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Before investing any money in technology we first have to make sure that your foundational marketing strategy is ready for the Internet.
Not only will CDM design and develop a professional website for you our copywriters will also write 100% of the content.
You may have heard of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) but that is just one of the many tools CDM will use to send a flood of traffic to your website. Many companies waste thousands on Internet projects because they don't take the time to build a solid strategic foundation first. The figure above explains the working of a customer driven organization.A customer driven organization might have Customer and business intelligence as its strategy for which it needs to use Data mining, Database marketing and Decision support.
Start by developing an Internet-ready Unique Selling Proposition plus a thorough marketing process.

60% of consumers will now check out your website before calling you or visiting your business. These tactics help understand the customer and provides value to the organization.A customer driven organization also has its branding and marketing strategy in place for which it needs regular brand assessment and development.
Then define a follow up system, an upselling strategy, and a referral strategy to maximize the lifetime value of each new customer. Because of these tactics the organization builds the right expectations for the customers from the brand. Through its online interactivity, these organizations provide websites that prove very compelling to use and are very practical. For such a strategy, the organization needs to design a really effective website and develop the supporting web solutions.The customer driven organization also needs to have an integrated marketing approach through email, web or phone.

For this to happen it needs completely co-ordinated channels and operations such that it can reach the customer through these channels.Finally the organization needs real time knowledge transfer between employees and customers such that it promotes the organizations products by themselves.
In such real time knowledge transfer customers get to research and interact about upcoming products and services thereby increasing the sales ratio for the organization. This is especially true for financial organizations.Thus a customer driven organization has 5 different strategies which can be applied and for any firm wanting to make a change to customer driven strategies, following these 5 strategies will do the work.
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