to on a daily basis.
In today’s crowded market for consumer attention Barry says advertisers are drowned out by noise and repetition, “therefore, audience engagement is harder and harder to get.
Directed by respected film-makers including Spike Lee, Werner Hertzog and Steve Buscemi, the program is a great example of a digital event. Constant learning is necessary in order to stay on top of your game, and outsourcing may play a role too. Robert says a common assumption is that great content creation is a mystical art that no organisation can develop in-house.
You have to push the envelope and to do that you have to take some risks and be unafraid to fail.
Barry says using PPC is essential if you want to accelerate your content marketing program. Mobile and modern camera technology coupled with global social networks are providing platforms and networks with the media fodder that are supercharging content distribution and sharing. What are the obstacles in moving from traditional mass media habits to a publisher paradigm?
It is hard to discard old habits but it requires a hard look at what isn’t working or appropriate and try something new. It will mean sometimes forgetting what was taught at university or college because most of the changes in media are mostly less than a decade old. With the broad range of multi-media formats (30 plus at last count) and social networks, brands need to understand that we have different  preferences for the media we read and watch and the social networks we use to consume them on. This includes embedding content marketing in and across all media channels including social, search, email and traditional mass media.

It includes mobile apps, print, web TV, web radio, newsfeeds, social networks, video and even a full length film. I show you how to create and build a blog that rocks and grow tribes, fans and followers on social networks such as Twitter and Facebook. Just input all necessary stuffs – images, videos and most especially good content, and everything will be fine. Although there are probably only a few weapons makers, when people use a weapon (or tool for that matter) for their survival, it becomes part of them.
Even though other marketing tactics like in-person events and webinars are still seen as the most effective tactics, this year blogs registered a 45% increase in “perceived effectiveness” as compared to the study done in 2010. I am working right now on creating a new blog site for a manufacturing client that is scheduled to launch in mid Q1 2012.  I’m also in serious discussions with two other industrial clients who want to set up an integrated blog. More marketers are now applying SEO criteria like ranking and the number of inbound links to evaluate the effectiveness of their content marketing strategies.
Link building is easier too and adding links to product pages deep within your site will seem more natural when they are part of the text within your posts.
You may require the help of a professional copywriter to interview engineers and other subject matter experts to get the core ideas.
It scored a 47% increase in usage, the highest growth rate among all other social media channels. Over half (62% of respondents) use outsourcing for at least a portion of their content marketing activities, a significant increase over last year’s use of outsourcing (52%). These videos may lack the slick, studio quality but the informal approach seems to work well with the target audience.
Download CMI’s report, “The 2012 B2B Content Marketing Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends report” from here. I’m glad you agree with me and also see the same benefits of using a business blog for thought leadership.
I want to elaborate on your point that it can be difficult to get engineers to write blog content. I strongly believe that engineers that blog consistently should get more pay simply because they contribute to SEO results (as you point out). 25 post and liked your suggestion that you should “inspire employees to contribute.” The two companies that you have cited, Indium and Kinaxis are both great examples.
My company, Tiecas is an industrial marketing consultancy that helps manufacturers, distributors and engineering companies generate more high quality leads at a lower cost per lead. More than not, enterprises are sporadically distributing content over a number of platforms with a number of content types. According to Michael, “Without a platform – something that enables you to get seen and heard – you don’t have a chance.
In the beginning, it’s important to focus on creating amazing and relevant content with mostly one content type (podcast, video, blog, etc). Over the long term, you’ll be distributing your content through a number of channels, but right now you need to make a decision about the core channel.
At the same time, Copyblogger needs to build a system to attract people to its content because its website doesn’t reside within another ecosystem that can naturally bring it traffic.
Over the past couple of years, calls to action at the end of their video content always went to their owned website, where people could sign up for an email subscription program that SMOSH controlled. Back in 2009, OpenView launched a content platform called OpenView Labs, which regularly delivers articles to attract subscribers to an e-newsletter offering (which now boasts over 36,000 subscribers … not bad for a venture capital company). According to Julie Fleischer, senior director of data + content, KraftRecipes employs 20 culinary professionals who work with Kraft products every day.
Still published, it now is produced in print and digital formats in 14 languages and distributed to 40 countries. If you want to build an audience that knows, likes, and trusts you, and then see behavior change in that audience over time, this model may be your best bet. Founder of the Content Marketing Institute , Joe evangelizes content marketing around the world through keynotes, articles, tweets and his books, including best-selling Epic Content Marketing (McGraw-Hill) and the new book, Content Inc. Now that I think about it, the tension between control and reach reminds me of the problem of any marketplace model for entrepreneurs. I was using free and paid tools to get us scribes without taking into account if that company goes belly up, then there goes my subscribers.
Anything else risks building your business on the shifting sands someone else can wipe out at any time. Business development is not what drives them but establishing themselves as experts can result in speaking engagements and new business. See: Why Do You Blog? Design a flyer and send to your mailing list and distribute at events and locations to reach the population that are not finding you online.
Put the materials online, distribute them on the channels, or repurpose into a series of blog posts. These can be gleaned from case studies, client stories, industry leaders or conference engagements. Articles are shared with your contacts and followers and they become part of your professional profile. If you’ve got a series of steps that lead to a marketing success story, audience engagement is the beginning of it. Of course your blog’s content is the main draw, and if it isn’t interesting then the blog is worthless. He explains that “In most organizations, creating content is just something that’s kind of ‘expected’ of everyone. Newsrooms, reporting and editing are a world apart from corporate marketing and advertising.
YouTube is not yet 10 years old (founded in 2005), tablets have only been around for 4 years and Facebook was launched in February 2004. It also includes dozens of tips to create contagious content that begs to be shared and tempts people to link to your website and blog.
In this post, I want to focus on some of their findings that I feel apply to content marketing for manufacturers and industrial companies. Blog posts written by internal experts establish thought leadership and help to differentiate you from your competition. I have seen a lot of manufacturing related tweets coming across my timeline, especially from material handling, construction, adhesives and electronics enclosures industries.
The DiY approach allows these companies to produce more videos, launch and repurpose them quicker than outsourced options. For content marketing to be effective, it must address the customer’s WIIFM concerns and not focus so much on what is important to the manufacturer. Secondly, it takes more time to conduct an interview, write the draft, get it reviewed, edited, approved. I am honored by your visit today and I hope that you will find the content useful enough to bookmark my blog as a valuable resource for industrial marketing. Since 1987, we have focused on providing results-driven marketing to meet the unique challenges of marketing industrial products and engineering services. That’s amazing, but technically Game Theory doesn’t control those subscriber relationships; YouTube does.
The point here is that if you choose a low-control channel as the main driver of your content distribution, be aware that at some point you’ll want to convert that platform’s subscribers to your own subscribers.
It has every right to do so as a private business, and you, a free member of the LinkedIn community, have no rights.
They are all good at leveraging social channels and building an audience on those channels, but they don’t build their main platform on social channels. There are 30,000 recipes on the company’s website, where Kraft generates direct revenue from advertising, as well as print advertising in its magazine, Kraft Food & Family. The Furrow always has focused on how farmers can learn the latest technology to grow their farms and businesses.
Originally conceived in 2008 as a weekly e-newsletter on travel recommendations and shopping tips, Goop has evolved into a fully functioning media site with over 1 million subscribers.
No doubt, in today’s digital world reach is important, however, control over the platform is also key to initiate, maintain and stabilize that reach.
A marketplace like Udemy for course sellers (or Itunes for podcasters in your example) takes responsibility for bringing lots of buyers in, but the seller has difficulty controlling their own fate there and bringing those customers with them if they want to move to their own location. Barry mentions a myriad of possibilities and ends with “the ultimate in engagement and lead nurturing,” an email list to market directly to leads. Another good example is Emerson Process Management Experts where Jim Cahill does a terrific job of digging up compelling content by talking to his engineers. YouTube could decide tomorrow that it doesn’t want Game Theory to have access to those people, or it might decide to promote other content, such as Jimmy Fallon, to Matthew Patrick’s audience instead of Game Theory.
He also mentions “events” as an important component, but says that it’s often left off the list because it isn’t necessarily a digital channel. As long as Game Theory continues to create compelling content that YouTube will deliver, it should grow an audience there.

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