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It’s hard to believe that after 12+ months of planning for Content Marketing World 2015, that it’s come and gone so quickly. Who else felt that it was a whirlwind week of monumental learning and fun face-to-face time with online friends? With our time being spread thin, we don’t get the chance to get out and about as much as we’d like. Hollywood Squares exceeded our expectations with our stars and our VIPs entertaining the crowd. View the Content Marketing World 2015, populated with articles and blog posts around CMWorld 2015. You can still purchase our video on demand package if you are still kicking yourself for missing a particular session or two.
What other information about Content Marketing World are you looking for that you can’t find on our website? Content Marketing World is the one event where you can learn and network with the best and the brightest in the content marketing industry.
You will leave with all the materials you need to take a content marketing strategy back to your team – and – to implement a content marketing plan that will grow your business and inspire your audience. We want to inspire you to do your own epic content marketing and network with some of the brightest in the business! Over 80 sessions and workshops presented by the leading brand marketers from around the world covering strategy, integration, measurement, and more new ideas than you can shake an orange stick at. Once a Technorati at Symantec, Travis knows his way around today’s modern marketing technology. Deana Goldasich, CEO of Well Planned Web, joined our recent #CMWorld Twitter chat to help us understand ways we can prioritize content - and why it is so important to do so.
Tessie’s name caught my eye, and her personality in her interview makes her someone I can’t wait to spend more time with in Cleveland this September. From all over the globe, some of the best and brightest marketers in the world take the stage in Cleveland each September. Customer service is heavily aligned with social media efforts for brands; and content marketing is also heavily aligned with social media efforts.
OMGosh can you say instantaneous interaction, real-time problem-solving & real-time praise.
A1 pt2: They can also engage you in conversation where they live, which is HUGE for nurturing the relationship. A2: Have a plan that you want to follow in terms of responses and how things should be solved, without being generic of course. A2: Regardless of which team it is, everyone should be working off the same #custserv mindset, right? A2: Both can learn a lot from each other about customers needs, wants, frustrations, likes, etc. Or if u don’t want to be on hold u try an online msg – + it exposes them online so more pressure to reply? A3 However, their similarity is their approach, tone and general good nature toward a frustrated or inquisitive customer. A3: we don’t have customers per se, only B2B clients but we still have to make them happy!
Your customer service related content, needs to provide answers in a simple & convenient way. A3: B2C customers are more interested in the gift card, meal voucher, free items, etc than an actual resolution to the issue. A4 The user doesn’t see the all the messages being answered, they simply see theirs going unanswered. A4: We should be able to answer, for me is all about providing the customer the best service online. A4: Addressing customer issues and concerns is expected and definitely a higher priority than responding to general tweets. A4 It won’t be easy to respond to everyone, but it will make for some very happy customers – using engagement software helps! A4: Small business will do it, but you can not expect it from multinationals if the demand is ridiculous! A4 As more consumers use social media as main comm platform, it will become expected that brands respond! A4b) From what we’ve seen, larger companies hire third party contractors to manage customer engagement on social media. Story about airlines, a tweet complaint for cancelled flight, competitor answered and gave customer a seat on their flight instead! A4: An effort should be made to all address complaints on SM, even if just to tell them to email. A4: The purpose of answering must be the satisfaction of the customer, so is not only about responding. A4 Customer experience is important and if you don’t respond that experience is tainted.
A5: If a long-tail complaint, move the conversation off SM to be more effective, personal and productive.
A5: Haters become valuable, when you identify them as a different source of information, not as a threat. Genuine caring, w self-deprecating humor reveals humanity, which is often what #online commenters need. Either listen to the customer or prepare for them to make sure many others hear about their grievance. A5) Acknowledge constructive negative criticism and deal with the rest in a firm, polite way.
A6: Speaking as a greedy consumer, I would gladly accept a special offer or discount, thanks. Q7: I know a company that tweets a gold start with a smiley face in the middle to anyone to praises them.
A6 For real though, focusing on the customer as a member of the community that makes your #brand better is great. Awesome advice to convert what could have been a negative into a positive to benefit your company. A6: Brands can share positive feedback with their audience and repurpose the content if it is REALLY good.
Might not work for all companies, but an all expense paid trip to Cleveland for #CMWorld sends the right msg!
A6: Reward Customers With Giveaways, Social Media Mentions, Or Even Make Them Brand Ambassadors.

In order for new or existing businesses to grow, all aspects of a company’s visual communication must be targeted to appeal to potential customers as much as possible. One of the most important ways businesses can project the right message to their target customers is through good design. He’s been helping audiences the world over think differently about Content Marketing essentially since its inception.
Today, he consults with Fortune 500 companies both as part of the Content Marketing Institute leadership team and as a Senior Contributing Consultant with the technology analyst firm Digital Clarity Group.
To further help brands develop these new muscles, Robert has written two books on Content Marketing. At Content Marketing World this year, Robert will be speaking about two critical areas of interest for brands of all sizes: content creation and measurement. Robert’s willingness to take on the relevant issues and help brands find their own unique way to develop solutions makes him the Content Marketing equivalent of a personal trainer for brands. Either way, you need to get to Content Marketing World 2015 and, if you do little else (we won’t tell your boss) you need to hear Robert speak.
Find out more about Robert by visiting his bio page on our website, by listening to the weekly This Old Marketing podcast or by connecting with him on Twitter. UPDATE: A new 2015 Version of the Marketing Technology Landscape Supergraphic is now available.
Its purpose is to illustrate how incredibly diverse and vibrant the marketing technology ecosystem is.
Many companies could make a case for being in multiple categories, but in the interest of diversity, there are few duplicate entries.
Three notes: First, my own company, ion interactive, is included in the graphic in the landing pages circle (which is part of the testing and optimization sphere, which is part of the broader web site constellation). Great infographic, some estimate that Marketing in the next decade will be bigger spender on Technology that IT groups within companies.
According to our knowledge we define that the marketing automation as, It is the Software solution that designed to simplify the online processes by repeatation of tasks.Can u briefly explain about technologification. Thank you for the monumental piece of work, which you thankfully just had to update this year! A labour of love, no doubt, buddy media and radian6 are now merged to be the Salesforce Marketing Cloud. I have been following your infographic for a while now and this the IInd update I am looking at. Hi Mark – Where is Epsilon in this Landscape – I wanted to explore them as a potential player in the marketing suite for my company? Couldn’t agree more with the sentiment that strategy (and for that matter people and culture) trump tools.
You have done an amazing job in putting this together, I took on the task recently in our company to undergo a complete market analysis and I will be using this as a boost in the right direction. I think our company fits in on this to date, we have been laying low up until now, but we are rapidly growing and find that nobody meets the demand of the market quite like us! Thank you again for the valuable insight into the market, please feel free to reach out to me I would love to chat about this topic with you! Hi Scott, do you have an updated 2013 version of the Marketing Technology Landscape you did back in Sept 2012?
This is such a great overview of the marketing landscape, I’m wondering if anyone (or you Scott) have come across one for the IT Landscape in general? Content Marketing World is big, bold, and designed for people who aspire to be at the top of the content marketing field. And this year, our Rainmaker Platform is proud to be a sponsor of this epic event — billed as the largest content marketing event on the planet. Content Marketing World features blockbuster speakers, killer sessions, and amazing networking opportunities. Closing keynote speakers are award-winning actor and writer Nick Offerman and Oscar-nominated actor, author, and business motivator John Cleese.
Youa€™ll also hear from other smart people who use content marketing for well-known brands like Kraft Foods, Forbes, Marriott, Lenovo, 3M, Xerox, and Adobe. As an attendee, you’ll be able to pick and choose from an agenda that addresses your content marketing issues and challenges, tackling them head on. There will be more than 100 sessions covering strategy, integration, measurement, and more.
With so many options to choose from, you can design the exact educational experience you need as you connect with other like-minded content marketing practitioners in the Content Marketing World community.
Both events will give you the time and space to relax, unwind, and connect with the other attendees.
If you’re getting excited about the possibilities awaiting you at Content Marketing World, we want to share our discount code so you can save some money on your registration. Visit the registration page, and use the code COPYB100 to save an additional $100 on your registration. Our own Brian Clark is going to be speaking about how small businesses can leverage content for a big business advantage.
Who left with a feeling of renewed excitement for content marketing and a drive to get back to work to be your absolute best for your customers? So many of us have our noses to the grindstone each day delivering excellent content marketing to our customers.
Our contestants, who were winners from a social contest, had so much fun and it was so great to see it come to life.
As you advance your practice of content marketing, we advance our offerings to grow with you.
It will be held September 6-9, 2016 at the Cleveland Convention Center in Cleveland, Ohio, USA.
More brands, more breakouts, more hands-on labs, more networking (yes, it’s possible!) and more CONTENT! He’s given more than 50 keynote presentations on MarTech at conferences as varied as SMX, the MarTech Conference, Social Media Strategies and, of course, Content Marketing World.
While it’s true that you can have one without the other and they are both delicious in their own right, the combination is so much better. My favorite part about CMWorld each year is the time spent getting to know others in our industry.
Our list of the Top 10 female speakers at Content Marketing World 2015 who will also be returning to Content Marketing World 2016. It’s time that content marketers and social media folks really think about customer service if they want to be focused on their audience (and in many cases, have built in content to repurpose). Also, overall complaint volumes are way, way up because it’s so easy to reach companies in social.

The best approach would be for customer service and marketing to be the same team, but that’s rarely the case.
The right way would be to work together to address customer’s needs or even better product! Whether it takes one person or a whole team, every attempt at a customer connection should be acknowledged. C Levels will not invest in social without ROI & without resource its not realistic to reply to all. Content marketing is super interesting so hearing viewpoints from others is always fascinating! First it might be good idea to understand why negative comments are appearing, which could lead to relevant solution. I talk in Hug Your Haters about some amazing new programs where advocates help with customer service. Businesses have, in some cases, a split second to convince a customer that what they can offer will not only meet but exceed their expectations.
Our aim as a design agency is to help our clients achieve that goal, by figuring out with them what exactly it is that they want to say and offering up the best solutions of how to do it. His clear-sighted style and innovative thinking have helped him earn the title of Chief Strategy Officer for the Content Marketing Institute. He started his career in Hollywood as a screenwriter, decided to leave that life to lead marketing for a technology startup, then met the Godfather of Content Marketing, Joe Pulizzi, while both were traveling and speaking about the burgeoning field. The first, Managing Content Marketing, written with Joe Pulizzi, helped to define the industry and offers solutions to many of the challenges marketers face when making the transition to Content Marketing. Anyone working in the space today knows these are two of the more pressing issues that few have solved. It includes over 350 different companies, from small start-ups to Fortune 500 giants, across 45 different categories, from agile management to video marketing. Under constraints of time and space, there are many companies and categories that weren’t included and that no doubt deserve to be.
As a result, for instance, you could implement analytics solutions from Chartbeat, Clicktale, ClearSaleing, and Compete with almost no overlap in functionality. Second, the inspiration for this came from the wonderful LUMAscapes produced by LUMA Partners.
I’m confident that in the long run the profession will get over the learning curve of mastering these many technological tools necessary for Marketing. However, I am thinking about some options to make this more systematic and database-driven in the future. Almost frightening to see all the logos and equally frightening to realize how many I know or use! Without eZ in there you are missing the largest commercial open source web content management development platform. Much appreciated and yes this piece of work will be shared and rightly credited to you as your expertise and altruism deserves to be known on both sides of the pond! It certainly demonstrates just how many tools and applications there are out there to choose from; a choice that can be quite overwhelming! Nice work and don’t mean to be negative but there are tools and then there is strategy. Local business can’t get straight another piece to the puzzle, which is why we are building this automated system to manage everything in one place, with one entry.
But first, let’s talk about why you might want to put Cleveland, Ohio on your list of travel destinations in the next month.
Summit, sharing his experiences using content to fuel the creation and growth of Copyblogger Media.
She's currently writing a book about content marketing, and you can follow along on her podcast Zero to Book.
This article's comments are now closed.Get instant access to proven marketing training a€” for free. And dozens and dozens of content marketing practitioners are up on stage in a breakout session talking about their OWN work and giving case studies and tangible examples to our attendees. Our keynotes, John Cleese and Nick Offerman entertained and inspired the crowds with their stories – capping off each day of our main event. Registration opens on December 1, 2015, and we’re locking in our 2015 (actually, 2014) rates until December 31, 2015. Jay Baer joined our recent #CMWorld Twitter chat to talk about customer service in a social age. My new book Hug Your Haters says you should answer every complaint, in every channel, every time. From the clothes we wear and the magazines we buy, to the restaurants we frequent and the websites we visit; our choices as consumers increasingly define who we and how others see us. Modern consumers make vast assumptions about what a business has to offer just by looking at their logo, website design or sales brochure. The labels in our industry are in flux, as are many of the companies themselves, which are constantly adding new features, acquiring new products, and pivoting to new positions. Where I go broad, they go deep, with several amazing and thorough diagrams of subindustries within marketing. Possibly a solution to make it more comprehensive (and easy to update when I realize I left someone important out!). But I find it fascinating to get a glimpse of the breadth and depth of marketing software out there. Get early access to entire chapters, share your feedback, vote on covers, and more when you register for free at The Book Factory. This is why the event exists: sharing stories, entertaining, educating, and giving you relevant and consistent content all week. We use brands to advertise what our hobbies are, what aspirations we have, what we’ve achieved, what we stand for and how much money we have.
If a brand doesn’t immediately engage with a customer then the chances are they will look elsewhere.
Please, take a look to Equifax value proposition, it could fit in some categories (analytics for sure).

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