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When coaching any movement, like a squat, you start to see certain faults appear regularly across large groups of athletes. You’re charging people for your services, leasing a commercial space and possibly employing trainers. Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon to see CrossFit classes with 20+ athletes and 1 coach.
Your athletes hand over their hard earned cash to train in a safe environment where they receive personal attention.
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CrossFit’s mission is to instill a culture of physical fitness in the Law Enforcement Community by fueling a revolution in athleticism based on the pursuit of function and increased general physical preparedness. By Affiliating your Agency or Academy with CrossFit, you join a network of Law Enforcement professionals from around the world who are committed to providing the best fitness training available. 4) To qualify for Law Enforcement Affiliation, you must be at a Law Enforcement Agency or Academy and be non-profit. These mistakes are simple and seem obvious to you, the badass super coach, but the athletes seem oblivious to the damage these faults could cause. Not the kind that are going to shut them down or kill someone, but the kind that stops them from realising the full potential of the affiliate.
Granted, demographics have a big part to play in choosing your price point, but don’t use that as an excuse for your insecurities as an affiliate owner causing you to undervalue yourself.

Even if your box can fit that many people, you can’t guarantee they are all being watched and corrected by the single coach. I’ve witnessed it change thousands of peoples lives and witnessed ordinary people achieve extraordinary things, as have you. All the usual suspects were there: supplement companies, Lorna Jane, guys in polos promising to make you a fortune etc. State, Local and Federal components of the Law Enforcement community have successfully implemented the CrossFit program with resounding success. Affiliation is free and connects you with the resources you need to implement the CrossFit program for in-service, Agency or Academy settings. If you meet those requirements, CrossFit will waive the annual $3000.00 Affiliation Fee and the insurance requirement.
So you do the badass coach thing, point out the fault and work with the athlete to correct the problem.
I understand that tax, work cover, insurance, finances and legislation can be boring and scary, but it’s the reality of owning a business. If you have a Facebook page, business cards, affiliate shirts or car signage then you already market. It doesn’t matter what you have to do (cap class sizes, add extra classes, hire more coaches), controlling class sizes should be a priority.
But what stood out was that over half of the venders had something to do with CrossFit or functional fitness.

We believe Officers are professional athletes, and our goal is to provide every resource available to enhance an Officer’s ability to thrive during their career. Increased physical fitness, improved morale and self-confidence are common and immediate themes we see upon the adoption of the CrossFit model.
Please review the most frequently asked questions page and the 4 steps to Affiliation below.
But to criticise, mock or laugh at someone who follows a program besides CrossFit is a dick move. There were CrossFit and oly weightlifting demos, paleo stands and even a local box on display.
But could you be doing the same in your affiliate; making simple mistakes that could be damaging your business?
To top it off, the guest appearance was Steve Willis, one of Australia’s OG CrossFitters.

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