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Wir organisieren Ihre B2B Marketing Kampagnen so, dass Entscheider erreicht und bewegt werden.
The following 9 terms are so overused or misused in B2B marketing that they have lost nearly all meaning. When you say strategy, are you referring to your 50 year strategic plan that considers things like the lack of potable water and the impact of peak oil on your business?
Leads may refer to anything from a list purchased from Jigsaw to prospects that have full BANT qualification (that is, they have Budget allocated for a solution like yours, they have the Authority to purchase the solution, they have a defined Need for a solution and they have an established Timeframe to purchase a solution). Awareness is easy to define, but B2B marketers that are more focused on direct marketing results use the term far to liberally.
Like awareness, brand can easily be defined, but without additional context it confuses rather than clarifies the discussion. Version two: Our $20,000 investment drove $100,000 in revenue but only $15,000 in incremental profit.
If you are using these terms, particularly if there are new people on your team or you work with agencies or consultants, stop and take a minute to clarify what you mean. About Eric WittlakeI am a digital and B2B marketer with a background in online media and analytics. Brad, yes, solutions is definitely one of the words we, as marketers, use to describe what we offer too much. Yes, these are broad terms, but with use, I think they have become much broader than they once were. The sad part is, all of these are terms that have the potential to be valuable in discussions of marketing objectives, plans and measurement.
BTW it seems my Thought Leadership content isn’t driving the Engagement I had thought possible, even though my Strategy for increasing the Awareness for my personal Brand seemed sound. Until there are better or more accurate words, just because we are tired of them or folks use them improperly does not change meanings of the words. I agree, we can’t stop using these words (and these are all words I would call important if they were consistently understood), but I do believe we need to take the extra minute to stop and educate people about what we mean when we use words like this. I agree to some extent, but if somebody executes tactics surrounding any of these successfully I don’t mind that it all started with a buzzword. I am a digital and B2B marketer with a broad background in media, marketing technology and analytics.
It has always been Sales that is responsible for the revenue, measuring how leads move from one stage to the other, with the ‘Funnel’ as the foundation.
We start with the traditional Sales Funnel, which is basic and is focussed on showing the transformation of leads to customers. Today, a website plays a significant role in the overall marketing plan; in fact, for many companies, it is also a transaction platform. The Website Sales Funnels are different from the other funnels in this list, because they measure the activities performed by the visitor on the site before they are even considered a Lead. In all of this, I would like to highlight, one factor that stands out, it is the absence of marketing influence. Here is where Marketing Automation players are coming in and positioning their product as either a funnel builder or as a means of becoming a part of business revenue as opposed to the business cost. At the very beginning of the funnel, marketing plays a vital role in Lead generation, by creating awareness for a product or service and bringing a Lead to the site. Most of these leads, though live, are not active and sale ready and hence they need to be nurtured. Why the marketing funnel is important is that it clearly defines marketing’s role in the revenue generation process, it shows how involved marketing is in the sales process and how integral it is to the process of converting Leads to customers. Marketing until now has always been considered as a cost center, however the entry of Marketing Automation platforms has ensured, companies are able to measure the ROI for their marketing activities and marketing stakes a claim as part of the revenue.
IN THIS BLOGWe share our collective wisdom - based on many years of experience and insight - about marketing automation, sales processes, and lead management. However, in a day when content mills and automated curation tools use content to drive search and social traffic, these common definitions of inbound marketing fall short. Marketers today have layered so many activities under the inbound label that new inbound marketers may completely miss what made inbound effective in the first place! Michael is right with his assessment, but only if we first redefine inbound marketing to strip away the outbound mindset that is beginning to pervade it.

Inbound marketing is marketing focused on being found through the recommendation of others and delighting everyone that finds you. In 12 B2B Marketing Predictions for 2012, I predicted an increase in inbound marketing failures as B2B marketers jump on the inbound wagon. Does this definition of inbound marketing capture the opportunity or do other elements need to be added? One of the big challenges for B2B marketers is always the time it takes for inbound to ramp up, glad to hear you have been making the commitment to build and grow an inbound program over time. So I think we can agree on the main point of your message: it is simply not enough to buy impressions, or place crappy content in social channels.
I’m currently writing my BA thesis in Communications and just wanted to let you know that I found your definition of Inbound Marketing very helpful! I would argue this killer combo of marketing is mainly for B2C marketing and thus it is best applied to the marketing of products, especially mass retail products.
I have to say I think you are merging two concepts: a) the need to update the 4 Ps, which is dated b) taking social media concepts and applying them to b2b. It sounds trendy and cool, but having been a Communications Manager for a major b2b company for the last 5 years, I would say that the principles of solid b2b marketing still apply, and yes, they are different from b2c. Connections could almost be a feedback loop – which social could really help you with getting the right feedback and making even better decisions.
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Le marketing B to B represente l’ensemble des relations commerciales entre les entreprises et les professionnels (entreprises, administrations, artisans, professions liberales, associations…). Il est tres difficile de connaitre a ce jour l’importance des activites en B to B car une meme entreprise peut vendre des produits a une autre qui seront destines au grand public et vendre ces memes produits a une entreprise qui elle les distribuera a des professionnels. Le commerce B2B concerne un nombre d’acteurs plus limite que le marche grand public, et fait donc davantage appel a la personnalisation des produits ou des prestations, et se traduit par la mise en place de partenariats privilegies. Il s’avere difficile de mesurer le B2B de facon precise, puisque les entreprises proposent bien souvent leurs produits a la fois aux consommateurs finaux et aux autres societes commerciales. AIDA-Modell, Conversion (Konversion, Umwandlung), Konversionspfad-Analyse (Funnel-Analyse, Trichter-Analyse), Lead Generation (Leadgenerierung), Lead Nurturing, Lead Management, Customer Journey, Multichannel-Marketing (Multikanalstrategie), Brand-Screen-Modell, Konversionsphasen (Konversionsprozess), Touchpoint (dt. Industriegutermarketing gelten andere Spielregeln als beim Konsumgutermarketing (B2C Marketing). Is it perspectives on where your industry is going, best practices, or technical expertise? Or are you referring to a twitter strategy that includes your autoresponder rules, mass following tool and autoshared content sources? A best practice guide, vendor comparison, industry perspective and even a sell sheet have been lumped under the heading of whitepaper by many marketers. At others, it refers to more traditional advertising metrics like increasing intent to purchase or interest in the product. They are widely used in planning discussions, in agency briefs and in the media, but they no longer clearly communicate your intent.
I work with B2B clients on media and integrated marketing programs at Babcock & Jenkins.
These have all become catch-all phrases that require further explanation to make any sense. If my Integrated efforts at leveraging both social and search for Demand Generation continue to fail generating Leads I will face a massively negative ROI.
Based in Portland, Oregon, I am currently in charge of the media group at Babcock & Jenkins. This ‘Funnel Diagram’ over time, has been recreated and modified in different forms to enable a better understanding of the conversion process. It is a measure of investment versus return, but it also defines the stages and processes involved in this journey of effort converting to results.
This funnel is focused on the customer and his progression from someone interested in a product to someone who uses and promotes the product.  It highlights the different stages of a Lead’s journey and how a company can provide the right information and motivation to the potential customers to move onto the next stage of the purchase cycle. This funnel focuses on how prospects behave in the different stages of the buying cycle and how you can create demand for a product during these stages.

It is no surprise that we have a Website Funnel that shows how online visits transform to customers and the different stages of this process. Source of the visitors, their level of engagement with the content on the site, their reaction to different calls to action on the site and their interaction with the company – via form fill or request form before the sale is made, are all qualifiers which decide if a Lead is worthy of entering the Sales Funnel.
But, that is changing with advent of marketing automation; increasingly marketers are looking at the funnel and either thinking of ‘How I can actively participate in it, or how I can have my own funnel’. Once on the site, the Marketing Automation platforms capture the Lead info and help with the prospect list building process. This is where marketing initiated drip campaigns ensure that the lead stays engaged.  Marketing collaterals like Whitepapers, Research Papers, Case Studies etc. Collecting likes and followers to broadcast your content too can drive traffic through social channels, but it misses the heart of the social opportunity in inbound marketing. I will outline a new functional definition for inbound marketing, adding additional key components and expanding on the role of search and social in inbound marketing, in the next post on inbound. Especially when it comes to content mills, although many of Google’s Panda changes last year addressed a lot of those problems. This framework is newer, and in my opinion, more applicable to a wider range of today’s marketing challenges.
But in our zeal for embracing digital platforms and social media, we’re going bonkers over new promotional media, forgetting that the true marketer has a strategic responsibility for what gets built in the first place. At the moment we’re looking to build on our existing database for the UK so are particularly interested in exchanging data.
Selon les statistiques europeennes, les echanges interentreprises representeraient approximativement les deux tiers du total des echanges commerciaux dans les pays de l’union europeenne. Ce commerce interentreprises a lieu aussi bien sur le marche interieur que sur le marche international, en fonction de la taille des societes concernees.
Unsere Marketingberatung entwickelt zusammen mit unseren Kunden Marketingstrategien und Marketingkonzepte fur das B2B Marketing. I don’t know many people that would have talked about a specific Channel 5 primetime strategy in the past. Although,ait least it gives us a new title to aspire to that would’ve been considered highly unattainable in the past must be rather easy now! The Sales Funnel signifies how the funnel entry, where large volumes of leads enter the system, becomes narrower with the passage of time.
Since the funnel also looks at after sale behavior, it helps companies to plan in advance their strategies for retaining customers and converting them into advocates. The number of people who are aware of the product is significantly high, while the final number that actually makes a purchasing decision is insignificantly small.
Le marketing industriel (echange de biens industriels) et le marketing d’affaires (projet, solution, cles en main) sont des sous-ensembles du marketing B to B. Auf B2B-Markten sind Transaktionen zwischen Unternehmen anders aufgebaut als zwischen Konsumenten und Unternehmen. I still firmly believe that, traditionally defined, every one of these terms has a place in marketing.
Those Leads which show an interest in buying from the company are sent proposals and quotes and if the offerings meet their needs, the prospects, who have so far traversed the funnel, become the new customers for the company.
Business to business is people’s business (and yes, they need Content and all the rest, but personal relations remain quite essential). Zum Beispiel um herauszufinden, an welcher Stelle ein Websitebesucher einen Bestellprozess oder Konversionsprozess abbricht (Konversionspfad-Analyse) oder bei der so genannten Customer Journey, also den Kontaktpunkten, die ein Nutzer mit einer Marke, Produkt oder Dienstleistung hat. Die Struktur und das Verhalten der am Kauf beteiligten Personen unterscheiden sich im Industriebereich grundsatzlich von dem im Konsumbereich. Wir systematisieren die Kaufprozesse mit Ihren B2B-Geschaftspartnern und bringen mehr Transparenz in deren Beschaffungsstruktur und -verhalten.
I’d say you need a good curator to separate the wheat from the chaff and a platform that lets you browse marketing content by rating. Nach der Strukturierung der Kaufprozesse richten wir das Marketing spezifisch auf den jeweiligen Geschaftstyp (Produkt-, Anlagen-, System- oder Zulieferergeschaft) aus.

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