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Latest research shows that more consumers are turning to the Internet to find products and services.
If your site has already been on the Web for some time, and is already listed in all of the major directories, then you will probably begin to see improvements in your search engine rankings within 4-6 weeks or less.
A complete revamping of your website using search engine optimization techniques will result in an improvement in your search engine rankings fast. For most websites it takes between 45-90 days to achieve 1st page rankings but if the keyword market is very competitive it can take longer.
We first analyze your existing website and ensure that it is spider friendly and optimized for the keywords you are targeting.
Most of the on-page optimization we perform on your existing website pages is done in the code behind the scenes.
This analysis reveals approximately how many times per month each keyword gets searched as well as other valuable data.
We understand that trust is a big factor when choosing a SEO provider because one of the most disconcerting parts about working in this industry are all the fly by night operations that pop up and offer prospects unfounded promises. A successful search marketing campaign is neither framed overnight, nor the result of good fortune, it is carefully engineered, sustained, and managed as a crucial asset. Before we begin your SEO campaign, we run a baseline report showing where your site is ranking for the keywords we are targeting.
There are only ten listings per search page and to get you there we must know exactly where competition stands.
Only about 40% of web designers actually use a search engine optimization strategy of some sort. I wanted to expand upon this without the 140-character limitation of Twitter because it’s an excellent question about niche marketing, of which I’m a great advocate, as you know if you read this blog regularly. One of the best ways to find contacts in niche markets is to look to industry organizations. So, for example, if I wanted to target lawyers, one of the obvious places to start is the American Bar Association.
One way I’ve found to get around paying to access member contact information is to do a search for the organization’s name along with something like “proud member of. The other method I use to find information without paying to access a membership’s database is to use social media. Again, it will be time-consuming going through the, for example, Twitter streams of large organizations like the American Bar Association, but remember, this is a long-term investment in your freelance business. FYI, at the time of this writing, the American Bar Association has over 7,000 followers on Twitter. FYI, all contacts you find should be entered into some type of database so that you can contact them over and over again on a pre-determined schedule.
If you start marketing to them consistently, you will find that you’ll need to add fewer and fewer contacts because just staying in touch with those you have will keep you busy enough with writing work. Word of Caution: No matter how busy you get, never stop adding fresh contacts to your database. Over time, you’ll craft messages geared specifically for them, start asking for referrals and testimonials from them, offer them special deals and discounts, etc. My sister tells me that I’m blessed with the mind of a marketer because I seem to come up with ways to market that others don’t think  of.
FYI, in How to Find Unpublished Freelance Writing Jobs, I discuss the 7 ways I’ve used to find freelance writing jobs that most don’t think of.

Get Freelance Writing Jobs: How to Create an Online Writing Portfolio That Lands Jobs Fast!
This question is way too general to answer without much more detail, ie, your niche, how many times you’ve contacted them, your rates, etc. FYI, in the ebook Marketing Emails that Land Freelance Writing Jobs, I discuss numerous ways to contact companies — laying out exactly what to say .
I’m wondering basically about te right level of detail to go into for that initial approach.
A $50,000 Editing Contract Landed via a Content Mill … Hmmm, Is It Time to Re-Evaluate These Sites? How to Start a Successful Freelance Career Newsletter: Get concrete specifics on how to start, grow and run a successful freelance writing business. Every business that has undertaken SEO has been able to benefit both in terms of traffic and revenues. You should expect to see improvements for six to nine months, as the changes to your site are added throughout the databases that drive the major search engines.
It provides search results not only on it's home page, but powers other search engines' results as well. We then create a linking campaign which results in a large number of quality one-way back links for your site. Unless your site is mostly flash or comprised of images there is very little redesigning required. We then generate a new list that contains only the most highly targeted keywords that will most often convert to sales and that are getting enough traffic to make it worth your while to target them. You will be able to track an increase in visitor traffic (as we gain best search engine spots), track volume of new leads and sales delivered with that traffic, and ultimately and easily translate this to your return on investment. However, we have been in the business of Internet since the last 10 years and have built a solid reputation amongst our clients. First we can't do too much too fast otherwise it will not look like natural growth and the search engines will not give as much credit to our efforts. Once we achieve the rankings we send another report that clearly shows all of the 1st page placements you have for each keyword across the top search engines.
You can easily verify the data on the reports by going to each search engine and typing in the keyword to see where your rankings are by hand. We analyze their search positions, search market share, keywords, links, code, affiliations, and so on. But think org’s when targeting niches, eg the Bar Association for Lawyers, the AMA for Doctors, etc.
For example, continuing to use our example of attorneys, I did a Google search for the phrase “proud member of the American Bar Association.” Three hundred and fifty thousand (350,000) results were returned (see graphic just below).
Once you find out what the main organizations are for a specific niche, find their social media accounts (eg, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.). Over time, if you consistently research and add contacts to your database, you may have a couple of thousand in it. I’m only on page 19 – the second idea – and I must say that my writing business will never be the same again! Visit our freelance writing bookstore for a ton of opportunities (freelance writing and internet marketing) to get you started.
Remember that you may have many competitors who are also performing search engine optimization.

Google claims to have indexed over 3 billion pages, but in reality, that number is probably too small.
We also create custom content written around each keyword being targeted and integrate this content into your site. The second factor is how well your website sells those visitors once they land on your pages.
Since most of the down payment is used to cover the initial optimization, analysis, research and preliminary linking the other portions of the campaign must be completed over the course of 90 days which is what the monthly maintenance covers for that time period. This detailed breakdown helps us evaluate competing search marketing methods and estimate resources that will be required to place you company in competitive search engine spots. Choosing and implementing the correct keywords instantly jumps you ahead of 94% of the web pages on the Internet.
And, while it can be time consuming, it’s worth the effort because you’re building your own in-house database.
You’ll know, as you gain more experience, when to raise them, lower them, package services for one price, etc. It’s interesting to see that many firms still have very basic sites that do little to explain their services.
But, for more difficult niches that might not be so easy to locate, the method I outlined works well. I was wondering if you’d be interesting in hiring a ghost writer to contribute posts on a regular basis. What's more, our team of in-house web designers can make your website SEO friendly by doing of-site optimization as well. In this regard, we do offer a conversion analysis if you find that your visitors are not converting to sales very often.
If you require more convincing, you can speak directly to our clients and they will be able to tell you about the results we create. Once we have achieved significant 1st page visibility for your website we will want to protect those rankings.
Your database is the foundation of your freelance writing business, so never regret the time you invest in building it.
Nobody mentions them in freelance writing discussions, and it’s no wonder that so many are hurting for clients. Your method works fine too, but is there an additional benefit I’m not seeing to targeting prospects via a trade organization (or Twitter for that matter) verses just finding them on Google? This would cut down on the amount of writing you have to do, and increase your readership by putting out more content. The good news is that search based leads convert to sales 50% more often than any other kind of lead since the prospect is actually looking for what you sell to begin with.
In that case the monthly maintenance fee covers monthly monitoring and reporting of your campaign.
If due to a change in the search engine algorithm or increased competition we see your rankings being to drop we can respond immediately with additional linking or content syndication to maintain your positions.

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