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Technology’s increasing sophistication – coupled with the rising amount of time people spend on the Internet and social media networks – continues to drive robust efforts in the field of digital marketing.
The question has been drawing the attention of thought-leaders and entrepreneurs across industries. Digital marketer Jeff Dachis, who co-founded the company Razorfish, told Forbes in January 2013 that marketing efforts should focus more on brand building instead of just driving commerce. With rising ownership of smartphones and tablet computers, mobile is set to play a huge role in the future of digital marketing. In essence, AR involves the addition of digital information into an individual’s physical environment. Another mobile-driven development that is positioned to benefit digital marketing campaigns is the introduction of responsive web design (RWD). Responsive web design automatically adapts to a device’s screen size, orientation and platform, removing the need to create separate sites for traditional web and mobile sites. With major players such as Walmart and Facebook investing more heavily in mobile commerce and advertising, the future of digital marketing seems bright.
Now imagine a world where you knew how many sales you could close, just by the amount you spent on online marketing. The way it works is a very simple formula, and to get started all you need are a couple of things from your sales team.
So finally, we would use our online marketing tools to drive 2,000 visitors to your website. As you can see, using this formula you’ll be able to see exactly the return on your online marketing investment!
El Marketing Digital es un avance para la organizacion o marca mediante el uso de una o varias herramientas digitales como el correo electronico, celulares inteligentes, redes sociales, entre otras cosas.
Los mercadologos, ejecutivos y personas de negocios entienden las formas de marketing tradicional como el uso del radio, TV, medios impresos y vallas publicitarias, entre otras. En segundo lugar, el marketing tradicional no genera una retroalimentacion instantanea ni reportes, estos datos son recogidos mucho despues de la impresion inicial, despues de que se hizo el anuncio, y aun asi,las estadisticas estan lejos de las cifras exactas. El marketing digital, por el contrario, se refiere a los metodos de marketing que permiten a las empresas ver como una campana se esta realizando en tiempo real, que se esta viendo, con que frecuencia, cuanto tiempo, asi como otras estadisticas, como las conversiones de ventas. Este tipo de maestria y posgrado puede enfocarse en estrategias tanto para pequenas como medianas y grandes empresas, sin embargo, es mas beneficioso para las empresas pequenas con pocos recursos, una de las tantas razones de porque estudiar un posgrado en Marketing. Ademas, el uso del marketing digital permite saber los resultados de manera cuantitativa, proporcionando informacion exacta sobre la exposicion de tu mensaje, cuando fue expuesto y que acciones realiza el espectador como resultado. Cualquier persona puede poner en marcha campanas de exito con el marketing digital sin ningun conocimiento previo y sin necesidad de contratar profesionales especiales. En el blog Posgrados en Marketing, podras comparar todos los posgrados en marketing disponibles, clasificados en region como Mexico, Espana y en el extranjero, asi como por tema, como Marketing Digital, Direccion de Mercadotecnia, o tipo de posgrado, como cursos, maestrias, especializaciones y diplomados. Encuentra tambien consejos y tips al seleccionar la maestria de mercadotecnia adecuada a tus necesidades, por ejemplo como evaluar el curriculum de estudios, comparar precios, considerar costo de vida en la ciudad o el pais, entre otros. Es un blog para brindarte informacion sobre los Posgrados en Marketing y ayudarte a encontrar el que mas te conviene.
Last week, I had the opportunity to attend the 360i Client Summit in NYC where I was able to listen to brands discuss the current state of digital marketing within the context of their company. Here is a round-up of the top 20 tools for successfully digitally marketing your business in 2015. Monitoring your activity across social media platforms will tell you if your efforts are successfully reaching the right audience and how well your customers are responding to your brand. Shoutlet – An all-in-one tool that lets users plan and schedule updates whilst also collecting data an fan history by measuring conversations and looking at the sentiment behind them. Viralheat – Viralheat analyses conversations across platforms, seeing how people are engaging with and reacting to brand profiles. Fanpage Karma– For an in-depth look at Facebook fan pages, Fanpage Karma is the best tool to use. Likealyzer – Like Fanpage Karma, Likealyzer analyses Facebook fan pages taking into account the same statistics.
Tagboard – A brilliant tool for identifying trending hashtags and topics, Tagboard shows users the latest posts on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Vine, Instagram and Flickr that have used specific hashtags.
Once you have started your social media marketing campaign and are regularly posting on social networks, you will then need to connect with social influencers.
Buzzsumo – Buzzsumo lets its users identify the top performing content within their industry simply by searching for keywords that are likely to appear in the title of the content.
Followerwonk – A tool for analysing twitter followers, Followerwonk shows you a range of information about your own twitter followers, such as; their geographical location, frequently used keywords and when your most active hours for retweets are.
Klout – Klout provides users with a way of attributing a rank or score for social media users based upon the amount of influence they have. Keyhole – A hashtag tracking tool, Keyhole allows you to follow and track specific hashtag to see how they are performing across different social media networks.
In order to keep your website consistently performing well it needs to be regularly analysed and assessed. SimilarWeb- By entering the URL of a website, users of SimilarWeb will get an in-depth report of that site looking at; the website ranking, number of visits per month, traffic sources- including social referrers and similar sites.
QuickSprout – Quicksprout provides a range of tools that allow its users to analyse their own websites and compare the data with that of their competitors.

Alexa- Owned by Amazon, Alexa provides “actionable analytics” for the web, giving a site overview, taking into account engagement and demographic data, site comparisons and keyword research. Google Analytics- One of the most popular analytical tools, Google analytics provides a great range of insights aimed at improving your website’s performance and it is free to use for sites with up to 5 million page views per month or unlimited page views if your site is attached to a Google Adwords account! Having a fully functioning website that visitors can use intuitively is a huge bonus when trying to attract visitors and achieve conversions.
SiteBeam- With speed tests, cookie law compliance detectors, search engine rank, W3C compliance tools and even a spell checker Sitebeam ensures that all aspects of your website are working as they should be. UserReport- User report provides information collected from your site visitors such as; demographics and overall satisfaction with your website.
Using heatmaps can really help you to understand how visitors are using your website by showing you where they are clicking, how far down the page they are scrolling and identifying any links that are not being used or pages that are not being visited.
SessionCam- SessionCam’s heatmaps show a variety of information such as; mouse movement, click activity, page scrolling and where visitors’ attention was attracted the most.
Inspectlet- Inspectlet offers the same features as SessionCam and ClickTale but has more flexibility when it comes to price packages, making it a more attractive option for smaller businesses. An April 2013 report from management consulting firm McKinsey & Company concluded that the constant availability of technology and information has led digital marketing to the brink of a challenging period. As Dachis told the magazine, social sites are brimming with various measures, such as the tweet, re-tweet, thumbs up, like, tip and check-in. Globally, spending on mobile advertising should top $23 billion by 2016, eMarketer has reported. For example, augmented reality (AR) is attracting increasing interest with Google’s development of its wearable technology, Google Glass. Of particular note to marketers, this information could include hotel locations, prices of items in nearby stores and an assortment of other commerce-related details targeted at specific users based on factors such as their location, shopping history and online preferences.
Simply stated, RWD allows businesses and organizations to design one website that works smoothly across all platforms, from smartphones to personal computers.
Estos canales de marketing generalmente incrementan los negocios, razon por la cual las companias los siguen usando. Primero que todo, es un tipo de marketing directo, que conlleva muchas ventajas como: atencion personal al cliente, motivacion, accion y mas. Con tantas ventajas significativas, el marketing digital es una valiosa adicion a su negocio y le ayuda a conseguir mas por menos. A day does not go by where a start-up is conceived, a new platform is released, or two companies merge their technologies to better serve their clients. In watching these presentations, the common thread to success is that brands are using digital platforms to listen to their customers, learn their habits and quirks, and be there for them when the customer needs them the most.
Data-driven storytelling – Marketers are beginning to find new ways to take what data they have and craft a personalized story unique to each prospect. The use of APIs – I like to think of an API as a bridge that allows two disparate pieces of technology to communicate in the same language. Brands are publishers – More than ever, brands have a strong ability to control how they are represented in the public eye.
We’ve looked through all the tools we’ve used in 2014 and here’s a roundup of what works for 2015. Shoutlet can also be linked to Google Analytics for in-depth analysis of the impact of social media on your digital marketing efforts. Viralheat also has the option of planning and scheduling updates with rich-media integration and link shortening features. It produces detailed reports analysing fan pages, providing information on; the number of fans, average weekly growth, posts per day, percentage of engagement with fans, the amount spent on Facebook advertising, service level and response time of a particular Facebook fan page. Likealyzer is also a good tool to use for competitor analyses as it provides information on; similar brands, average ‘Likerank’ and a rating for where the page sits in its respective industry. It can also recommend similar hashtags and users can create ‘tag boards’ of posts from across social media platforms that share the same hashtag. Social influencers are the best performing profiles on social media, for example, celebrities or brands who achieve high rates of engagement and have a lot of followers. Alternatively, users can search for a domain name and identify the key content that has been posted on that domain. As an added bonus, users are also able to identify the domains that are being used to publish competitor’s content. In addition, users can also use the tool to search twitter biographies using keywords such as product names, industry, location or any other relevant information that will appear in the biographies of the Twitter users that they want to search for. The more active and the higher a user’s engagement rate across social profiles, the higher their Klout score will be. Results can be filtered by conversations and top content and further refined to show influencers that are disseminating the content.
There are a variety of tools around that can help you review your website; some of our favourites are below. This data is also available to download into a handy excel file or pdf, making SimilarWeb a brilliant research tool. Reports generated include detailed SEO reports, social media reports and tips on how to improve your website based upon the findings. Alexa has more of an SEO focus and offers traffic source metrics along with full SEO audits and keyword research.

Google Analytics lets users track their monthly visits, traffic sources, number of page views, average time spent on the site and much more.
It does this through surveys and forms that can be integrated into your site and modified to include your own questions. With tracking features to track clicks, conversions and sign-ups, and testing features that allow you to segment your visitors, Optimizely is a great tool for understanding how your visitors use your website. However, ClickTale offers more insights into your website’s conversion rates and helps users to identify any issues that are causing visitors to drop-off and fail to complete conversions.
There are basic free and micro plans starting at $39 per month, the ‘Start-up plan’ which costs $79 per month or the more agency-specific ‘Accelerate plan’ which costs $299 for a variety of features.
Si es dueno de una empresa con un presupuesto de marketing sustancial, entonces tendra sentido invertir en radio, TV, etc., pero para muchas empresas pequenas, los riesgos son a menudo demasiado altos.
En segundo lugar, es posible crear mensajes de manera uniforme que se pueden formatear personalmente para cada cliente con gran facilidad. The digital space is exponentially growing and creating new ideas to help companies solve complex problems.
Each one of these trends allows brands to digitally enhance the connection they have with their customer, ultimately creating a strong emotional connection to the brand, growing loyalty and increasing profit. Instead of sending generic or slightly personalized content, marketers are digging deep into their data insights to form a narrative engaging with the right person, on the right device at the moment they care.
Marina MacDonald, CMO of Red Roof Inn, noticed a huge opportunity for weather related flight cancellations. Whether it is digital, social, ecommerce, search, display, or marketing automation, marketers are publishers. Please contact us with any feedback or questions about Digital Marketing Suite or IgnitionOne. Viralheat also lets users monitor their competitors and shows them which topics are currently trending. Likealyzer has a unique feature whereby it gives its user recommendations on how they can improve their own Facebook fan page. These tag boards can then be embedded into websites and blog posts – perfect for a marketing campaign that has a designated hashtag!
Buzzsumo will show how many times the content has been shared on each social network along with a breakdown of page authority and number of followers so you are able to see the top influencers that have shared that content.
SimilarWeb can also analyse mobile apps and takes into account the traffic from in-store and external sources and popular keywords from in-store and search engine enquiries. Google Analytics looks at traffic patterns and bounce rates, enabling you to identify content that may be driving users away from your site or is simply not being used.
In addition, UserReport also provides insights into traffic sources, where visitors are clicking on your website and which device they are using to access the site.
With its advanced filtering options, users can separate data into various segments by defining any business process, scenario or funnel.
As a marketer, digital marketing can be exhausting, confusing and leave you asking yourself, “where do I begin?” In my opinion, the best way to evaluate these vendors is by aligning your top three strategic objectives to the top trends in digital marketing to narrow down your pick-list. Ellen Stone, EVP Marketing at Bravo and Oxygen Media, further explained how storytelling can be used with transmedia to evolve or shape the story. When a flight was cancelled, consumers were turning to their smartphones to book a near-by hotel. In a presentation by The Huffington Post, it was mentioned that we have “60X more content from brands in our newsfeeds today than just 2 years ago.” Brands are beginning to recognize significant value in producing informative, timely and educational content for their target audience.
With an agency option, users can also manage multiple brands’ social media from one dashboard.
The suggestions can include; reviewing the length of posts, asking more questions and trying Promoted Page Ads to attract more likes.
SessionCam also has a funnels, form analytics and field drop-off feature to show you where your visitors are entering and exiting your website, and highlights any particular drop-off points on online forms. ClickTale also has an advanced ‘Form Analytics’ feature that produces a number of reports such as; the conversion report which shows how many visitors found the form, tried but failed to submit it and those who successfully submitted it, the drop report which shows which fields were the last ones to be completed before the form was abandoned, the Time Report, the Blank Field Report and the Refill Report. For example, on their show Top Chef, they drive consumers from TV to digital as a way to vote back on their favorite chef who was eliminated, thus using digital as a means to shape their TV show.
Red Roof Inn created an API with weather-data and local flight cancellations to place higher bids in search engines in areas where flights were cancelled due to weather. This thought-leadership positions the brand as an expert on the topic, while continuing to deepen the relationship with their customer in a way where the brand can narrative extremely personalized and relevant content to their customers. Consumers saw them at the top of the search engine and Red Roof Inn was only paying a fraction of the cost in media spend. This directly resulted in at 375% conversion rate and a 60% lift in bookings simply because platforms were communicating more effectively with each other.

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