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Achieving engagement with a customer or fan base is not so much about tactics such as Facebook or tools like Radian6, but how these are best leveraged to enable meaningful interaction with the consumer. We also have a new guide by Andrew Campbell describing how to create a customer retention plan, again part of a long-term process to build relationships.
The people that have already bought from you are super-special, I mean really special when you think about it.
There are multiple ways to generate insight, some of it should be engrained in your business day-to-day, other elements should be done at key times of the year.
Get data from those masses who do nothing on your site, tools like 4Q and Kampyle are great since they're low commitment, fast and anonymous. Email surveys are good if you lack a steady stream of data and prefer to ad-hoc, mass questioning of your database, annually for example.
With the proliferation of social media usage, the idea of message amplification is really key, I feel. We're talking about the consumers experience of your product or service and how they feed that back. Reactive - Zappos are the best example we hear of a customer obsessed brand who put tools and process around their consumer. Proactive - Think Dell as past masters at this, and where Gary Vaynerchuck pushes with his The Thank You Economy book.
Each approach isn't mutually exclusive, after all they're just processes dependent on how an organisation wants to (and can) work.
Of course, capturing and using data is at the heart of informing the creation of tailored content for the consumer. Useful content is at the heart of such a content strategy, on-topic content enables you to demonstrate a continued relevance to consumers who are buying certain types of products from you, or at least they're giving you indicators as to what is motivating and helping solve problems in their world.
This approach has obvious potential for re-promotion of your products in the right way, and at the right time, adding value and re-engaging re-affirms relevance and earns you that right.
A platform to share - One of the most powerful ways to remain valuable is to enable the consumer to connect and share with other like-minded consumers, this allows the like-minded to flock together and simultaneously deliver ongoing insight for the brand hosting the platform. It's a complex space, our recommendation would be to start with simpler tools such as Office Autopilot where the focus is segmentation of a lead database (based on whatever makes sense: preferences, subject of interest, product type) since this enables the communication of the most relevant content.
This table summarises our recommendations on content marketing KPIsA related to retention (Engage) and other parts of our RACE framework. New Era CommunicatorsWelcome to The Practice, a creative digital and marketing agency that has been created to serve the needs of today’s businesses.
The digital sector has become one of the most important aspects of any company’s marketing strategy.
We are specialists in brand strategy and brand implementation, driving responses and creating sales quickly. Creative VisionariesFrom travel and leisure, consumer electronics, finance, property and retail to the public sector, we’ve been successfully delivering integrated campaigns since 1990.
Since 1994 we have been present and active in every stage of development of the digital world since its birth all those years ago. Reputation BuildersAs you can tell from our ‘client list’, we do not restrict ourselves to any one sector and, more importantly, we are not afraid of a challenge. That is why we are perfectly positioned to deliver our clients a tailormade marketing strategy that provides solutions to ‘their’ challenges.
Whether it be a small start-up business or a large corporation that requires a fresh marketing campaign, we at The Practice believe that there is no task too small or too great.
Change MakersThe Practice has developed an industry-leading digital marketing team of experienced professionals to cover all key marketing disciplines. Our team has led the way on some extraordinary marketing campaigns, all of which have been success stories. According to Wikipedia: “Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) is defined as customer centric, data driven method of communicating with the customer. The Practice embraces that definition and brings clarity and simplicity of thought to the process. On 8th and 9th March, more than 200 visitors from all over the world convened in Augsburg Germany for the 17th annual Industry Forum.
The Industry-Forum was kicked-off by a keynote from Jurgen Heimbach, CEO at CADENAS, who provided an outlook to the technical innovations companies can expect in the near future. Every year the keynote provides the opportunity for further conversations, which are especially important to Jurgen Heimbach. In his presentation, Jurgen Heimbach explained why CADENAS prefers to react with flexibility: “Imagine steering on a certain course and suddenly a new important technology rises on the horizon.
Another example he cited was the growing importance of smartphones for private and professional use and thus confirms research observations. CADENAS long-term strategy: Combine customer ideas and requests with CADENAS’ know-how, to identify new opportunities for innovation at an early stage.
With around 20 best practice presentations and interactive workshops from leading manufacturers and users, the international iForum attracted attendees from all over the world, including Germany, Austria, Great Britain, Italy, Asia, France, Sweden, Norway, Switzerland and Turkey.
This year the Industry Forum motto for the evening event was “Everybody knows champions are made in Augsburg.”, Visitors competed in various games around the premier league facility.
A graduate of the Richard Farmer School of Business Marketing at Miami University in Oxford Ohio, Adam has years of experience in marketing and design for a variety of industries. Modern day Marketers integrate the principles of marketing with technology to communicate messages in a rapidly changing environment. The Marketing and Communication specialisation offers students an integrated approach to the traditional marketing principles in: Marketing strategy and analysis, consumer behaviour, integrated marketing communications, trends and segmentation, economics, organisational and global communication, public relations, advertising, brand management and sales and distribution and combines this with innovative design thinking and design fundamentals. Graduates will be able to tackle all aspects of marketing management, strategies and implementation and combine this with a thorough understanding of the theoretical concepts and implications of design conventions applied to professional design practice. Degree candidates can go on to apply for post graduate studies pending they meet the application and entrance requirements of the relevant Institution.

Our programmes are quality assured and standardised across all Inscape campuses nationally.
You can enrol for our Bachelor of Design programme at any campus to complete your 1st year. Students who are accepted into certain degree specialisation programmes might be required to complete their 2nd and 3rd year studies at another specialised Inscape campus. Developing foundational Drawing Skills, Basic Material and Manufacturing awareness, Digital Image Making, Communication, Software and Leadership skills to create well rounded designers fit for any design industry. Developing an awareness of the integrated nature of design, advancing the unique thinking of our students.
Discipline Specific knowledge will be developed through the study of the advancement and use of communication and media in society. Applying theory to practice through progressive organisational and global communication skills will set the marketing and communication designer apart from their peers. Advancing software skills and technical knowledge through data visualisation software programmes that help to promote strong visual messages and includes developing data analysis techniques. Developing an understanding of the business of design by addressing marketing philosophy topics such as Anthropology, Sociology and Psychology. Developing a signature marketing design style by exploring marketing management models, ideas and innovation implementations through critical and innovative thinking. Developing advance knowledge and expert skills in international marketing, sales and distribution management, service marketing and advertising. Awareness of the latest design technologies and innovations through practice in analytical based software programmes. Developing an understanding of the guidelines and principles involved in running a design business. This three-year full time qualification produces professional designers equipped for a rewarding career in design. The first year of the Bachelor of Design provides a foundation in design thinking, constructs and visual communication, photography, material studies, image making and design history, communication studies, leadership and unique thinking and software includes basics in Adobe products. At the end of the first year, students are required to select their chosen stream as a specialisation of their future career choice. We’re located in downtown Princeton, across the street from an Ivy League university and smack in the middle of a little cityA filled with interesting people, great eateries and an excess of psychotherapists. Three Bears uses the Goldilocks Approachto deliver award-winning, results-oriented,strategically-smart, budget-consciousadvertising and marketing communicationsthat are just right for your business. We are strong advocates of sales and marketing organizational alignment and the integrated marketing communications (IMC) methodology. Develop dynamic two-way communication between Sponsor and Consultant to ensure project success. Teach Kaizen, the practice of continuous improvement as an important pillar of the organization’s long-term competitive strategy. Treat everyone with dignity and respect while utilizing constrictive confrontation to challenge strategic gaps and raise awareness of internal obstacles and barriers.
As Seth describes in the quoteA above, open and maintain conversation, ask questions, listen, build better products and market in a more relevant way - add value to the relationship with the consumer. What insights do we have about our customers, their needs from online services and perceptions of our service? They paid you money - they bought into what you said and now have a unique perspective of what it is like to journey from finding you, to evaluating you against the competition, then deciding to purchase anda€¦ then what?
The questions we'd suggest that you ask are surrounding satisfaction with the process, what it's like to deal with you from an outside perspective.
It's the most common form of insights gathering though done last minute when things feel broken, it's certainly better than no insights, just. Build relevant data capture at key buyer stages so that you learn more about your consumer as they near purchase, and beyond.
It's not that everything has to be commercially orientated either, though personally I'd ensure it ties back. If you can engage any visitor on at least some level, then worst case, you can see how well your content and messaging resonates with an audience. Do you understand the gap between your customer needs and your delivery and how do you improve and prioritise satisfaction? As a business tools like Twitter and Facebook are channels back to customer service, no matter what they customer wants, apparently. Dell's approach is to listen to the whole market and seed out unhappy (and happy) customers in order they can pro-actively solve customer problems.
Both require tools, customer process and at the more progressed, Dell, high-end a CRM software or community of some form (see question 5 and 6). Blogs are a way to centralise this, to form the content hub, then repurposing your content into Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ represent additional ways to reach (with permission) and so re-connect.
It's right-side up marketing in that sense since it has an inbound effect over interruptive outbound promotions that feel random to the recipient.
How do we create an integrated communications lifecycle, integrating channels, content and marketing around the customer?
Marketing automation can help here and Dave has reviewed marketing automation tools before in this post.
The power is layering on purchase intent (inferred through click behaviour and explicit through web forms) to then tone up or down promotional intensity and the strength of offers as relevant to the consumer.
Through measurement and then improvement through testing against objectives, it's only as complex as it needs to be for your organisation. In order to make a strategy work you must first of all understand yourself and then your customer. Topics such as the successful implementation of PARTsolutions SPM at GE Oil & Gas projects, the importance of electronic product catalogs as a digital marketing tactic, or the details of a company preparing a switch from Ideas to NX, helped attendees see just how versatile CADENAS software and their developers are. Most particularly enjoyed taking part in the stadium tour to find out more about the homestead of FCA.

Studies in the social, political, economic and the technological role of communication will equip the marketing and communication designer in their practical exposure to digital design fundamentals. Promoting business vision, mission and values give graduates the confidence and ‘know-how’ to start their own design initiatives based on a foundational knowledge of strategic development, marketing strategies, importance of branding and managing finances. Our students love the fact that they have a full year to become fully entrenched in the world of design.
Each specialisation stream is packed with knowledge and technical skill required of the respective discipline.
To create these conversations and build relationships is challenging - the biggest challenge in marketing perhaps. You thank them if, they're lucky, reward them somehow, just re-sell to them or simply ignore them? Did you even meet the customer's requirements and is there a quality gap from the users reality. But better is designing insight capture into the marketing and sales process in a robust way, for example using email sequences since it brings the consumer to the marketing table. This can be as simple questions built into existing enquiry, purchase and post purchase forms.
You can easily ensure that commercial goals tie to customer engagement or marketing KPIs by developing a simple matrix. Commercial sales are the end goal, and yet they're still preceded by a number of KPIs that are more manageable and meaningful to those working on the front line. How this is done is dependent on what kind of organisation you are in terms of budgets and resources available. Layer on segmented email communications to such solid social media programme and you're pioneering brand communications! This is an area being pioneered by high-end, fully integrated marketing automation platforms like EDialog and Eloqua, and being made accessible to the rest of us by companies such as Genius, Office Autopilot and Marketo. Integrating email communications, SMS and outbound with direct mail is pretty obvious and totally possible with these platforms since you get to design the communications sequences for each segment, and sub-segment.
Focus on the basics as to what content, tools and techniques drive re-engagement, referral and re-purchase evidenced by your measurement dashboard. Within 5 years, pioneering technologies have changed the general behavior and decisions of users. Further topics such as consumer and buying behaviour, integrated marketing and communication media studies will also be covered.
Our Bachelor of Design qualification aligns industry standards and educates designers following common guidelines.
Inscape offers the Bachelor of Design Degree with common competencies and specialisations through elective subjects. This kind of exposure blows a student’s design perspective wide open and teaches relevance and appropriateness in terms of design solutions within the business world. They attest to the fact that when they make their final decision regarding a chosen specialisation that they do so with confidence and fully informed. Our students however, are well prepared in the first year and enter into the senior years equipped with the ability to think critically and apply themselves effectively. There are no quick tips we can give here, but we can offer this structure which will step you through the decisions you need to make to work towards long-term relationships. The first step is to understand how they perceive you based on the service and experience you have provided. Of course you can target particular groups of customers with email, so they're powerful in this sense. Think about using tools such as Get Satisfaction for feedback too since it offers you progression into a feedback community and crowd-sourcing. Using this approach allows people at different levels, with different perspectives, within an organisation to see the value in an engagement or retention programme. Being useful adds an incomparable value to a consumer relationship post purchase as well as keep you front of mind. Marketing automation is a huge area and different platforms have strengths in different areas. Adam currently lives in Ohio with his wife Stephanie, his dog Hudson and the family cat Astro. Our success rates are a testimony to the fact that our unique approach to teaching design, works.
So you need to harness insights A you have about this super special group of people, and what insights could you have to help you do a better job to generate more sales? You can also use the "Watch don't ask" approach of using analytics to see what customers click on or don't click on. For example, take the idea of customer making a second or third (repeat) purchase vs a referral of your brand to friends, both matter, both will tie to traffic to your domain and so can be tied to sale.
Two reasons - you're connecting the consumer with others, and deepening their experience of subject area.
Marketing automation includes analytics and intelligence gathering, automating lead generation and conversion and advanced cross-department workflow. So long as the KPIs can be tied broadly to sale (question 1) then discussions with management are much simpler and meaningful at the commercial level. For the customer, repeat purchase can manifest in 'lifetime value' commercial goals as well as 'new vs returning' visitors for the marketers using in Google Analytics.
The practical start point is to take a lead from B2B marketers who focus around the automation of lead generation and lead conversion, with "get lead, convert lead" being the mantra, focussing mostly on email and outbound telemarketing in its simplest sense. You can just as easily use other counters of engagement, such as use of Facebook (usually more customer orientated) and any owned web property such as customer forums or groups.

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