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The worst rated companies in this top ten are: ArteWorks SEO, WebMetro and 1st on the List.
In order to promote their brand values and helping you to organise belongings, Ikea created a smart tiny e-folder set that allows you to store your desktop items in an entertaining graphic furniture.
Nestle has launched in Germany a new interactive social commerce platform to engage consumers and at the same time, give greater access to their products.
Heinz UK launched an edition of ketchup with balsamic vinegar and a million bottles sold the first 3000 through Facebook. This method has become more popular today since the growing number of Internet users is big. I really thankful to find this site on bing, just what I was searching for : D as well bookmarked.
In addition to the services identified in this website detailed in our web site, we also offer other online marketing services. Recently, I shared some great examples of e-commerce content marketing – three companies that are using content to promote their online product sales.
As ever, the goal of content marketing is primarily to build authority, trust, and interest in your brand. Here are three service professionals putting out awesome blogs and other content to inspire your marketing ideas. If you’re a branding wonk, this really never gets old, and you never run out of stuff to talk about because companies are constantly redesigning their brands.
It’s addictive – If you can come up with an addictive angle for your blog, like chart porn, you’re gold. Active community – Since a big part of the concept is the whole “Does this suck or not” question, Brand New has an active online community of readers who like to weigh in with their own opinions. Superb use of voice – Most B2B blogs have a very similar voice: basically friendly and helpful in tone. She targets long-tail keywords – The video above is called “how to apply false lashes.” This is the kind of keyword that makes so much sense to target with a video, because it’s much easier to demonstrate a process this way, versus just writing it out, or even using a series of pictures. She answers real questions – Many of the keywords Lisa addresses are questions, like “how to choose the right shade of foundation,” “where to apply blush,” etc.
She pays attention to comments – I also want to point out what a good job she does with comment management. All this awesome content is great for building her brand and business – even if many of the people who visit her site would never hire a professional makeup artist of this caliber, she’s building a huge, loyal following and that just enhances her professional reputation.

Lastly, we’ve got Fritinancy, a blog for word nerds run by Nancy Friedman, a name developer and corporate copywriter. So if Under Consideration focuses on the visual side of branding, Friedman focuses on the language side. Regular features – Like Brand New, Fritinancy’s posts follow a few formulas, making it sticky and addictive. Learning is fun – You can learn a lot reading this blog, and she posts the kind of quirky information that people want to share, so she’s getting a lot of links and social activity out of her blogging. Friedman seems so smart (especially when pointing out why certain brand names are bad), she must get hordes of business for her services. There's a concept called "reverse marketing" that service professionals can use to get more clients to their business.
By positioning yourself as an authority on a topic related to your business, you’re greatly increasing the chances that people will turn to you when they need your services. The New Era of Technology that we are living in obliges us to adapt to its requirements or slowly get extinct. In order to have a chance to buy one of these bottles, people had to push the “Like” button in Facebook.
I really enjoy balsamic vinegar and ketchup and when I saw Heinz mixed both, I wanted to taste it immediately. It was a hit, so let’s do it again – but this time, let’s look at some service professionals that are doing great content marketing work. People won't just keep coming back, they'll want to share it too (don't forget promotion is part of the content process). The site also has a quick poll on each post where readers can vote on whether they think the logo is great, fine or bad – again, encouraging community.
Clean white background, a nice intro sequence, details added in text after the fact (for example, the name of the shade of her nail polish). She describes her business, Wordworking, like so: “[We] work primarily with well-funded early-stage companies to create names, taglines, and compelling brand stories.
Her blog review corporate brands and products names, both the clever and the wildly stupid, as well as trends in naming (such as the recent spate of book titles following The End of X formula). Part of the reason these three blogs are so good is because you really trust that you’re listening to an expert in their field. The only thing I don't like about alot of service professionals are the brand advertising that they do.

Increase Visibility is awarded with the TopTenReviews Gold Award for the best internet marketing agency. They received the Pinnacle Award at the Better Business Bureau (BBB) Awards for Excellence luncheon.
One of the main things that attract the clients are that they don’t pay the company until it achieves results. Brick Marketing was recently recognized as a Top 5 Best SEO Company by PromotionWorld for 2012.
In April 2009 SEOP got the Top 10 Promotion Awards PromotionWorld -Best SEO Company, Best in Search TopSEOs, April 2008.
There’s also a “Word of the Week” series so you can learn fun terms like “manicule” (one of those punctuation symbols that looks like a pointing hand).
Her audience has a connection with her because they feel like she is relating to them in a real way. In it’s 7th Annual PromotionWorld Awards Program, WebiMax was recognized and honored as the top SEO, SEM and Social Media company in each class respectively. Customer Magnetism has consistently maintained an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.
Their readership wants to see an expert point out the dumb things that big companies are doing with their millions.
And this only builds her credibility as a makeup artist, making her more likely to get booked.
She doesn’t respond to every comment, but she does respond to select questions, and you can bet she’s looking at all the questions to get ideas for future content and videos.
It’s sort of about proving that they’re discerning and have very high standards of quality, which reflects back on the work they do (we can assume). And because the design world is hip and edgy, this totally works for them, whereas it might not work in other industries.
In fact she often says at the beginning of her videos that she’s doing one on such and such a topic because “so many of you asked for it.” This is a great way of nurturing your community and showing them you care. There’s a “Friday Likes” series that promotes branding they think is top-notch, so there’s a balance.

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