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In this tutorial you’ll learn how to create and install your own personalized header for your wordpress blog or website for free. Most WordPress themes are different, so be sure to to poke around a bit in your wordpress back office and find out where your header is located. In today’s modern age, Systems can often remove the technical challenges we face when marketing our businesses online.
However, if you are NOT insistent on having a self hosted blog to help you establish an online web presence for “personal branding”, and want to use proven systems to leverage other people’s knowledge to lead with value, with the option to add your own personal content (such as videos and text) to your “funded proposal”, I highly recommend MLSP. If you're new here, You may want to Subscribe To My Free Newsletter To Get My Blog Posts Delivered Straight To Your Email In-box From Now On. Hey Jon thanks for the free training I alway wanted to no how you got your picture on the header. Wow its great to have site like your nice work to give us how it woking I am also helping others to tell them how to create a site. Whether the birthday boy wants to ride a donkey or be the strong man on the pier, the photo cutouts are bound to create some giggles! Liven up the staff party with some traditional slapstick saucy postcard style face in the hole boards. The school Summer fair and the time has come to get your teacher back for all that homework. 1 – You may skip this step if you already have the font you want, installed on your computer. Visit and download GIMP, a free graphic editing program, and the arguably best alternative to Photoshop.
Select the ‘text tool’ in the Toolbox panel, and click cursor anywhere within the white image. Now that you are happy with your text, right click on the ‘text layer’ (the panel to the right of your image) and select ‘merge down’. What we are going to do next is make your text transparent, to reveal the background image underneath. When you are satisfied with how the text is coloured, you can now crop the image to tidy it up.
Thank you so much for your feedback, I was terrified it would be difficult to follow because GIMP can be complicated at times.
This is great, so often they are for photoshop and I use GIMP too and trying to figure out how to swap it from photoshop instructions to GIMP is mind boggling! When I first started out, and even now, I find it so difficult to find good tutorials for free photo editing software.
All the GIMP tutorials I have found are very useful, but it can be difficult to apply that to my blogging needs as there are no real examples. Thank you so much for this, I have added the post to favourites so I can do it all in one go when you post the rest.
Aww thanks so much for sharing, I really love how your post image turned out, the effect on the font looks great! You have no idea how long it’s taken me to find a tutorial on how to customize my header like this. Someone once said to me photoshop is only as good as the person using it so that’s proof your photography is great! Before I show you how to complete your header, i’ll re-introduce you to some GIMP basic tools. Regardless of what design idea you have in mind, you have your blog title and images ready to go! Each different layer contains its own part of your ‘masterpiece’, so you can easily change and edit individual parts without changing everything. There’s so many things to learn about layers, but this basic understanding of how it works should help you on your path to cool photo editing. Flip Tool: You can reverse layers, things within a layer (a ‘selection’) or path (the path tool we havent used yet!) horizontally or vertically.
You can zoom in and out of your image at any time by selecting the drop down menu below your image, Eg. If you have more than one image you can open them all at once, or one at a time, the choice is up to you.
This optional step is to explain how I created both sides of the wings with a single image.
Because the left and right side are the same, I only need to create one side (as mentioned in step 4) then duplicate, flip and move the layer into position to make the opposite side.
Right click on the layer you want to copy > select ‘duplicate layer’ OR select the ‘duplicate layer’ button at the bottom of the ‘layers’ panel. This method is faster than doing each side individually and wasting a lot of time trying to match them. Before I go, here are just a few examples of what you can create using this three-part tutorial. The instructions can pretty much be used in most software (Freehand, Photoshop, Illustrator) etc – as you used regular classic tool, copy paste and rotate etc!

I’m really glad you thought it was explained well, it was so important to me that others could understand the steps. There’s so many things I want to include in these posts that would be useful but they would get too long lol!
Think of colours and font you like too, sometimes I like to collect images of random things I like, it can be for colour, or font, or just because I like it.
I ultimately chose my header for a few reasons, the drawing was my own, my daughter has a thing with butterflies and I LOVE bright colours. Let me know if you’d like more ideas, good luck with your search for the perfect header!! To get the curve at the end, use the left and right curly braces { } and left and right brackets [ ] to find the one that suits best. I was just wondering if you could tell me which background did you use for the 3rd one from the top? I’ve chosen some professional headers I love, and recreated them in Canva to show how you can get a similar look. I made the lines at an angle by turning one, then adding a second, flipping it – and turning it. Grab some colored shapes if you want and place them behind the frames for a more layered look. I’ve moved away from the giant header for my business site (this is dynamic text on the Genesis framework).
I hope that you had a wonderful holiday season, and I wish you all the best for the New Year! You should have arrived here from the awesome creations of Danica Ferrante – her projects are great, right?!
The card front is stamped using a new stamp set called Party with Cake, and it can be ordered as a bundle with the Party Pop-Up Thinlits Dies, to save 15%! The card base is Watermelon Wonder; the sentiment is stamped onto a panel of Whisper White cardstock in Watermelon Wonder ink.
To add some extra interest, I die-cut the sentiment in first from the Whisper White insert, then I cut it 2 more times, from Daffodil Delight and Elegant Eggplant cardstock.
I add more confetti and sequins to the inside of the card; I think this birthday card would make anyone happy to receive it! The main sentiment is stamped in our Archival Black ink in the middle, and the flowers were stamped in Watermelon Wonder, Mint Macaron and Delightful Dijon (stamped off once).
Remember that the new Occasions catalogue and Sale-A-Bration start on January 5th, and you’ll be able to order and earn these, and more, great products then! I've always liked to create things, but I'm not a great artist, or sculptor, or any type of 'traditional' artist - but I love to stamp and create! Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Having a custom header will be the difference between you standing out in your prospects mind, or being lost in the sea of competition. If you are set on having a blog online and want to have complete control over your own content to brand yourself and host what you would like, but do not want to deal with the technical challenges of getting your blog online, I strongly recommend Empower Network.
Poke your face through the photo cutout and be photographed as the large lady in the bathing suit or the skinny lifeguard for some light hearted fun with the family. Put them in the photo cutout boards as stocks and soak them with as many sponges as you can. Then brighten up your seaside course with a series of  beach themed PicturePutt obstacle pieces, two activities for the price of one! There’s a thousand different ways to create that special header just for you, and this is just one step by step guide. You don’t want to start out with poor quality images which can distort and look pixellated later on.
This is where using your own images comes in handy, you are free to utilise them however you choose.
Sometimes when editing text in this way, you need to reposition the text to get the best colour.
I’ve made a promise to myself that what I know in Photoshop I will do my best to convert into GIMP tutorials.
And I know exactly what you mean, it’s so difficult knowing exactly what you want but not having an idea as to how to translate it into an actual image.
I am new to GIMP, and this was a great way for me to learn more about GIMP’s layers functions. If you have made it this far you deserve kudos, by the end of this post you will have your cool new header.
Most of these you’ve used in part 1 & 2, and this quick refresh will give you something to refer back to. Whether you’re creating a header, a business card, or even a Facebook cover, the final steps are simply a matter of arranging things where you want them to be on the right sized canvas.
Layers can have anything from shapes to images, to text, to solid colours and everything in-between.

Remember to click the ‘chain’ icon in the Scale Tool window to ensure your image stays proportionate as you change it.
For example, my blog theme Chateau-Wordpress recommends a minimum of at least 960 pixels (width), and 260 pixels (height).
I hope this was helpful and you are now the proud owner of a unique blog header that is perfectly you!
I’m hoping that by teaching a few of these basics it will help others learn some great overall basic skills.
I’m actually just signed up for a photoshop class to help me do this very same thing. Remember, your header can be ANYTHING you want it to be, it doesn’t even have to make sense, if you know what I mean? I was just wondering if you could tell me which font did you use for the 2nd one from the bottom? It won’t be exact of course, since Photoshop is usually the instrument of choice for professional designers, but if you are tight on cash, doing it in Canva is a great option. Then, to hide the parts of the line that were sticking out above the banner, I used a white square to cover it. If you can use subtle textures, that is better than a flat color (usually- there are no hard and fast rules). In some cases they can look nice, but it’s very easy to go from classy to too cutesy and “scrapbooky”.
As Internet Marketing advances, the days of simply just having a site online is becoming a thing of the past. Thank you for all your wonderful training and free resources tips for beginners and veterans alike. Also your point about having value is clear and to the point because, the mistake that some folks make is trying to profit first and not provide value.
It’s designed for beginner to experienced bloggers who are on a budget but still want something unique.
Remember, we can always reduce file size when we are finished putting the whole header together if needed. Do not worry about where it is on the page, so long as all your text is still within the image.
The process is a little slower as you have to create the watercolor splatters yourself, but its definitely do-able!
I studied photography in college a couple of years back which I loved, I was a lot better at the editing than actually taking the photos though so I have to admit I’m pretty jealous of your awesome skills! I will show you some GIMP basics you’ll need to combine all your elements, then finish our header step by step. I have created a few more examples at the end, to show you just how versatile this method is. You see, now that you have each part of your header ready, you can use these tools to create other useful things like your blog business cards as well. Think of them as sheets of transparent paper on which you are going to create art, in this case, your header.
Selecting the text tool and clicking within your image will automatically create a new text layer, or you can create a new layer before hand. But there are some tried and true principles to help guide you on your quest for header that looks well done. This award-winning photography blogger has combined both the elements of simplicity (in her text logo), plus a symbol (the heart), and then adds a beautiful photo collage. I run this site as an extension of my full-time digital marketing business-- which includes branding, social strategy, WordPress training, sales funnels, design, website maintenance, and blog migrations. Demonstrator The content of this blog is my sole responsibility as an independent Stampin' Up! Now I just have to go back and find your training video on how to set up the wordpress blog!
She’s got a brand logo on the left, with a traditional blog-like header on the right.
The bottom portion is white, and when it butts up against the content background, it looks more 3D.
Learn how to easily design and install your own custom header even if your not the computer savvy type, or design expert. I was a complete novice when I first created mine after all! I love sharing what I have learned, so I hope this helps you create something you absolutely love. I’ve tried a load of sites and found kind of similar photos but nothing quite like yours which is pretty awesome.
Soon I will have more things to blog about and produce value as well, thank you very much for your free learning video’s and emails.

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