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In this tutorial, I will use Fireworks CS6 to create an Animated GIF of a turkey with tail feathers that change color.
In the Tools panel I will click on the Stroke color box and choose black, then on the Fill color box and choose a brown swatch or type in the Hex number value field, #8C4600.In the Properties panel I will make the stroke width 2 pixels. Starting in 1955, characters from animated feature films were not permanently placed in any land outside of Fantasyland.
By the end of the decade both Aladdin and Tarzan films inspired permanent changes to significant parts of Disneyland’s Adventureland. Today, CEO Bob Iger speaks of major film franchises being the best way to expand the Disney theme parks. How do we best organize everything so that everything fits nicely, integrity is preserved, and everyone still gets to have loads of fun?
Costumed characters have always appeared in the parks (EPCOT Center being a slight exception for a time) and I think they always should appear in the parks. The semi-permanent meet-and-greet backdrops, like everything else, should not visually disrupt their surroundings. In terms of the size of the document, 1280 x 720 pixels should be large enough for most projects that you’ll be working on, but feel free to start larger or smaller if you wish. As for the shape of the circle, there’s a very handy custom shape that comes with Photoshop that will work out great for a design like this. By default, this shape may not be available, so you’ll have to load in some additional shapes.
This will allow you to append them to the end of your current list of shapes, or replace them completely. This will give us that donut shape that we’re looking for, which you can then drag out on your document as small or large as you wish. And to do that, let’s hop into our Layer Styles with a simple double-click on the new shape that we just created. Now, the second stop from the left, the one placed around 30%, is going to be the glow’s color. Once the Timeline has been created, you’ll notice that your layers appear in the same order as they do in your Layers Panel, and each layer can be expanded using the arrow to the left.
When you’re at the next point in your timeline, the gradient needs to be adjusted, so a simple double-click on the Gradient Overlay Layer Style will open it up.
For the first Angle adjustment, you’ll want to set the Angle to -89 degrees, in order for Photoshop to know which direction to rotate the gradient.
Now before we play back the animation, you can also set the last frame of the animation by dragging the end-point right to the current position of the playhead. Again, after applying styles, the first animation will be a bit choppy, but it’s smooth sailing after that! Pretty Doughtnut is a jQuery plugin that makes it easier to draw animated, doughnut chart style, circular progress indicators using Html5 canvas and chart.js JavaScript library. Take one look at the upcoming 3D stop motion film ParaNorman and it's easy to see that moviegoers are in for some stunning visuals come August 17th. With the latest update, the NVIDIA Shield can directly record and play back live TV from an attached tuner.
An official US study shows that security jitters have led people to scale back their internet use. The European Union's tentative deal would require continent-wide roaming for streaming services. Choose the imagesWhen you are on the home page of Picasion, the below image is what you will see. NOTEIf you require assistance and are unsure about how to use Picasion, there is a Help link on the right hand side of the column to guide you. If you wish to import images from the computer that you are currently using, you will need to click on the Browse button to choose the images you want to use from your computer.
If you are a Flickr or Picasa web album user, and wish to import images from there, there is a link provided at the Picasion home page. Click the buttonOnce you have chosen what files to upload and have determined the size and speed that you desire, click on the “Create Animation” button at the end of the column to proceed. 3Done!Once you have created the GIF animation, you will be directed to another page which will show the end result. NOTEAt the bottom part of the page, there are options for you to either share it on famous online networking websites such as Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter. This is a basic copy and paste situation which you can use to show off what you have made so far.
This tutorial is a detailed video screen cast on how you can use Photoshop to create an animated gif.
I hope you enjoy the tutorial please feel free to leave a comment below on your thoughts on the screen cast below. These are a collective of websites, which the Creative Nerds team run which are also awesome design websites.
I'll make the width and height 400 x 400 pixels, and the resolution 72 pixels per inch.
I'll then choose the Ellipse tool in the Tools panel, which can be found by clicking on the small arrow next to the Rectangle tool or other visible shape tool. It's a topic I believe to be crucial in maintaining the high standards and integrity of the Disney theme parks. I’m not referring to walk-around meet-and-greet costumed characters making temporary autograph-signing appearances (although I will address that later on). Original characters like Tiki Birds and Country Bears were introduced outside of Fantasyland but these were created for these types of environments specifically. Disneyland President Paul Pressler (and many others) at the time talked about how everything should be tied to the Disney films. Their designs and craftsmanship, like everything else, should be on par with the world class environments that surround them. On one side someone will use a need as justification for something that the other side considers to be sub-par.
Their tacky designs were of no concern to this young man because the Value Resorts fill a need. There is little room for expansion but one more family-friendly offering here would lighten the load over in Fantasyland a bit. Designate Fantasylands, Critter Countries (Rules 3 and 4), and Mickey’s Toontown (Disneyland) as the ONLY places in these two parks to house any permanent character-based offerings.

Return the Figment and Dreamfinder duo to Journey Into Imagination and improve the attraction to its original level of entertainment and quality. We shouldn't be foolish enough to think that more third-party films won't make their way into the parks.
This effect is going to take advantage of some of Photoshop CS6’s improved animation capabilities, leaving you with a silky smooth result.
Grab the Custom Shape Tool from your Tools Bar, then at the top on the Options Bar, open up the Shape Picker. Open up the Shape Picker’s menu by clicking on the gear icon at the top right corner, then choose the Shapes pack towards the bottom. Let’s start out with the Gradient Overlay, which is going to define the colors for our design. This will allow us to create a gradient that will travel around the circle as we adjust the Angle. This is usually found at the bottom your workspace, but if it’s not visible, you can activate it under the Window menu. If your button currently says Create Frame Animation, click on the arrow to the right, and choose the Timeline option. The first playback will be a bit choppy, as Photoshop is rendering each frame, but after that, the animation will be silky smooth! From here, you can export it as a movie file, of save it as an animated gif, if you choose.
Once you realize the contribution of 3D printing to the film's creation, however, you're likely to appreciate the movie on an entirely new level. Upload your pictures or grab them from Flickr or Picasa Web, make avatars or funny animations and post them to MySpace, Hi5, Facebook, eBay, Orkut, Bebo, Digg, QQ, Friendster, etc. As with email settings and many other file uploading systems, you can choose more than one file at a time. Also, HTML codes are provided to enable you to insert the animated GIF in your own personal website, blog, or in an online forum.
Of course, you can also test the end result first to see if you want to edit the pictures you are using, the speed, and so on.
Gifs are a blast from the past in the late 90’s they where a hot trend every web designer seemed incorporate flashing gifs into there web projects, which really use to make me cringe. Built from love and passion for design to pass on our skills and knowledge to other designers.
I'll make changes to one, convert them both into symbols, create a second state, and preview the animation. Live-action franchises like Davy Crockett, Swiss Family Robinson, and 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea were permitted outside of Fantasyland. This is no doubt largely inspired by the huge success of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal's Island of Adventure. Meet-and-greet sets should blend in so well that when no character is present, the set doesn’t look like a set.
It meets the needs of small children yet looks great, is well-designed, well-built, fits beautifully, and can be enjoyed by all ages. After all, good and appealing design just might be the most important factor in Disney’s 85+ year success. This will accommodate new attractions based on animated feature films and animated short films (The short films need some love too!).
This fun-for-all-ages expansion would allow youngins who can’t yet see the critters inside Splash Mountain to see some critters elsewhere. This would require the removal of character rides in the Tomorrowlands, Adventurelands, Frontierlands, etc. Figment needs to not only host a great ride again, he needs to represent Future World in a more important way. Quality dark rides, spinners, and other family-friendly attractions can be based on the many untapped animal-focussed animated films in Disney’s library.
I believe this offers solutions for all types of fans and requires very little compromise from either side of the debate. The two on each end, then two near the left side, which will help define the color of the glow. Once you’ve set one of them, you can simply click on the others, and sample right from the gradient bar. As with all tutorials, take what you’ve learned in this video, and make it your own by changing the colors, or adjusting the Layer Styles. In order to portray a wide array of emotions on the faces of the film's 62 characters, animation studio LAIKA tapped 3D Systems and their ZPrinter 650 to generate over 31,000 individual facial parts for inclusion in the production -- talk about working overtime. Known for integrating innovation with the hand-created artistry of the stop motion technique, LAIKA utilized 3D printing to create over 31,000 individual, color facial parts for production.
You can choose to import the images from your own local files or from popular online photo sharing website such as Flickr or Picasa.
However, you do not want to make it too fast otherwise your eyes will hurt from it moving too quickly! It’s a technique that can work really well when when used really subtly within a web project. Share Added by jason on 2013-09-09 Tips & Tricks related to Facial Modeling for Animated Productions by Sergi Caballer GarciaFacial modeling and topology is something that has always caught my attention.
I believe there are excellent solutions that require very little compromise from either side of the debate. Characters from corporate sponsors like the Frito Kid, Aunt Jemima, and the Kaiser Aluminum Pig were also permitted. I would consider any classic attractions to be just as iconic as any film threatening to tie itself to it.
I treasure the memories of my visits to Disney, Pixar, Dreamworks, and to other animation studios. If no designated set is available, characters can stand in front of appropriate existing structures or landscaping. The clash between the design-focussed fans and the operations-focussed fans seems to be never-ending. Continue current expansion of Magic Kingdom’s Fantasyland, as planned, with the future option of expanding to the northeast if needed. Imagine Country Bear Jamboree but with all sorts of critters putting on a show (maybe in a carousel theater??).

My suggestion: Two attractions I designed called Critter Canyon Railroad and Critter River Expedition.
Remember, this does not include characters like Country Bears, Tiki Birds, Haunted Mansion ghosts, etc. Photoshop comes with a bunch of nice textures which may work well on a design like this, and of course, you can change the Blend Mode to blend it in nicely. Smaller-sized files are preferred to larger ones, as they are easier to manipulate and play around with.
The reason for this is because the smaller the image size, the easier it is for your computer and the software to process the end result. Gifs are more commonly used these days within banners, and not as heavily used as it once was. If implemented, I believe the Disney parks will offer better experiences and better environments. Pecos Bill, from the 1948 short film, was a part of the Golden Horseshoe and Wally Boag’s brilliant show. The plan focuses on better placement of character-based attractions yet all types of attractions and their surrounding lands will benefit from this plan.
Circus Train-style train that repeatedly intersects with a slow Storybook Land-style boat ride. Want no more mindless cartoony overlays on top of classic, sophisticated themed environments? The day may come when Pixar makes a film a about critters, for example, that would fit nicely into a Critter Country.
Perhaps a Finding Nemo attraction would fit in the Fantasyland-style land I proposed for Animal Kingdom in #7. This level of craftsmanship has been seen very few times in the past deacade and a half.
Later it will make the labor of shape modeling or facial rigging easier because each part will begin its movement from the same initial point.During this first modeling pass, I like to leave the eyelid area not 100% defined, as far as topology. It is my love for these things that strongly enhances my desire for better organization within the theme parks. The train would look like it was built by animals with natural forest materials in addition to some old abandoned railroad parts they’ve come across. By using a color 3D printer we were not only able to push facial performance to new levels, but we were also able to achieve a level of detail and subtlety in characters' faces that a few short years ago would have seemed impossible. The main goal in this area at this point is to collect all the loops coming from the surrounding areas, letting them flow to their homologues.
The Tomorrowlands and Future World don't need to be hodgepodge lands when we have two hodgepodge parks. This technology, combined with a tremendous amount of hard work and dedication from talented artists and technicians, has created something truly unique and beautiful." "We are absolutely thrilled to partner with the ground breaking team at LAIKA as they utilize our full color 3D printing technology to revolutionize storytelling," said Cathy Lewis, Vice President of Global Marketing for 3D Systems.
This method guarantees the continuity of the topology through the area, and will let me decide in the future what kind of solution I will use to finish this area, a standard eyelid solution or a Pixar eyelid solution. The boat ride would pay subtle homage to the never-built Western River Expedition that was once intended for that side of the park. In the future I will try to cover this topic in another article from the point of view of shape modeling.Finally, I like to colorize the different topological main areas of the face to improve their visualization for future work. Also, you may notice that I have tried to put all of the pole vertices (vertices which connect more than 4 edges) on the same edge ring surrounding each main area. As I mentioned in the beginning, this process could be done using any digital sculpting application and leaving retopo for later.
However, with this example I prefer to add all of this topology by hand and, at the same time, to keep the focus on volume so as to make it more obvious where more detail is needed.
In another article at some point in the future, I would like to talk more in-depth about topology, the main areas of facial topology, and the relationship of these with facial deformation, so I think it could be useful to add all of this detail showing the color scheme that differentiates the distinct main areas of topology.Very often I work on the eyelid area as a separate low-resolution piece due to the amount of density required. I usually work with half of the final resolution required in this area, so before I attach this piece to the rest of the head, I apply a mesh smooth operation to get the full density required on the mesh to match with the loops coming from the surrounding areas.One of the areas to which I apply the most changes during this episode is the neck area, where topology varies from a simple cylinder to a reorganized mesh in order to achieve rich and believable neck deformations where the sternocleidomastoid and trapezius muscles should appear. Wax on, wax offa€¦As you know, this is a kind of mesh created for animation which needs to have all necessary topology to get nice facial deformations, so the high density of mesh on the model could be a headache when attempting to maintain clean and smooth shapes. Due to all of this, the final modeling is probably the step that is going to take the most time, by far, when compared with the other two steps, as this last step involves the artistic side of the work while at the same time requiring that you continue to pay attention to the flow of the final mesh.During this process I usually do a lot of work with deformers such as lattice, soft selections, and Sculpt Geometry Tool, as well as deformations on the mesh using direct vertex manipulation in normal mode.
All of these tools let me focus on the volumes and shapes, and if necessary, they allow me to modify the mesh at the vertex level to fix or improve the flow of the topology.All of the elements of the face, such as eyelashes or brows, should have the same topology structure as the surface behind them in order to get nice deformations coming from the face rig without any extra work.
So a good time to make them is when you have finished all of the rest of the work on the face.
This means that you have an easy way to extract those elements from the mesh of the head, keeping the same amount of divisions. Finally, hair modeling is something that is hugely dependent on the production workflow, because it could be as easy as polygon hair, flat cards with hair painted with color and opacity, or just real hair. My choice in this case was a technique that will let me decide in the future if I prefer to paint textures or to use all of those curves as a guide for a real hair solution. With this technique, Ia€™ll only need to create different NURBS surface levels over the whole head. All of these layers are made using three NURBS curves groups to create a loft surface between them. Later, it will helps to transfer facial’s deformation to the eyebrows just with a simple wrapDeformer with an excellent results.
I see that the face is mirrored whan you are modeling it, what are you using for that please? For me personally being a digital kid, I know i can’t learn from a 4x speed time laps. Logically, I stitch these 3 video here in Screenflow, and slow it down almost to a frame by frame speed. So it shouldn’t amaze anyone how we learn from this, we just find a way if we really try!

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