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A I am amazed by how many people I will call on in a day to offer them the opportunity to market themselves in ways that are beneficial to their business. A In many cases when you do not wake up to opportunities your business struggles and before you know it you are closing your doors.
PEOPLE IT IS TIME TO WAKE UP AND LOOK AT HOW YOU ARE MARKETING???A  Remember in many cases youA may be speaking to someone who can be an asset to you company.
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I have heard it all I don’t have a budget, I am no interested,A  I have done something similar and it didn’t work? It has nothing to do with the economy it has everything to do with you and how you promoted your business.
For example you can do a 12 minute segment on an Internet TV Show for $100 reaching 48,000 viewers with 77% in you service area fitting your target demographic, you should take advantage of that. I have given many businesses ideas that they have used and as a result their revenue has increased. The figure above explains the working of a customer driven organization.A customer driven organization might have Customer and business intelligence as its strategy for which it needs to use Data mining, Database marketing and Decision support. Are you changing with the times and getting to know the people who are presenting you with opportunities or are you one of those I know everything business owners that will struggle and eventually go out of business.

These tactics help understand the customer and provides value to the organization.A customer driven organization also has its branding and marketing strategy in place for which it needs regular brand assessment and development.
I saw someone do a mailer for their daycare center that supposedly reached 50,000 homes, they didn’tA  realize that 30,000 of the homes were condos in a 55+ community. Because of these tactics the organization builds the right expectations for the customers from the brand. In 2011 I approached a local pizza business about donating 10 large pizzas to our local Relay For LifeA Event. The owner said through his Director well we get results to which I said you would get better results with a more direct approach to your target audience. Through its online interactivity, these organizations provide websites that prove very compelling to use and are very practical. I explained that if they were to get one mother and her children to come in for a cleaning that the ad pays for itself.
I replied sir in reality I am asking for about $50 worth of product, which is your cost to make the pizza. For such a strategy, the organization needs to design a really effective website and develop the supporting web solutions.The customer driven organization also needs to have an integrated marketing approach through email, web or phone.
He asked how do you know and I said because I have been dealing with pizza restaurants for a long time and many of the owners have shared with me the cost of making a pizza.

For this to happen it needs completely co-ordinated channels and operations such that it can reach the customer through these channels.Finally the organization needs real time knowledge transfer between employees and customers such that it promotes the organizations products by themselves. As I left I thought wow another so-called professional who is being penny wise and pound foolish.A  I felt like telling the marketing guy hey you just let a great opportunity pass you by because of your lack of vision.
In such real time knowledge transfer customers get to research and interact about upcoming products and services thereby increasing the sales ratio for the organization. I did not but I did get some satisfaction when I saw him in public and asked how the practice is going and he said oh we are a little slow. About 1 month ago I was in the plaza where he was located I say was because his place is out of business. This is especially true for financial organizations.Thus a customer driven organization has 5 different strategies which can be applied and for any firm wanting to make a change to customer driven strategies, following these 5 strategies will do the work.
I said well when your ready to speed it up call me you have my number.A  It is with this in mind that I tell the entrepreneurs and marketing executives that are reading this blog that it is TIME TO WAKE UP!!!!! In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page.

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