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We develop database solutions designed to give a single customer view in which the customer is placed at the centre of a relational database.
Handling data feeds from multi-channels a€“ registration companies, ticketing agencies, and online data capture. The data framework below conceptually shows the potential power of a a€?blue chipa€™ approach to a marketing database solution embracing all bells and whistles. Sharing knowledge with you: the databases we design have web interfaces which means that you can access information about your customers and campaigns whenever you want it. Marketing focused: we are direct marketing experts and our database designs reflect this experience and knowledge. Experienced: we have worked in the events industry for 6 years with Clarion Events and The Really Useful Group.
Supportive: two of our fundamental principles as a business are to provide a high level of customer service and to be proactive in adding value to our clientsa€™ businesses. Flexible: our databases can take information from a range of data feeds such as website booking supplier or electronically entered paper-based data.

It takes a Direct Mail Printing team to really make your Direct Mail Print dance with personalization. At CSG Direct many of our staff have worked directly in casinos and our print and mailing services are geared around what you need and we know you need it fast! Tracking Bulk Mail through the US Postal Service has not only been our dream, it has been our destiny. I worked with a large membership organization (numbers changed to preserve confidentiality) where I learned about an aspect of email marketing that I had not encountered before.
It is the engine room that directs and evaluates marketing activity driven by the customer knowledge captured and stored within it.
Flexible functionality equals cost effectiveness, so that from the start, you get the right database at the right price.
Our solutions are focused and practical because we are able to, where relevant, input and guide the marketing user specification in partnership with our clients. We live and breathe variable data printing, variable graphics and high response direct mail.

Our New Innovations are shaking up direct mail, reducing postage and ensuring a smooth mail delivery. Later, marketers began to understand that even simple grouping of their customers allowed them to run more relevant, effective and profitable campaigns.
We lay down a user group marketing specification at the front end and do not start software development until this has been signed off. More recently, sophisticated marketers and retention experts a€“ particularly in Internet companies a€“ have discovered that applying the latest technologies to this challenge delivers far more targeted (and profitable) campaigns.

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