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The iMovie project: Note the Bulletin Board titles on the first and last clips, the transitions between clips, the cutaway shot over the middle clip, and the background music track. To import this project into Final Cut Pro X, simply choose Import -> iMovie Project from Final Cuta€™s File menu, and then select the project you want to import.
The project appears in Final Cut Pro X exactly as it did in iMovie, including the project theme and the color and audio adjustments made in iMovie.
Wea€™ll start with a shot that I color-corrected in iMovie, but with the correction disabled so that we can see the original. While the Balance feature can be a quick fix for a clip's basic exposure problems, it doesn't allow you to make any adjustments beyond simply turning it on and off. Using the Color Board, you can quickly give a shot a warmer or cooler feel, create a black-and-white effect, or even create a vignette effect by using the masking controls. With a familiar user interface and editing methodology, and the capability to import your iMovie projects complete with titles, transitions, and effects, Final Cut Pro X is a compelling way for iMovie users to achieve more-professional-looking videosa€”and have fun in the process.
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Perhaps you or a musician friend have a song, and you need a music video to help promote it and your band. For the music videos, producers can use a variety of cameras, including a professional Panasonic AF100, DSLRs that shoot HD video, small GoPro cameras, and even iPhones.

You can shoot a music video anywhere using a variety of high-quality, reasonably priced consumer DSLRs or dedicated camcorders.
In addition, many point-and-shoot cameras shoot HD video now, and did I mention the iPhone, plus other camera phones? If you opt for the a€?live on stagea€? option, ita€™s a great idea to get as many friends and family as possible for the video, so the band has a sell-out crowd.
If youa€™re shooting outside, ensure the sun is behind you, not the talent, otherwise, theya€™ll appear shadowed and the background too bright.
If you have more than one camera, youa€™ll be able to do fewer takes of the song, but dona€™t worry if youa€™re limited to one or two cameras.
There are two schools of thought when it comes to editing a music video; in many professional NLE programs, such as Final Cut Pro X, editors will use a special option, or third-party software like PluralEyes, to sync the song with the a€?live sounda€? captured when the video was shot.
Regardless of how you choose to edit, syncing the song with the scratch audio in iMovie a€™11 is very easy. Therea€™s no right or wrong way to edit your music video; youa€™ve probably heard of MTV-style editing, which means quick cuts, going to new shots and angles in a rapid-fire style, perfect for upbeat songs. Once your music video is completed, you can easily share it on YouTube and Vimeo, or create a QuickTime movie to share anywhere, including Facebook. Amazon Shop buttons are programmatically attached to all reviews, regardless of products' final review scores.
Ita€™s intuitive, it includes high-quality templates and simple effects, and it can handle most basic editing tasks.
Underneath, however, is a powerful, professional editing application with a deep feature seta€”which is why it costs $300. I used one of iMoviea€™s project themes, which includes title animations and transitions, and then adjusted audio levels, color-corrected a few shots, time-reversed the closing sunrise shot to make it look like a sunset, and added a music track. Note, however, that Final Cut Pro X will not import iMoviea€™s movie trailers or animated maps. Final Cut Pro Xa€™s Color controls lets you manipulate the look of your video far beyond what is possible in iMovie. To do so, click the Inspector button at the far right of the toolbar or press Command-4, select the Video pane if necessary, and click blue the iMovie checkbox.
When enabled, Balance analyzes the brightness and color values of a shot, and then automatically adjusts those values as needed to create dark shadows and bright highlights, and to remove any color cast the shot may contain due to an improper white-balance setting. We give you the scoop on what's new, what's best and how to make the most out of the products you love.
You can have fun with it and write a short film that plays with the themes of the song, or make it as simple as just hanging out at home playing music.
If you have access to high-end cameras, thata€™s wonderful, but affordable HD DSLRs sell for as low as $500, if not lower, as new models come out and old ones drop in price. Many of these cameras shoot in high-quality 720p and 1080p high definition video at 30 frames per second (fps), and the footage is gorgeous. The band may have to play through the song more than a few times, but youa€™ll be able to get all sorts of angles of each member, their instruments, and the audience. Or maybe ita€™s just a simple setup with a singer and guitar on a beach and in a park playing a beautiful song, and holding shots longer and adding dissolves is more appropriate for the song.

Our parent company, IDG, receives advertisement revenue for shopping activity generated by the links. And since it comes as part of the iLife a€™11 suite of applications included on every new Mac, the price cana€™t be beat. It can import iMovie projects, so you can take a project you started in iMovie and open it in Final Cut Pro. I also took advantage of iMoviea€™s Advanced Tools to add a cutaway shot over the interview clip. It uses the same concepts of events and projects; and many familiar iMovie functions, such as setting ranges, clip skimming, and the magnetic timeline, work in Final Cut Pro X as well.
Balance is an all-or-nothing feature that you enable simply by clicking the Balance checkbox. With the Color Board, you have complete control over a shot's color, saturation, and exposurea€”and you can limit your adjustments to specific tonal ranges, such as the shadows, midtones, or highlights. In this example, I've darkened the shadows, brightened the highlights in the Exposure pane, and increased the overall saturation to give the shot a more colorful, high-contrast look in the Saturation pane. The good news is, you dona€™t need a mega-budget: just some creativity, a quality camera, friends and family (for potential extras), and iMovie a€™11 to edit your masterpiece.
Another option is to cut the video with the a€?live sound,a€? or scratch audio track, intact, then sync the final cut to the high quality version of the song. As far as graphics go, I tend to shy away from them, except a small credit to the band (or singer), the song name and website. Because the buttons are attached programmatically, they should not be interpreted as editorial endorsements. The tools for manipulating audio are limited, and editing is pretty much a drag-and-drop affair, which can be slow and inaccurate. Next, turn on the audio wave forms button, which will give you a visual representation of the sound. But for your production, you can add some flashy graphics with the templates found in iMovie a€™11, if you want. Final Cut offers many professional tools and a familiar interface, which give you even more editing options. If you're looking to expand your editing horizons, you may want to consider upgrading to Final Cut Pro X. Have someone standing by with the song ready for playback, so the singer and band can lipsync and play along, and make sure youa€™re capturing the live sound.
From here, ita€™s easy to sync the audio of the song to the video clips with scratch audio. To test if ita€™s synced up, hit play, and if therea€™s no echo, ita€™s perfect; then simply delete the scratch audio track from the video clips.

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