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The worst feeling in dentistry is when you walk into your office and look at your appointment book to see that you have half a dozen open appointments.  Having a successful dental practice can be difficult. As a dental practitioner your number one goal is to take care of every patient that comes through your doors by giving them healthy, beautiful smiles however, sometimes there just aren’t enough people coming through the doors.
Over the years, we have found that dental internet marketing hinges on new patient specials. Often times when a patient calls in to your office directly, they are greeted with a busy receptionist with a lot on their plate.
As hard as it may be to believe, just because someone reads your patient’s reviews, that does not always mean that they will feel inclined to leave a review of their own. How many times have you called an office, a restaurant, or a doctor and had the phone ring and ring until it clicks over to a prerecorded message. As of January, 2015 it was estimated that 74% of people are connected to some form of social media. When was the last time you sat down and actually watched a video that was over 3 minutes long, while browsing through the Internet? Even before we were open for business, we had a great website and marketing and most importantly —PATIENTS calling weeks before we were open to schedule appointments. Custom Designed Dental Websites: we will build a site based on your preferences, likes and dislikes (you will have several design options to choose from). Full Copywrite Service: we will write ALL of the content for your site, based on you, your services and the type of practice you have.
Mobile Friendly Dental Websites: your site will be built in HTML 5 responsive design, meaning you wont need to pay someone another $500-$2000 to build a mobile website!
Content Management: your dental website will come with a content management dashboard, so that you can edit the content in the future without paying us or anyone else to do it for you!
Incorporated Blog: we will build a functioning blog that you can update right into your dental website! Online Lead Generation Services: we also offer Search Engine Marketing services to drive more qualified leads to your dental website!

Days dedicated to treating children are becoming a popular way of engaging young people in dentistry and they also prove to be both cost and time efficient.
No one chooses a new dentist these days without first checking out their website; it’s convenient and not time restrictive. Nikki Berryman, Dental Practice Business and Marketing Manager, gives the lowdown on blogging for your dental practice.
Les Jones explains the importance of marketing your practice, and your patient membership plan to help you to attract new patients and retain existing ones.
This week Chris Barrow explains why you need to nurture your database – including prospects and clients.
I believe that the main reason why practices do not write newsletters is based upon not knowing what to write and who to include.
Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. I am sure every single one of us has forgotten an appointment, or double booked our schedule. Yet with every new client that comes to our program, I spend countless hours working to get them on board with the notion that new patient specials are not just needed but critical to growing their business long-term. Most likely scenario is they are probably sitting in front of a patient that is waiting to be checked in or out, and they have 5 other telephone lines ringing to be picked up.
That means that 74% of all people connect to others through the internet.  If this stat is true, then that means that as a practice you should be very proficient communicating via the internet. He came highly recommended from a number of my dental colleagues in not only the greater Atlanta area, but from out of state as well.
Responsive design reformats the dental website depending on the size of the screen the user is utilizing to view the dental website.
The main question is, how do you go about implementing all that strategic stuff that you’ve been developing? As a result, having a strong dental practice website presence becomes more and more important.

Many practices aren’t aware of how important it is to have a data capture process in place, so this week Chris Barrow shares an excellent case study to reinforce why capturing e-mail addresses and permissions should be an absolute ‘must’ when it comes to your marketing strategy! The first part of doing a newsletter has to be scheduling them into your marketing vision; our newsletters always go out in the spring and the autumn and I have a real passion for them. So I would like to take a minute to discuss some of the objections I listen to over and over again and how I’m likely to respond should you and I ever have this conversation in person. They are used not only to increase brand exposure, but also to encourage customer interactions. Here are a few ways to remind patients of their appointments, and encourage re-booking when something else comes up.
EVoice also did a study, and they found that of all messages left, 33% of them are not ever even checked.
Social media has grown immensely in the past several years, and continues to grow at a pace faster than ever before. Providing a live chat program for your clients ensures that they can reach you when making a phone call is not convenient. It is your goal to get as many page likes, shares, comments etc., but are you providing your audience with content they can connect with?
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