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Creating a background in photoshop is a fantastic way to make your image stand out as unique.
Right clicking on your new layer choose blending options, tick Gradient Overlay and in that section change the Blend Mode to Overlay and tick reverse.
Next we need some clouds, these need to be both behind the moon and in front of it for a bit of perspective so we’ll start by making a new layer just behind the moon. Great so that has taken care of the clouds behind the moon, now we need to do exactly the same for the ones in front of it. Create a new group and change the blend mode to color dodge, then create a new layer within the group. Now for some sparkle, this time we’ll need a new layer above all of the others, and choose the hard round brush at around 7 pixels. This entry was posted in Montage, Photoshop and tagged background, brush, clouds, moon, night sky, Photoshop, sky, stars, tutorial.
Flash banner can be simply customized through text file, so you can create your own web banner by yourself. Microsoft PowerPoint can be used to easily create banners that you can easily convert to flash banners. To create a banner, firstly, open a new slide, choose the banner option and click “ok” and design your banner as you’d like it to be. Choose from hundreds of professionally designed banners by different industry categories and industry-standard sizes. Set your background either as animated or static, choose from 400+ backgrounds or add solid color or a gradient or add your own image. Add unlimited text fields; import system fonts, apply curved effect to text with Arc Text, access font Character map, use transition effects, hyperlink text and more--all in seconds. Use the built-in dynamic shape generator to create different shapes or access symbols from a library of 4000 symbols.
With canvas based editing, user can review the effects of changes made on the banner workspace simultaneously. Choose from a large number of readymade transitions like Zoom, Transparency, Stripes, Spin and many more.

Make your banner loop continuously ensuring banner animated effects keep running indefinitely.
Select banner templates from our template gallery according to your industry and size preference. Use FTP to website; combine multiple banners for uploading banners or displaying multiple banners hence enjoy a convenient web use. In addition to banners, you can create Flash Intros, Flash Slideshows, Buttons, E-cards and more!
Most of the high-end Flash editors offer too many never-to- used features and tools adding hundreds of dollars to the price tag. With arrangement tools like select-all, group, ungroup, lock, hide, send backward, bring forward and alignment, you can arrange banner elements easily. Merriment Design by Kathy Beymer is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License. This free printable DIY happy birthday banner sports circles polka dots in blue, orange, red and green. The font in this birthday banner is from the super cute Handmade Charlotte’s stencil set.
The nicest way to say you like it is to pin it on pinterest, post a comment, follow Merriment Design on Facebook, twitter, pinterest, Google+ or sign up for monthly emails.
Copyright stuff: You’re more than welcome to use this free project and tutorial for personal use. In this tutorial we’re going to show you how to creat a background in photoshop with a simple but effective night sky. Drag your moon into your new document, I have provided a basic crescent moon for you to use or you can paint or find your own. Next add a layer mask to this layer and paint out the top half with a large soft brush to give us some gentle fluffy clouds. Try your brush out on this layer, it may take a few tries to get a smatter of stars that your happy with. After customizing your banner, you then use the flash converter to convert your file to a flash format.

You can add elements to banner, apply effects and use transitions on banner to create stunning results. Easily set the start, stay and exit timings on any of the effects, and have complete control to create customized dynamic banners. If you want to see viewers getting redirected to a particular page by clicking on an image, you can simply provide the specific URL. Instead of these hard-to-use and expensive options, Banner Design Studio provides you with an optimized, easy-to-use and cost-effective option.
This fabric set the tone for the whole party — this printable banner, the party hats, #1 birthday cake, front door decoration, the works. Keep reading for the free printable template, step-by-step tutorial instructions and supply list for making my free printable happy birthday banner.
This sort of background can be customised in many different ways once you have created it to suit many image styles. Using a layer mask instead of the eraser allows you to easily undo any mistakes you may make and also lets you change the shape of the clouds later if you change your mind. Add a layer mask and again paint out the top half of the clouds until you have them just at the bottom.
Here’s an image of good brush settings for stars, basically you want your spacing set to the highest as well as the size jitter and scatter. You can experiment with this tutorial to create other versions of this background but now you should be ready to add whoever you want to your background. You also have several elements to change varying from texts, images as well as size of the banner you desire. Symbols are categorized in 37 industries hence you can use them to create banner for your industry.

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