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The Mutopia Project contains now over 500 pieces of royalty-free sheet music, and it's all engraved by Lilypond.
There's some more free sheet music courtesy of the Gutenberg Project, a massive online collection of public domain texts of all sorts.
It so happens Lilypond comes with some MIDI to Ly software, turning the audio file into the textual description format Lilypond uses, .ly. PLEASE,if you can, find me a trumpet part or something that a trumpet can play for Axel F, that song is so sweet. Here’s a few ideas on materials to help get you going…see if you can design your own instrument! You just got your shiny Google Music beta invite and you are eager to use it, but you don't like the idea of having to have your browser (or an extra tab) open to stream music on your Mac? When you hover your mouse over the widget you will see a small button with an "i" in the middle of it in the bottom-right corner. After you click on the "i" button, you will see a small settings screen similar to the one above. Look at your medical charts, view test results and x-rays, request prescription refills, and much more with UH Personal Health Record. Still, just as a reminder, we’ll begin by taking a quick peek at the updated design of Intermission Food Court.
The larger-than-life murals of musicians are gone, but that doesn’t mean the nods to music have disappeared… they’re just more subtle.
Right next door is the Grill Shop, where you’ll find basic food court favorites (burgers and hot dogs… and what’s a Disney food court without Chicken Breast Nuggets?).
By the way, if you’re thinking, “Okay, great, but can’t a guy or gal just top their burger with ketchup, lettuce, and onion, like in the good ol’ days?” Yes, you can :). We went with chili sauce, plastic cheese (okay, fine — it’s just called “Cheese Sauce,” but we prefer the DFB term of endearment ), and fried, breaded Onion Petals.
Before you get your create-your-own-what-have-you, something to know is that every item is made to order, just like at End Zone Food Court at All Star Sports.
These are the shoestring cut that have made their way all across Disney World counter service restaurants in recent weeks. Dinner options include Shrimp Creole, Carved London Broil, Baked Chicken, Carved Roast Turkey, and Salmon. Even though it doesn’t say “Create-Your-Own,” the taco salad kind of is, since the Cast Member will take your requests for toppings after filling your shell with lettuce on the bottom, and then a helping of seasoned, very finely minced ground beef. I opted for salsa, shredded cheese (the plastic cheese here is reserved for the Nachos), jalapenos, onions, and sour cream (on the side per request). If you’ve had taco salad at Pecos Bill’s or Tortuga Tavern, this is pretty much the same thing except you don’t top it yourself.
Next to the Specialty Shop is the Bakery, featuring breakfast items such as muffins and bagels, and desserts like cookies and brownies. Our final station is the Gelato Shop, which also features a selection of smoothies and iced coffee throughout the day. Even better, he’s sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar, so it’s churro-meets-Mickey-waffle for what comes together in the sundae as a fun mix of cold and warm, fun and decadent. I believe guests at All Star Music have a lot to look forward at Intermission Food Court both from an atmosphere and a food perspective, thanks to this refurbishment. It was still closed when we were there last month, but when I showed my husband the pictures, he immediately thought of Panera. Am taking my family within the next 4 months and staying at The All Star Music and I did not find any menu for breakfast. I know this post is super late, but I’m trying to plan a trip coming up where I can bring my own bagels for breakfast. According with the laptop’s graduation to instrument status, laptops orchestras have spread worldwide, inspired especially by the innovative Princeton Laptop Orchestra (“PLOrk”) directed by Dan Trueman and Perry Cook. As with the PLOrk ensemble, L2Ork combines expressive input with open-ended digital sound making production, localizing the sound near the computer itself using hemispherical speakers. You don’t have to enroll at Virginia Tech to apply these lessons to your own music making, however.
Basically, our configuration supports every single functionality of MSI Wind netbooks, which we use as the backbone of the orchestra.
I’d definitely like to offer, as well, some information on how to make Ubuntu work this well for you, and how to learn Ubuntu, Pd, JACK, and other free tools, in a way that’s beginner-friendly. In the meantime, it’s worth mentioning that if you aren’t excited about the prospect of custom-configuring kernels yourself, the Indamixx Linux laptop we’ve featured previously is pre-configured in a similar way; the netbook I’m testing now even runs on the same MSI netbook. I'd be interested in hearing more about the design of their software, and how that lends itself to musicality or not. I've been wondering for a while how these groups wire the subwoofers into their ensemble. I think I'm going to try to get a few players together for a laptop orchestra in Australia, maybe later next year. On the sound spatialization issue, I heard a speaker at GDC argue quite the opposite, that people are just as able to spatialize low frequencies (and he was a guy doing research in nothing else).

I love the DIY vibe of this, but it strikes me that the Wii doesn't look to be much better at gesture sensing than the Buchla Lightning, which I reviewed 8 or 9 years ago. Oh, PS, I don't think the similarity to the Lightning was lost on either Don Buchla or Max Mathews.
In the meantime, here are the basics: we are using Pioneer car speakers, retrofitted DTA-1 amps, and obviously IKEA salad bowls for enclosures. Actually, in all seriousness, I suspect you probably can learn something from working this way, even in the cases in which it's awkward, for the same reason that you can likely learn something about painting by using a paint roller.
Last night I stumbled on the first bar of the Beverly Hills theme, Axel F and wondered what the rest of it was. This short guide will show you how to turn the Google Music site into a Dashboard widget on your Mac, allowing you to leave your browser closed and still access your Google Music account. Make sure you uncheck the box labeled "Only play audio in Dashboard." If this box were to remain checked, once you leave Dashboard the music being streamed would stop.
Some of my favorite features include the guitar fret wall, the “drum kit” over the beverage station, and the woodwind instruments surrounding the Singing Spirits Bar. We aimed to get a small sampling from each station — or “shop” —  on our visit, but I don’t want to  miss the chance to point out the Pizza and Pasta Shop, which was one station we didn’t try. Create-Your-Own is the name of the game here, too, for both the burger options (angus beef, chicken, or veggie) and the hot dogs.
No matter what you’re topping at this station, choices remain the same, as listed on the photo below.
You’ll find more traditional condiments and toppings outside the ordering area as part of the beverage station, where you can help yourself. There is nothing especially noteworthy about the dog itself — just your regular, tasty hot dog. Hopefully you can see in the photo how nicely browned and seasoned they are, and super crisp to add texture variety.
Same flavor as the standard Disney fries, with a hint of potato skin on them from the natural cut, but thin. While options will change frequently, on our visit flavors choices were vanilla, chocolate, raspberry, and mango, while seasonal options were pumpkin spice and peppermint. A generous pile of whipped cream and caramel sauce (the caramel sauce is a given, but the Cast Member kindly confirmed that we wanted it before pouring it on). It’s the only place I know that does macadamia nut cookies with maple and pecan ice cream. PLOrk’s alumnus Ge Wang has even gone on to greater fame making applications for the iPhone via ocarina and T-Pain app developer Smule. In this way, the laptop instrument can attempt to learn something from acoustic instruments, which are played with human gestures and have sound sources that are positioned physically where the instrument is. You can apply the lessons of the L2Ork ensemble to put together your own Linux audio machine. Ivica Ico Bukvic, director of the Linux Laptop Orchestra and the DSISIS Interactive Sound and Intermedia Studio at Virginia Tech. You can achieve demonstrably lower-latency audio performance without introduces glitches and dropouts on Linux running the real-time kernel than you can via either Apple's Core Audio or ASIO on Windows, at least for a USB interface.
How much students are able patch themselves, and make their own decisions technically or sonically, how data is shared between the performers, how they interact with that data, what types of things do the instruments do, like how is the control data mapped musically. I can see in some pictures that there are lots of hemispherical speaker arrays and a couple of subs. Or do the subs get a mixed down version of everybody's sound so that everybody has a better low end. As a cellist, I need a musical instrument that responds to fine muscle movements and provides immediate tactile feedback at the fingertip level! I have one of these, and it feels almost as good at that price as the previously-boutique product used for medical applications, research, in the *tens of thousands* of dollars.
But … well, isn't it a bit like teaching a painting class using rollers and spray guns? The video above is from one of the early rehearsals of this particular piece and I think it shows. As much as I agree with this ethos, I also think that its a bit limiting to insist that all music needs to be played on such instruments.
Music that relies on compositional technique rather than performance skill is equally valid.
Thanks to Teresa who leant me her old (30+yrs!) one I've been interested enough to buy my own. It is so good I nearly fell off my chair - their treatise on engraving is well worth a read to appreciate the typography of creating sheet music. Both these would be enough for someone with a good ear and motor skills, but I'm not that person. We created a simple guide to show you how to turn Google Music into a Dashboard widget on your Mac, allowing you to close your browser and still enjoy your streaming music collection.Dashboard is a great feature often overlooked in OS X. Unchecking the box allows Dashboard and Google Music to continue streaming your favorite tunes.

The pasta might be the more noteworthy option, though, since the Create-Your-Own Pasta trend that guests are enjoying at Landscape of Flavors and End Zone Food Court (in addition to other resort food courts) has made it’s way here. But the chili sauce packed a decent amount of flavor (a little less dense than a regular chili for easier spreading), and the choice of plastic cheese was inspired, if I do say so myself ;).
For lunch, options included Create-Your-Own Salad, Turkey and Muenster Focaccia, Beef and Blue Focaccia, Chicken Quesadilla, Taco Salad, and Nachos Supreme. We’ll be excited to see what the new year brings, to the All Stars and the rest of Disney World. Less than twenty years ago, real-time digital synthesis and audio processing was the domain of expensive, specialized workstations.
The sounds of these ensembles may sometimes be strange, but by pushing laptop performance, the groups are a great place to look for how to get the most out of computer music, whatever your tastes may be. They’ve even further-documented the process of making PLOrk’s signature “salad bowl” speakers.
Hence, in part for the purpose of cutting costs while still offering spatialization capabilities where IMHO it matters the most, we have one sub per 5 performers. Waving your hands in the air is, frankly, a gross (meaning that literally) way to make music. If you want to experiment with music, you can easily buy and learn to play an electric guitar or a flute. My college days are behind me, but I would love an option for making electronic music the same way we have a community band for adults to relive the marching band glory days. There is plenty of interesting, even deeply creative and profoundly affecting music that relies on compositional technique and not performance skill. In combination with Safari you can create a Web clip of nearly any site, allowing you to interact with a section of the site outside of your browser.This guide can be used for a number of sites and similar services, the process is the same no matter what site.
You can also change the appearance of the widget, as well as adjust the size by clicking on the Edit button on this same screen. So today we’re back at Intermission Food Court to explore the food options a little more in depth, from a full rundown of the menus to sampling a few of the items ourselves (as we so love to do!). I wasn’t even there at high lunch time — my visit was somewhere around 3 pm, and there was still a fair wait.
Now, $700 per seat can buy you a full-blown musical rig, with the computer hardware, gestural input courtesy the Nintendo Wii controller, and even a DIY speaker made from IKEA salad bowls. By using Linux-powered netbooks, they’ve slashed the per-student cost from that of the Mac laptops used in some other ensembles, on a machine that’s more compact.
Once we clean everything up we will actually generate a full HD image and offer it for public download in hope to allow people to load that thing and thus allow them to have the best possible out-of-box experience (obviously as far as MSI Wind is concerned). But you do have a greater level of control, and an ability to achieve specific performance optimizations that are either impossible or more difficult on the other OSes. Both instruments provide a far better response to small muscle movements than something that you wave in the air.
Half-Life piece uses them as mallets that detect up to 8 different hits, while a student work instead of Wiimotes explores creative uses of a laptop keyboard). Sometimes, it can be better to view contemporary computer-driven music creation as more akin to conducting mixed in with a bit of real time composition.
But the real reason I tend to bring up concerns of this sort (other than simply being a grumpy old guy, which is what I am) is because I suspect that at some institutions of higher learning, the students can get academic credit for doing wacky digital experiments, when they're not actually learning anything that will be useful in the real world of music-making. The first thing you will need to do is open Safari, navigate to the Google Music site and login.
Doing so will allow you to move the viewable portion of the page around (click and drag the page), as well as make the widget as big or small as you wish (click and drag the bottom-right corner).
Far from making sacrifices to save money, the result is actually  greater reliability, flexibility, efficiency, and audio performance. Pd abstractions and other useful objects that help streamline interaction layer) once we resume school in late January 2010.
I guess the reason we liked Wiimotes so much is because they are very modular, wireless, and offer tactile feedback (namely rumble feature which we've used in various contexts, from detecting a mallet hit, to a conductor warning), rugged and a very flexible design that fosters agility, as well as relatively decent resolution at a minimal cost. It certainly isn't very closely related to using (generally acoustic) instruments that provide a lot of scope for skilled performance. When adjusting the size of your widget keep in mind, due to this being a widget you won't be given scrolling capabilities when viewing the widget.
Whereas learning to edit audio glitches in Pro Tools, as boring and fussy as it is, might actually get them a gig.
Play around with the size of the widget and what area is viewable within that space to find the perfect setup for yourself.

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