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It can be a sales page, an email opt-in page, a video landing page, or even a content landing page designed to rank well in search engines.
Often, a better headline alone will boost the effectiveness of your landing page, and even overcome some of the other mistakes below.
Most of us who use content marketing as an attraction strategy use a content management system, such as WordPress.
While your typical sidebar and header approach to a blog post is fine, when it comes down to traffic hitting a landing page with a singular focus on specific action, all of that extraneous stuff causes confusion, distraction, and reduced conversions. The idea that more choices make people happier has been proven to be a psychological fallacy time and again.
Why is it when some people decide to ask for some action, they lose their minds on the appearance of the page? While using your standard blog theme is distracting and confusing in the landing page context, therea€™s no need to become the typographical equivalent of a carnival barker, either.
Also, the copy deck is useless without good layout and graphic design – as you correctly point out. The way we usually do it is to use a design that’s related, but highly streamlined, with sidebars removed so the focus is entirely on the content and the action we want the reader to take. Some people go with a completely stripped-down look, just text on a white background with headers, etc.
The twentyten theme for example, has the default theme with widgets aplenty BUT, if you look, there is a second page design which is just a full width, one column layout with no sidebars at all.
No he’s not he is suggesting on cutting down on the clutter normally placed on your site. Radu, Mike is right, although in some cases a complete clean redesign might be in order, usually it’s something that is a cleaner and specific to what the page is supposed to accomplish. I’ve had some success with using the same header as my primary site and zero navigation except for the log in on my landing page. So in other words, basically do everything on the IMFSP page you sent us to at the bottom of the post. It would be pretty lame if we told you to do one thing and we did something completely different. Thanks for the tips, they will come in handy when i finally get round to making my landing page.
In other words, why is your product beneficial to me and why is it something I can’t get anywhere else. Studying great copywriters is always well worth your time, whether they worked in the 1890s or the 1920s or are writing Google Adwords campaigns.
But, talking to guys like John Carlton, he knows that the wind has shifted in terms of design and aesthetics. As traffic becomes more expensive, many are moving to a more content-and-relationship model, where you capture the traffic with really useful content and develop a relationship before you sell to them.

One thing I’m always worried about is making my landing page seem too much like a scam.
Brandon, take a look at each page linked from the red bar at the bottom of the Copyblogger header. You may also find it useful to sign up for the newsletter — three of the 20 lessons are about writing non-sleazy sales letters. My landing page is crappy (for now) but the video seems to overcome some fears that I’m a scam. Startuprr – Conversion Optimize Landing Page Html Template will help you to build High Conversion landing pages for any product or services. Purchase and download converting mobile responsive landing page designs, ppv landing page designs, PSD and THML website templates to create your online marketing campaign successful and profitable. Convert your business marketing effort, time and money into in to leads, sales and profitable by using a custom converting landing page design by our professional and experience landing page designer. 10 best converting mobile responsive landing page design templates to boost your business conversion. Download a well-designed, optimized landing page design for your marketing campaign to get the best conversion for your business marketing campaign.
Our design landing pages are simple, clean and modern mobile responsive landing page template, very easy to customize according to your needs.
O SlideShare utiliza cookies para otimizar a funcionalidade e o desempenho do site, assim como para apresentar publicidade mais relevante aos nossos usuarios. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. Recortar slides e uma maneira facil de colecionar slides importantes para acessar mais tarde. Ita€™s your two-second chance to overcome the swift and brutal attention filters wea€™ve developed due to information overload and poorly-matched promises.
Split-testing different headlines is relatively painless, and can bring you much higher conversions compared with multiple other tweaks. This a€?paradox of choicea€? reveals that when given multiple options, the decision ends up being not to choose at all.
And dona€™t forget to actually clearly ask for that one specific thing, which is an even bigger conversion killer if you dona€™t. Bad fonts, garish colors, cheap highlighting, and silly clip art do not make for better conversions in most cases. Great landing pages use fonts, colors, and visuals that are tailored specifically to the audience and action you desire, thereby enhancing the experience and boosting conversions. You’ll see an introduction to Content Marketing, a few articles about content marketing, some social proof, and then, a call to action. This might mean getting rid of top level navigation so the user has nowhere to go or get distracted or losing any cross sell messaging.

Notice that while the Copyblogger color scheme is maintained, the header is custom to the newsletter. My current theme on my primary site allows me to build custom landing pages and remove the side bars.
Those copywriters are very talented, but they also market to the business opportunity crowd, where conversion rates historically increased with that approach. When John writes sales pages for the golf market, they look noticeably different than when pitching a copywriting course online. Sometimes providing more information, benefits, and proof is exactly what’s needed to boost conversions. Conversion (like for any cold traffic) is tiny, and they have to get the attention of the most desperate buyer. A strong build and a great relationship with your audience are a much more effective way to get excitement going than red headlines and blinking arrow clip-art. It seems like so many get rich quick scam artists are very good at landing pages and I now associate landing pages with scams. Collect leads, convert your visitor into customer, increase sales and boost your business with success with our clean, creative and professional design from us. Our conversion centered mobile optimized responsive landing page design will boost your business with quality leads and sales to make your marketing successful. We’ve collected 350+ mobile responsive landing page templates that will help you improve your user experience, increase user engagement and end up with a higher conversion rate. Purchase and download mobile responsive landing page template that can be used to promote web apps, mobile apps and all kind of marketing and startup websites. Learn how to optimize your website's landing pages to increase conversions on both mobile and desktop devices.
Those tools are what you use when you don’t have that relationship, trust, and anticipation built. By using clean and creative responsive landing page design you can successfully market your product, application or service across all types of screens and devices. It’s the final 15% that even trusted people screw up and get lower action numbers than they should.
Think about it from their perspective, and youa€™ll realize you might not be all that (until you unequivocally prove you are with compelling copy).

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