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The final reason B2B content marketing fails is not centralizing the control of your content for your website and blog. 1.Your entire company realizes that content creation is a key part of your business strategy, and that every department must contribute.
5.You should have someone who can coach each article writer on how to develop content, and where they can get further information about their topics. 6.The person (group) that controls the content should also work with each content creator to develop different formats for content, as described in previous reasons. Finally, if you do not have someone in-house to do this, and usually it is handled by your marketing department, then you need to outsource this function. 15 Reasons B2B content marketing fails – #4 Not involving everyone who could contribute. The HBR post notes “Nine out of ten organizations are now marketing with content – that is, going beyond the traditional sales pitches and instead enhancing brands by publishing (or passing along) relevant information, ideas, and entertainment that customers will value. That’s quite a shift in what is, by the standards of media and marketing, a very, very short time. And in the end, isn’t having a dialog with your customers what business, and brands, are supposed to be about? We’re still early in the shift to conversational marketing, and not all brands are excellent at it.
Sure, there are as many examples of flat footed or poorly thought-out executions as there are screaming successes, but again, we’re just getting started.
I love that there is this whole other spectrum of advertising because it gives companies much more scope to do something amazing no matter what size their budget. I think that content marketing is the best way to promote something right now and specially if you know how to tell a story, it could end up viral as well. Right now it’s really good if you can afford to pay some extra $$$ to get some mentions over the place and get a good story. John Battelle, 45, is an entrepreneur, journalist, professor, and author who has founded or co-founded scores of online, conference, magazine, and other media businesses. Content marketing is the perfect tool to use when it comes to driving traffic to an online store or a company’s general information website, so it should come as no surprise when people find out that some of the largest companies in the world are using content marketing to their own advantage. It should come as no surprise that technology is going to be the industry that benefits from corporate blogs more than anything else, and IBM has a unique blog that allows their employees to be vocal about their own views. Although most companies have decided that they are only going to use their blog for product updates and specific announcements, you will actually get to take a peak behind the scenes when you take a look at Garmin’s blog.

With the best corporate blog for an airline company, Southwest Airlines is able to connect with a group of consumers that other airline companies will never get to see. Starbucks is a company that you should not be surprised to see on this list because they are always willing to use the power of the Internet to their advantage. This is another company that likes to take advantage of their consumer base on the web, and the purpose of this blog is to help their customers understand more about the latest advancements in diet and health.
Marriot has a classic corporate blog that is basically used as a speaking platform for the company as a whole.
As you can see, there are plenty of huge companies that are willing to post their thoughts for the world to see on the Internet.
In my own research, I haven’t seen much clarity in terms of direct response to this question.
This can only happen if the CEO buys into this fact, and is the driver behind content marketing. However, sometimes you may want to write about what happens internally, or if one of your employees has an important event, like a baby birth, wedding, etc. A good way to develop content is to have the person who is controlling the content interview the other people. A good content company, or agency, can help you not only get started on developing your content, but will help you avoid all 15 reasons content marketing fails. So get someone, inside or outside of your company, who knows what they are doing, to at least help you get started, and keep you going on the right track. Back in 2007 (!) I wrote a post that pointed to early examples of content marketing in a social and digital context, and offered a framework for why this nascent movement made sense.
But even the most traditional brands are now deeply engaged in figuring out how to be part of conversations that matter to them.
Brands are finding their voice, and we, their audiences, will determine the value they add by our response to what they have to say.
I have seen some fantastic videos which have clearly not cost a small fortune, but still promoted a brand. While some companies decide that they will have a blog to post updates about their products, others decide that the best way to drive traffic to their website is through the use of content in the form of videos or infographics.
IBM is also sure to let people know that the views of their employees are their own and do not represent the views of the company as a whole.
They also like to show off how some of their customers have been able to tweak their products and use them in a customized fashion.

This corporate blog has to do with the people who work at the company more than anything else, so this may not be the best spot to go if you are simply interested in staying up to date with the latest moves of the company. You will find a wide range of topics discussed on this blog, and anything from specific company ideas to news on the coffee market as a whole can be found here. This is the perfect kind of blog to create because it involves the process of helping the consumer make more informed decisions in the future. This is now the voice of the business, and the blogs are posted by the actual President of the company. In addition to driving extra traffic to their products or services, these companies are also able to improve the friendship between themselves and their customers.
However it differs in that you need to utilize a central control to ensure your content is controlled. This makes it easier to read, especially for “dry” articles that may originate in R&D, finance, operations, etc.
You will not be able to achieve the same rate of success with your online business if you do not use content marketing on a daily basis, so it’s important to learn how you can implement this form of marketing in your own business plans. Getting some extra insight into the mind of the head of the company always adds an extra bit of interest to a corporate blog. Corporate blogs are the perfect tool to use when you want your company to become the friend of a customer instead of a simple store.
Content marketing has birthed native advertising, which has given new life to independent publications like Quartz and Vox. Here are some of the biggest brands in the world that have decided that content marketing is worth their time.
So, show them who your people are, what makes them good at their job, and what makes them tick.
And it’s become the lifeblood of massive platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and LinkedIn. Brands might hear criticisms that are valid, and have the chance, through conversations with customers, to address those critiques. Customers have the chance to give their input on new versions of products, ask questions, learn more – in other words, have a dialog.

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