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After Facebook’s recent F8 Conference, live video streaming has become one of the top trending tools in Content Marketing.
It goes without saying that video has always been a higher engagement mechanism – TV commercials, video ads, etc. You can leverage live video streaming through events, announcements, interviews, and blogs. Digital video platforms are mounting in terms of use and performance as platform developers foresee how videos will provide digital marketing a crucial break.
Can you imagine how many display images it will take to showcase all of IH Digital’s services?
This year is said to be the best year that will showcase how mobile can become significant to videos.
Below is an example of video developed to increase brand awareness through an interactive game.
As a final note, video marketing is undeniably a powerful content marketing consideration given that all the engagement and responses that videos get from its audience today are remarkable. IH Digital is Asia's 360 Digital Marketing Agency with a strong presence in Southeast Asia and Greater China. Our core competencies are Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Search Marketing, Video Marketing and Media. We provide digital marketing strategies focused on creating, distributing and amplifying meaningful and consistent content to a clearly-defined audience. IH Digital has a diverse team that embrace integrity, passion, teamwork and customer focus.
As is the case with any tactic, the decision to create content as a video should trace back to your marketing goals. Driving brand awareness and interest: Through video, you can offer a unique, entertaining, or immersive experience that helps viewers forge a positive, memorable association with your brand and what it stands for. Raise awareness of important social or community issues by creating a short film on the subject.
Treat your audience to a behind-the-scenes glimpse of a popular industry event or other relevant activity that few people might get to experience in person.
Leverage interactive features and technologies to your videos to enable viewers to participate in the story as it unfolds.
Gatorade’s 360° Bryce Harper Virtual Reality Experience puts baseball fans in the middle of the action, offering them a realistic sense of what it must feel like to be a Major League Baseball player stepping up to the plate. Host a video roundtable discussion to debate and discuss popular topics of interest from multiple points of view. Film your response to a sensitive public relations issue or controversial event to show the values your brand stands for. With Black Friday increasingly becoming a heated battleground for consumers willing to fight (literally) for a few deals and discounts, REI decided to sit out the biggest shopping day of 2015 rather than contribute to the madness of crowds. Helping your audience accomplish their goals: Beyond brand-building benefits, video is ideal for topic tutorials, product demos, process guides, and other practical resources that help you live up to the promises of value and service your brand makes to its prospects and customers. Simplify a complex process with a detailed explainer video that walks viewers through all the steps. Compare and contrast products or solutions with a thorough review of their key features and functionalities. Evernote makes extensive use of video on its website, as well as on its social media sites and mobile platform. While video offers a lot of marketing muscle, it’s not the easiest technique to master or manage. Considering the high costs and tight competition, brands need to be smart in how they plan, produce, position, and promote their video content if they want to see any returns on their investment.
Invest in the process, not just the product: Your video strategy should be considered part and parcel to your content marketing strategy – not an indie feature.
Too often, video success is equated with views rather than with actions taken after the views or other desirable changes of consumer behavior. Write a script your audience will want to follow: Video content runs the risk of getting bogged down by overly complex ideas, heavy jargon, or focusing on too many things all at once. Use a conversational tone – it makes the video sound more natural, instead of stuffy or forced. Know when to host and when to post: Before you distribute your video content, give it a home base. Set the right stage for social plays: Should you share your videos everywhere and anywhere, or only on certain social channels? The answers to questions like these – and most other distribution channel decisions you need to make – lie in your buyer personas. Tag your work: Add relevant tags, titles, and descriptions to the metadata of your video content.
Push videos to influencers, subscribers, fans, and followers: A screen capture of your videos (along with a link) can be featured in an email that you send to the members of your mailing list.
It takes a lot of work to position video as the high-performing centerpiece of a successful content marketing strategy.
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Nevertheless, I’m sure it would be helpful to see the entire process ThinkSwitch goes through to create these types of demos. I thought the same thing about their being done by an independent producer, I am learning Camtasia — Evernote’s were just so pretty! Incidentally, I was finally able to get in touch with someone on the Evernote team, who shared that they produce all their tutorials in house, using professional editing tools.
According to BuzzSumo the majority of articles don’t get shared and more than half get 0 referring links.
The second question is; as a relationship building and influential ideas tactic you need a large enough audience that is also receptive to your content to justify the time, effort and costs of creating something like ongoing serialized conversations. Did you know that sites can double their organic search traffic by including a video thumbnail in search rankings? There are plenty of stats which show that video really is the way forward for content marketers. With video becoming ever-more popular, failure to partake in this movement is akin to putting your content marketing mission on hold.
As a leading speaker, author and consultant to the likes of Amazon and Disney, Susan Weinschenk, PhD, has hit upon a number of reasons why people are naturally drawn to video.
Dr Weinschenk also highlighted that movement commands attention and that a human voice converts information into meaningful content – making your brand message more relevant and engaging on a very human level.
If psychological jargon doesn’t do anything for you, you only have to glance at YouTube to glean the immeasurable popularity of video.
Content marketing is about creating content that your target audience will love, and if that happens to be video, that’s the direction you’ve got to take your strategy. This isn’t to say you should disregard text altogether – as long as you are mixing up the format of your content, you are placing your brand on the road to victory.
We are genuinely passionate about that. It’s not about pigeon-holing what you do online into search, social, PR and display anymore. We build long term relationships with our brand and agency partners, always putting content where we think it should be; at the very heart of what you do. Content Amp is the new name (March 2013) for Search News Media, a content service launched in 2010.

Content Amp announce deal with Adyoulike to create European leader in native advertising… Native technology platform and network Adyoulike announces major UK acquisition to create European leader in native advertising. But with recent innovations in online video and social media, it looks like the benefits of video marketing might finally outweigh the difficulties by a long way. Just like YouTube, you can embed videos uploaded to Facebook and Twitter directly on your website. The recently launched Meerkat and the Twitter-acquired Periscope allow users to live-stream video from mobile devices.
This happy marriage of social media and online video has opened up a world of possibilities for brands and marketers. Organic reach on Facebook hit a dead end last year, leaving photos as the saving grace for marketers dependent on the platform.
More than half of B2B marketers find events to be extremely significant lead generation opportunities, according to Regalix. It’s easy to get sucked into the ‘viral’ craze with videos today – but this alone achieves nothing. Video marketing plays a big role at the bottom of the funnel – be it product demos, case studies or customer testimonials. One common way to do this is to embed video case studies on your landing pages, with CTAs encouraging visitors to request a live demo. As with any new trend in the digital world, content marketers should evaluate how video marketing can be integrated into their campaigns.
Il content marketing non puo prescindere dall’attenzione ai video, che possono fare la differenza in una strategia e, in particolare, nel lavoro sulla costruzione di un funnel. Per arrivare a questo risultato e bene lavorare per fasi, scegliendo i video giusti per ciascuna fase del funnel. I primi passi degli utenti al top del funnel possono essere ottimizzati scegliendo video che mettano in primo piano i valori e la mission del brand, lavorando sull’efficacia dello storytelling. Si tratta di messaggi che non possono che essere veicolati tramite contenuti video, come dimostra l’esempio sottostante, che senza dubbio avrai gia visto e che ti sara rimasto impresso. Per un esempio valido in merito posso ricordare ancora una volta i video tutorial che Moz propone il venerdi (si tratta di contenuti incentrati sulla SEO e che si contraddistinguono per immediatezza e semplicita). Il content marketing deve essere preceduto da un processo di content creation basato sulla qualita e sulla consapevolezza degli errori da evitare. The power of live video lies in its ability to influence, establish, and engage audience members beyond what traditional marketing tools. However, live video goes beyond recorded video by engaging audiences in the moment. Using live video makes your events interpersonal for your immediate audience and your wider, internet-based audience. Audience members could be watching live video streaming in conjunction with providing their input on topics that come up.
With the rise of videos in terms of views and engagement, digital marketers apparently perceive rising opportunities with well-planned content marketing videos. It is apparently witnessed in the actions of the biggest digital video channel YouTube, which is now taking steps to further improve viewer experience through better video resolutions.
These major video platforms and a lot more such as Vine and Instagram are important advertising mediums that you might want to take advantage of to benefit your digital content marketing efforts. Not to mention the amount of time that your audience will take to absorb all these information. Online users increasingly watching videos through mobile only mean bigger marketing communications and advertising opportunities, and thus higher spending on this medium.
Facebook videos are mostly seen via newsfeeds liked or shared by friends and pages you follow.
Content marketing through this platform gives your brand strong opportunities to reach your audience more effectively.
In a study by Video Brewery and Forbes Insights, 59% of senior executives would rather choose to watch a video than to read a text. Indeed, it is sensible to say that using videos in digital marketing is an effective medium to make your brand stand out from the rest. For starters, they can be cooked up, loaded up, cut up, and served up in a wide variety of ways.
Ask yourself if anything about your story would be lost if you tried to tell it without the benefits of visuals and sound.
Fortunately, from a marketer’s standpoint, video offers a range of creative and strategic options that can be applied to virtually any content marketing goal or purpose. This makes it an excellent platform for educating viewers on the issues important to your business and positioning your brand as a credible, trustworthy source of vital information.
The outdoor-gear retailer released a video of CEO Jerry Stritzke explaining why he felt the right choice for his company was to encourage (and pay) REI staff to spend Black Friday enjoying the great outdoors. The brand’s detailed explainers help users understand – and get the most out of – its suite of tools for managing their information, their work, and their lives.
That typically means at least some investment in cameras, editing software, lighting, and sound equipment, as well as in the specialized expertise required to manage the production process from conception to completion. Considering how crowded the playing field is, just because your business has the budget and production resources to create compelling, high-quality video content, doesn’t mean your efforts will automatically achieve the desired brand recognition and marketing results. Here are some tips for making sure your offerings are as relevant, memorable, strategic, and purposeful as possible. Before you pick up that camera, think about the role you want video to play in your brand’s story, and what steps it will take to plot out, produce, position, and measure the performance of this content. You can avoid falling into this trap by including a call to action that directs viewers to take the next step on your designated path, as well as by creating a landing page that will guide their journey toward conversion. While this method might limit your videos’ overall reach, the flexibility these tools offer means you can customize your videos to look, feel, and operate exactly how you want. Using popular video-distribution platforms like YouTube can help get your video in front of a larger audience. Will it benefit your brand to get your video uploaded and running immediately when a new social network emerges, or would it be wiser to wait until others have tested the waters?
Knowing who your audience is, how and where they like to spend their online time, and which channels they prefer for what tasks will help you choose the social networks that offer the best potential for engaging your audience’s interest in your video content. Creating a full transcript of the copy included in your video helps you overcome this SEO shortfall.
This will help get your videos associated with your target keywords and get them indexed to rank for relevant content searches. This alerts your audience that you have new video content for them to check out, and gives you a forum for requesting their feedback and asking them to help you spread the word.
For example, if you notice that prospects are dropping off 10 seconds into your videos, your intros might need to be trimmed. But with the right plan, a little creativity, and some smart decision-making, just about any business can benefit from its powerful potential to tell engaging stories and inspire audiences to take action. There are also software solutions (Camtasia is one that comes to mind, but there are lots of other options) that are less complex than the Adobe suite that can be used to create similar product tutorials. Client reviews and client communication has tremendous value in terms of making sure the final product is as effective as possible. It gives the specific and much descriptive information to the audience that can catch their attention. A study investigating Universal Search – the way that Google ‘blends’ images, videos, news, maps etc search results into normal search results – revealed that while images were increasingly being displayed, video consistently comes out on top.
Do your company a favour and press the play button by incorporating video into your content marketing calendar.

The Fusiform Facial area is a brain function that hardwires us to use the human face as a gathering point for information and believability, something that text just cannot offer. Over 2012, the video sharing website – which is the second biggest search engine after Google – reported 72 hours of video being uploaded every single minute. Sheer laziness certainly has a part to play in this: it is far easier to sit back and watch something than read.
We have changed the name to highlight what we have been doing for years already, rather than to highlight any major shift in direction.
However, what he failed to add was that content can be toppled off its throne with a regal-like thud if it fails to keep readers engaged and entertained – a la the court jesters of yore.
While sleek productions with good visuals stick with the audience, they come with a drain on your business’ time and resources. Videos drive user engagement, and almost every online video platform has in-built social media sharing and interaction features. What’s more, comment plugins allow you to sync conversations between your Facebook wall post and your website – breaking the invisible wall between the social network and the rest of the online world. Users can broadcast events from anywhere to their followers, who can interact with the video live.
Announce your live broadcast early, rehearse beforehand and prepare your shots – just like in any production.
Many visitors don’t expect more than a ‘Thank You’ on such pages, so putting such a video in front of them there can do a lot to keep contact and conversations going. Includere dei video nel proprio marketing funnel significa avere maggiori possibilita che l’utente completi il processo di visualizzazione e che, dopo averlo finito, percepisca il prodotto o il servizio come qualcosa di utile. A tal proposito e utile chiamare in causa il content marketing e in particolare i video come strumenti strategici per fare in modo che il target percepisca il valore dei tuoi servizi e prodotti e il loro impatto sulla vita quotidiana, sia personale sia professionale. Si tratta di un approccio decisivo quando si punta a differenziarsi e, soprattutto, a entrare definitivamente nella testa del target.
Hai gia avuto modo di applicarli nella tua strategia di content marketing e hanno portato risultati al tuo funnel? Da questa domanda deve partire qualsiasi strategia di content marketing orientata all’efficacia. Audience members feel that live video emanates a feeling that they’re at the scene, seeing things happen in real-time. Additionally, these content marketing pieces increase the engagement value of your event by incorporating real-time audience feedback. The statistic results of votes are also public so people can see what others are thinking and from there, extend the conversation. In fact, this year is the time seen to have the biggest opportunities in advertising through digital videos. While YouTube remains to be on top, Facebook is aggressively entering the video platform competition by targeting video bloggers and convincing them to post their videos directly on Facebook. Below is IH Digital’s corporate video showcasing the company’s services in a video running for as short as 1 minute and 29 seconds. In fact, according to a study by the Business Insider, online videos generate three times more clicks on average compared to other advertising formats. YouTube videos allow advertising on their videos that will be visible to its viewers on the duration of the video clip they are watching. Taking note of the recent studies about digital video marketing, the vast opportunities that videos can gain for your business is impressive. If the answer is no, consider starting with a format that requires less of a commitment (both to produce and consume).
Doing this legwork ahead of time will help you make smarter decisions about which video projects will be worthy of the resources you have to spend. It also makes it easier to publish video playlists that encourage visitors to spend more time on your site, as well as to gate your most valuable video assets as a means to drive subscriptions.
Not only is basic use of these services free, their tools are typically easier to configure than self-hosted options, which makes your videos easier to share across your other content channels and embed in your other content efforts.
Jodi has developed and managed print and digital content projects for marketing, entertainment, automotive, health care, and biotech publishers, as well as for entertainment industry and media brands. Video is a bigger investment than writing an article so how do you make sure you are going to get a return on investment? We distribute your content, engage with native content producers and amplify what you have to say.
Shout out for a content idea in a meeting and we hit you back with more angles than an hexagonal. Yes, we understand search engine optimisation (SEO), social media and PR; in fact, we often do elements of all these functions for our clients. Embed them on your websites and enable the comment plugin to bring together your followers in one place. Today’s swift developments in technology and communication are the major contributors to the rise of digital video production, even taking over the large share of traditional TV in display advertising budgets. As we may all have observed, Facebook videos are everywhere on our newsfeeds and seems like many users are now posting directly on the social media site.
Messages can be conveyed through videos in a more efficient manner than other display advertising, and can even be maximised through a great strategy to make it appealing to viewers. This study mainly shows how powerful a content marketing video can become as it can showcase more stories than images and texts, making ads and features more engaging.
The study continues to point out that around 65% of them click through to visit the vendor’s website, 50% have drawn interest and seek for more information, and some 45% contacts the creator of the video. The challenge in today’s video content marketing is targeting precision, quality and proper delivery of message. If the text version is well received, you can decide down the line if you want to repurpose the content as a video. One is 1000 words of plain text, and the other presents the majority of information in a video format. In fact the team behind Content Amp has over 12 years online content and marketing experience.
But we don’t think any of these are quite as important as the creation of great content for future success online. Moreover, today’s social media marketing and online targeting capabilities are also improving. Alternatively, you can also search Google, which of course prioritizes its own channel, YouTube.
Headline or caption them with something worth remembering — a unique hashtag or easy-to-remember description, perhaps. Videos are rampantly used especially in marketing and advertising and the video technology is constantly improving due to innovation of great minds. There is no hard-and-fast recipe for creating a viral video – you can only tell a good, visual story and let the community take it away. What can be more efficient in digital marketing when digital videos can share more stories to the right audience?
Live videos and virtual reality are now used to gather audience in the sense of aggravating to advertise.

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