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Music Shake provides a free online tool for students to experiment with and create music from scratch. Beat Lab is a free service through which you can experiment with thousands of sound and rhythm combinations. Incredibox is a neat website that allows you to create unique rhythms and sounds from drag-and-drop menu. From the same people that brought us the great computational search engine Wolfram Alpha comes Wolfram Tones. Veengle is a free tool for creating compilation videos from the content you find on YouTube. Historic Map Works could be a good place for students to find old maps to compare with current map views.
Your requested content delivery powered by FeedBlitz, LLC, 9 Thoreau Way, Sudbury, MA 01776, USA. Today, we have come across this wonderful site which allows users to create their own customized sound effects and create free sound effects online. AudioSauna allows users t o create  various effects like Distortion, Chorus, Bitrate, Reverb and Delay. Also, the most important thing audio wise is the new Note edit tool, which enables editing note velocity and note cutoff values. Phanindra is the owner of SparkInDark which serves as the platform to get information about latest giveaways,softwares and tweaks. The tempo adjusts itself automatically making sure you’ll never be out of sync with the rhythm. Studio quality effects and a large set of templates lets you make professional production of sound that you composed. Cons: You need to be aware of how exactly the steps in composing music work to make optimal use of the application.
If you have never visited the AudioTool website, you have missed out on one of the best ways of creating music on the internet. If you do not have a very fast internet, there are some free software that you can download on your computer and create music without connecting to internet. You can share your creations with anyone on the Hobnox community by uploading your creation to your profile page. Collaboration tool Splice just quietly launched the biggest, best-organized database of free plug-ins I’ve ever seen.
My guess is that this could entice people to the Splice store, too, when they do want to invest in software. Unless you see something different when logged in, it’s a big list in seemingly random order, without categories, tags, or a search feature. And if it does get a lot better when logged in, it hasn’t communicated that to me in a way that would entice me to sign up. Foosnark – the plugins are organized by actual user popularity, tracked in real time.
Ah, that wasn’t happening for me – yes, please do report it to them, as they seem committed to fixing it! It really needs more immediate info regarding what OS’s the plugins will work under and whether they are 32 or 64 bit. The ability to sort by compatibility is a big one, so — well, Splice is listening, so worth suggesting that. CDM is an online magazine for creative technology, from music and DJing to motion and more. CDM by Create Digital Media GmbH is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.
Like most of the other services in this list, Music Shake provides the instrumental sounds and students select the beats.

After you've created your music samples you can download them, reuse them in Myna, or embed them into your blog.
The sounds in the menus are recordings of a Bobby McFerrin-like artist making "human beat box" sounds. Okay, so it might not make you a singing sensation, but it could help you create music tracks that you can share with friends and use in multimedia productions. If you have used Apple's Garage Band or Aviary's Myna, Soundation will look familiar to you.
Wolfram Tones uses algorithms, music theory, and sound samples to generate new collections of sounds. That list included tools for viewing YouTube without ads as well as tools for remixing YouTube content.
Here's how it works; search for YouTube videos on Veengle, then select the portion of each video you want to include in your compilation, after you select each video portion click on "add to compilation" and that segment becomes a part of your compilation. My initial thought is that students in a history class to could create a "video timeline" of sorts by creating a compilation video that includes segments about important events within a particular era. This morning, through Google Maps Mania, I learned of another good place to find historical maps. One of the more interesting sets of maps on Historic Map Works is the Antiquarian maps collection. MAGIX Music Maker 14 is the perfect solution for stunning songs, experimental beats and exciting soundtracks.
High quality premium sounds, virtual instruments and integrated mixing console and exclusive effects are all available for this purpose. Instruments available create realistic sound by combining synthesized instrument sound mixed with typical play behavior of real musicians making the sound more natural. Produce a perfect harmony and mix, mix the instruments at the right volume, adjust bass or the drum; they are all at your command.
James Samson - May 7, 2016 Searching and sorting out your favorite music collection is essential if you want to access your music files without stress. James Samson - May 6, 2016 Looking for an easy-to-use solution for remote control, desktop sharing and file transfer?
James Samson - May 5, 2016 Issuing work orders and tracking company assets can be pretty cumbersome and tasking if you don’t have access to the right tools. After the website loads, you can click on the ‘Launch App’ to go ahead and create your own music. You may think that is only a simple web based application; however, when you make use of it, you will realize that it helps in creating good quality music files.
That online site of collaborators has also amassed a huge pile of data about what people actually use. Splice have also done some serious curating here, so everything is neatly organized and has big, bright screenshots. In other words, if you’re trying to build a popular store, you might want some free options to help you do it. You can experiment with different sound loops, choruses, and instrumental sounds to create your own unique sound loops. Soundation provides five tracks on which you can place music clips and sound effects to mix together. There are some limited transition elements that you can add to your compilation to smooth the transition from one clip to the next.
For example, I might ask US History students to create a chronological compilation of videos about Civil War battles.
Have your students look through that collection to see how cartographers drew the world in the 14th and 15th Centuries. Music Label helps you organize your music collection, and offers you the opportunity of using its catalogue feature where you can catalogue your music.

Team Viewer is an easy-to-use solution that works behind your computer firewall to enable you share and transfer files between two machines.
The benefits of using or having an inventory management software installed on your system are quite enormous. It will provide you with different music instruments and effect boxes together with a mixer to create music. The interface of AudioTool is pretty intuitive, and should be easy for anyone to understand. The amount of time AudioTool will take to record music files depends on your internet speed. The music creation experience around plugins will only continue to improve and we’ll be updating the site with many more free plugins in addition to ones available for purchase. It is free to experiment with the service and play your music online, but you have to be a paying member in order to download your musical masterpiece. You can specify how often you want each sound played and how quickly you want the sounds played. To use Incredibox just head over to the website, select the English or French version, then start mixing sounds by dragging from the menu to the "people field." Every time you add a new sound a new person appears in the screen. To create your original work you can select from Soundation's gallery of 400 free sounds, upload your own sounds, or record new sounds using the instruments and keyboard built into Soundation. Wolfram Tones allows visitors to choose samples from fifteen different genres of music on which to build their own sounds.
But, you can view more than half of the maps as Google Maps overlays using Historic Map Works's free Historic Earth Basic.
When you've created a product you like, you can download it or share it in Soundation's gallery. Once a genre is selected visitors can then alter the rhythms, instrumentation, and pitch mapping of their sounds. You’ll also receive more exciting synthesizers like LiViD, your own personal virtual drummer. These can be direct recordings, imported MP3s, instrument records, songs from CDs or whatever. It also means you can use this as a jumping-off point for collaboration – and a source of tools for which neither of you have to pay.
You can add more sounds by selecting "add more sounds" and choosing from the huge catalog of sounds. When satisfied with their creations, users can download their sounds or have them sent directly to their cell phones.Having students experiment with rhythms on a drum set is usually a very loud experience for the students and for anyone within earshot of those students. If the sound you want isn't available in the Beat Lab catalog you can upload your own sounds. That probably explains why my elementary school music class was held in a room behind the cafeteria kitchen and hundreds of yards away from any other classroom. Fortunately, developments in technology have made it possible for students to experiment with drum rhythms on a quieter scale than was previously possible. In order to download your projects as MP3s you do have to Tweet or Facebook to your friends that you're using Loop Labs. Monkey Machine is a free web-based program that allows students to experiment with drum set sounds and rhythms.
Using Monkey Machine students can customize the selection of drums and cymbals in their virtual drum set. Monkey Machine also allows students to customize the tempo in their drum tracks and the frequency with which each drum or cymbal is played.

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