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Corporate and business videos for training and promotional purposes, video podcasts, web streaming, meetings and events.A  Shooting in High Definition. The Meeting Planners podcast source for what’s new and exciting in meetings and events industry! MPN003 Five Myths About AttendeesToday's Meetings Podcast News features this news and posts that we curated for you. Making unprofessional videos is like giving out blank ads, it is extremely futile and not required. There are certain factors you need to incorporate in your video content, whether it is outsourced or crafted by your own personnel. You need to know the reason behind the video and what the aim is and also the expected outcome. You need to be well versed with the category of people that will be watching your video content. You need your viewers to relate with your video content and connect to it at an emotional level. In this example, we worked with Eric Kleineck, an Under 30 CEO of International clothing brand Sauce Hockey.
You need to be well versed with the competitive markets and you need to know your competition in and out.  Market research is essential for a successful business. So, there you have it, some insight into why and how to create a corporate video production brief.
This article was written by Joe Forte, co-owner of D-Mak Productions LLC. Clients choose D-Mak Productions for top quality video production in Phoenix.
Producing a corporate video is a bold step, indeed, especially when you try to do it all yourself. With videos, the options are umpteen, but broadly classifying and ranging them into Live shoot and Animation.
Live shoot videos,help to add a hint of personality to the video which benefits the product and service sold by adding a touch of human element to it,making it more relatable, engaging and responsive.Live shoot videos help on picking up a lot of non verbal cues, which could even be as important as what people may be saying or doing in the video,so as may be evident a live footage of customers talking about or showing off your product or service can be very compelling. An effective medium to showcase political, social and business issues, live shoot videos also help when a friendly face, personality or characteristics of a person allow the audience to better relate to a topic. Having a professional figure or a famous personality who is renowned within your field or organisation ; it could be an appealing face having an immeasurable influence for a live video shoot imbibing trust and authority, it does the same work as a pleasant and charming voice-over animation and as effective when matched with inspiring visuals.
Live action video shoot right from pre production consists of deciding on the location, script, budget, costumes, crew, models or celebrities and kind of equipment which would be required.
Camera,sound,lighting,talent,directing,editing, voice-over, colour correction, music and any sort of logo animations or additional graphics are all part of live shooting process which may be a part in the pre or post production stage.

Zweezle with its expertise make great professional live video shoots, be it a corporate video, testimonials, product shoots or just dealing with a host of other video requirements. Live shoot videos are often easy to be shot and edited as planned and as per requirements, but may require a lot of pre-production and equipments to make,feel and look professional in terms of the video viewing quality and experience.A live action video could be shot in a pre-specified number of days.
Once the shooting is wrapped and accomplished the edit and after effects and additions for the post production could just take a couple of days. However one thing with live shoot videos is ; making changes within the pre-planned script or how something looked after the production stage is concluded isn’t always an easy task. But this shouldn’t deter you with live shoot and the numerous added advantages one could benefit from it. Videos have sparked interest over the years and have gone a step further then just tv ads and commercials. The growth of digital and online technology especially social media and video websites like youtube,vimeo and daily motion, videos have become a rage both for viewers and audience who love watching, sharing and uploading videos of all styles and genres. Zweezle as a video production in Bangalore believes videos should be considered as an important marketing strategy for most businesses. Information to all apart from just the literate audience who can read & write, videos are great way through which information could reach all kinds of masses. Just like analytics on website, online videos show how many views they received, how many times they were shared, who they were shared with, how they were found, and if or not the videos are converting to hits on your respective website. Videos help in saving important time both for the viewers and the businesses and help in pitching sales or passing information quickly,effectively and consistently.
Once the corporate video proposal is agreed , based on the factors of budget, kind of video and other factors the pre-production planning  includes corporate video script writing and storyboarding. Zweezle a corporate film and video production company in Bangalore creates innovative interesting and engaging video that helps you achieve your marketing goals. We have experience with stage shows, corporate meetings, parties, Mitzvahs and other events. It is way more effective than oral campaigns, written ads or even promotion through audio content.
Do you want the video to have a professional voice-over, or you would like to “speak” directly to the audience?
You need to realize if you want to invoke excitement, confidence or a sense of trust and belief.
Your corporate video production company might also recommend including some video samples that you like in your production brief, even if they are sourced globally or from varied fields.  You need a well defined product brief and you need to understand the significance of video marketing for your business standing. D-Mak Productions is a company ran by an Under 30 CEO, specializes in commercial, event, music, fashion and corporate video production and is known for its creative style of video production, fast turn-around time and easy to work with manner.

However, it must be produced at its best since it will represent the identity of the business.
Since the video is shot in real time it has the scope to make adjustments, improvisations,  and additions apart from what was planned on the storyboard. It is important to go above and beyond plain content in terms of lengthy write-up’s and paragraphs to something more efficient,creative and yet informative. It is critical to respond to the data and modify the content that you are releasing accordingly. Right tools, ideas and execution strategy for Corporate videos make business goals achievable  and successful.Get in touch with Zweezle. It is an effective medium for entrepreneurs to expand their sales and device a highly specialized clip for a targeted sales program. Video content can either be self-generated internally or it can be outsourced to a corporate video production company.
More often than not, amateurs are not successful at making an effective video of high quality and the videos are mediocre with a lot of technical errors and they look extremely unprofessional. You need to ascertain your potential customers, what are their needs and wants, you also need to be well versed with your product and you need to ensure that the viewers can relate to the message through your video. It helps the entrepreneur define the various significant aspects of his video such as market research, objectives, target customers, branding and it sets a firm ground for a company to commence advertising and promotion and effectively reaching out to potential customers. The calendar is geared towards their target audiences, which are male hockey fans ages 15 to 35 with a goal of selling some calendars for a great cause, and to have their brand front and center on their target markets walls all year.
Please comment and let us know how you’ve used video successfully in your business, and if you’re just getting started with video and need help, feel free to contact us at (602) 638-5496. The idea here is putting much meaningful content as this impacts the originality and creativity of your idea, scripting is also just as important because you need dialogue to be remembered and to deliver the vision of your project. With live action video shoot, booking talent and crew for another day or more of reshoots could turn out to be pricy. Video content marketing is just the thing an entrepreneur needs to trigger sales and build and multiply his client base. I went to surveymoneymaker dot net, and started filling in surveys for cash, and surely I’ve been far more able to pay my bills!

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