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When planning a corporate event, consider these ideas and suggestions that Magic Jump Rentals has taken the liberty to prepare for you.
Everyone enjoys a good celebration and corporate celebrations are no different, just bigger. Corporate events are not always strictly business, company celebrations can be all about fun and games. Interactive games are best for corporate parties since they are great at integrating everyone with fun and challenging games.
If employees with children are not going to be able to find babysitters on the day of the corporate celebration, you may choose to offer a bounce house, slide or even combo ride to keep the kids entertained.
Note: 60' Castle Course can be switched with 60' Sports Course, tables and chairs can be added under the discounted rate. Note: 60' Castle Course can be switched with 60' Sports Course, Mechanical Bull can be switched with Mechanical Surf, Mechanical Shark, or Meltdown Zone (price may adjust). Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is defined as a corporations drive to estimate their effects on the environment and their role in the well being of the citizens in their area and across the globe. Corporations find it much easier to speak with customers about the good that they are doing.
Employees are more productive when they feel good about the corporation that they are working for. When corporations are out helping the community they are more likely to be the focus of the media.
Often times companies look at CSR as a loss of profits; however this is not always the case. Corporate social procurement refers to companies that acquires their supplies from companies that are acting as socially responsible businesses.
Corporations should be purchasing from suppliers whom take an ethical approach to human rights. It is important that corporations are looking at the impact that their suppliers have on the environment.

Ensuring that suppliers and other partners are meeting health and safety regulations is an important part of social procurement. In today’s society it is more crucial than ever for corporations to meet their Corporate social responsibility.
Whether a corporate celebration is for improved sales, acquisition of or merger with another company, a corporate anniversary, or general success in the market, corporate parties are the best way to celebrate. The Sports Shootout and Mechanical Bull are popular rides that facilitate entertaining a large crowd. An attendant may even be present to keep an eye on them so parents can enjoy the company party worry-free.
It refers to a corporation that goes above and beyond what is required of them by regulators, to have a positive impact on society.
Donating funds to worthy causes in the corporations community not only promotes the company, but also promotes it in a positive way.
Ethical procurement is the practice of choosing business partners who’s CSR is is being met adequately.
It doesn’t matter how much a company does to protect the environment, if they are getting their supplies or doing business with a company whom is not meeting their social responsibility to the environment.
It is important that corporations have up to date safety standards, considerate of the heath and safety of their employees, clients and community, and maintain an adequate system to ensure the safety of all.
It creates a positive impact on the environment and the social welfare of others and allows corporations to increase revenue and paint a positive picture to the public. Since everyone will be in the mood for a corporate celebration, you can be sure that they will all be excited at the idea of celebrating with a bunch of inflatables. Even though the Sumo Suits may not be as convenient for large crowds, they are tons of fun and get everyone rolling around in laughter. It helps customers to feel that by giving their business to these companies that they are contributing on a greater scale to the well being of society as a whole. Donation to schools, sports and community programs put the corporations name out there and makes it more likely that members of the community will feel good about purchasing goods or services from the company.

Getting the companies name out there is a sure fire way to increase awareness, and increase revenue. Eliminating packaging and paper waste has a big impact on the environment and is good for the corporations bottom line. It is important for companies to focus on working with suppliers who are meeting regulations and who have ethical business practices. To have an overall global impact corporations need to look at the entire pictures of their corporation.
Corporations meeting their own responsibility is a great first step; however taking it a bit further and ensuring ethical procurement practices are met will have the greatest impact at home and around the globe.
For more excitement, an obstacle course can be used to challenge corporate leaders' competitive nature with a race through the course. Knowing that their workplace is contributing to society in a positive manner gives them a sense that they are a part of something much larger and more satisfying than just bringing home a paycheck. Sports, health, fitness and cultural programs are also a great way to help the community and put the corporation in the public’s eye. On the flip side, the media is likely to pick up on companies who are doing things that are harmful to society and to the the environment. There are a number of large corporation who are leading the way in CSR procurement, as well as green Procrustean. By investigating suppliers commitment to human rights corporations can be sure that they are meeting their social responsibility and their ethical procurement responsibility.
It is time for corporations to start becoming shining examples of excellent Corporate social responsibility.
Participating in energy efficiency programs is another way that corporations can meet their CSR and cut costs in the process.

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