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Included with the extension are several dynamic-data-source starter files, which provide a starting point for PHP, ASP, and Coldfusion data sources. Important: Please note that these templates are for dynamic data sources, and are NOT pages into which slideshows should be inserted! This is due to Dreamweaver thinking that the example code is requesting a dependent file to be copied. The file can use either the Single Gallery Format (shown in this tutorial) or the Multiple Galleries Format (requires more advanced programming not covered in this tutorial). When your file is finished, you should be able to preview the file in a browser, and see a properly-formed XML document.
Now that you have your blank template, you're ready to bring it to life with some dynamic data. To translate this list into the proper XML format, you must create a loop in the dynamic data document.
Important note about image paths: Regardless of where the dynamic data source file is located, the image paths must be relative to the HTML page holding the slideshow.
Make sure that the recordset code doesn't include any linebreaks or other whitespace between code blocks. Now, switch to the Bindings section of the Application panel (this example shown in Dreamweaver CS3; other versions are similar). If you want to use a title, caption, link, or thumbnail from the database, replace the other attributes with data from the Bindings panel. Once everything appears correctly, the dynamic data file is ready to be added in the wizard as a source of external image data.
As stated in the comments, the first reference must be relative to the data source file and the second relative to the slideshow's HTML page. In this example, you will start with a pre-defined (static) list of image URLs to display in the slideshow. The doctors and staff at Boardwalk Dental in Fort Collins, Colorado, are committed to providing you with professional, quality dental care. You can add any option in the list (starting on line 2 above) that has a value of a number. Also on line 4, you can add in another function for when the animation is finished (line 5). Last week, I introduced a piece of software called Opus Creator, which I had published a number of pieces of software over the years, including some commercial ones.

Once you’ve chosen HTML5, my suggestion is to allow it to fit on to any sized screen. Opus lets you design a number of pages similar to PowerPoint which link together depending on what you want to do.
I need to find my images now so I’m going to go to the Creative Commons search engine to find some images that I can use. I need to click on the Slideshow button to create my slideshow, then I simply drag the size I want it to be on the screen.
Adding a background is as simple as clicking on the Background tab and choosing an appropriate colour.
Now you’re ready to publish your slideshow as a HTML5 document, which means it should be playable on any device.
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If you have specific concerns regarding your insurance coverage, please do not hesitate to contact us today. In this post we’ll be adding in a little animation for the thumbnails just to bedazzle up our slideshow. Note: The jsFiddle at the bottom of this post is a composite of all previous posts (Thumbnail navigation option 2) on this jQuery Slideshow. I decided to revisit it this year as the latest version allows you to create games and other publications in HTML5, which is supposed to work in almost every browser and on almost any device.
I’m going to assume that you know how to install and open the software but just a couple of pointers. This will allow it to be seen on any device, though there is a risk that if the device size is very small or very large there could be issues with resolution or animations.
It has a number of tools such as text boxes, images, hotspots, buttons, frames, video, internal browser, animation tools, drawing tools, etc.
I also set the Background colour here by clicking on the Background tab to match in with the rest of the screen.
Then it’s a matter of clicking Next, giving the page a name, then one more click and we’re ready to go! The next stage is to decide how long you want each image to appear on screen before you move on to the next one. That is, if you set a trigger, such as a mouse click or drag an item, then an action will happen as a result.

I’m going to increase the time of the slide to 5 seconds so that people can look at an image for longer. We’re going to be creating a slideshow in HTML5, which means it should be able to work in any browser. The other options are useful to look at – you can create EXE files which can run on Windows, Flash Files, which run on almost all devices except for some tablets such as iPads, videos or even DVDs.
There are lots of ways you could change the actions on this slideshow: for example, you could right-click to pause the slideshow and left-click to resume. Follow the prompts and you’ll end up with a number of files which you can upload to your web site. To begin with, we’re going to create a template page, which essentially will have a colour-splash background. However, I’m going to program it later so that if you click on a slide, it will move to the next one. The main file should have the extension, htm, which is the one you want to click on to look at.
Every other page will have exactly the same background as the Master Page or any other elements that we choose to add to it. You simply click the Image tool and drag it on to the screen then follow the same process as before. I’m also going to use a transition, Fade, for all slides but you can choose whatever you like.
Once you’ve done that, the action you need should be found in the list of actions under Slideshow.
Select Forward One Slide and then select the name of the Slideshow then click apply and OK.
The last thing I need to do is add a background to the slideshow so you’ll be able to see the items.

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