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Along with other industry professionals and experts, Tom explains the inside-outs of Marketing Performance Measurement, Analytics & ROI to General Managers, Directors, Senior Vice Presidents, Vice Presidents, Managers, and Leaders involved in marketing from leading organizations in Thailand. The importance of digital marketing continues to soar through the years with the development of complex search algorithms to innovating world-changing technologies that set the milestone for change.
Optimizing for change and adaptability is imperative in the eyes of brands and businesses; when technology changes, so does its behavior and audiences. Yes, we are talking about Facebook’s new dislike button, which turned out to not literally mean the thumbs-down icon.
Looking at the timeline, it takes less than five years to become the app almost everyone has!
The fruitful productivity of the first 6 months already passed and agencies are still busy keeping up with new trends and online marketing techniques! A recent infographic by the Digital Advertising Association (Thailand) (DAAT) revealed a giant leap in the digital marketing world.
CRO stands for “Conversion Rate Optimization” which is a combination of art and science to help you better understand your website visitors with the aim to convert them into customers. I was recently approached by a friend who wanted to switch her career from traditional marketing to digital marketing. The digital space is always changing and as an online marketer, you’d need to continuously learn as well as unlearn things to be able to adapt.
A good charted out plan can pilot Digi-marketers onto the correct path and help them recognize and achieve their goals and objectives. This article isn’t going to be a ramble about the theories of psychology and marketing concepts but to give you step-by-step guidelines on execution for online marketing. As part of its growth strategy, Yahoo is heavily emphasizing native advertising via its Gemini platform. If you were wondering how well native advertising might perform, these numbers from Yahoo may shed some light. Beyond the creation of advertisements, the placement of ads has moved well-beyond the traditions of print, radio, and television media.
In television advertising, digital recorders such as DVRs and Tivos and DVD sets of entire television series have created a need for advertisers to rethink commercials. The lowest common denominator (LCD) can be defined as “the broadest or most widely applicable requirement or circumstance.” It’s often difficult to acknowledge, but LCD can be a valuable tool for marketers when developing advertising campaigns. We recently put what we like to call “the LCD Principle” to use for a client in the financial services sector during the development of an ad campaign involving a tremendous media integration effort, especially within the digital space. Not only does following the LCD Principle deliver a more effective, concise and easy-to-deploy campaign, it also has the potential to attract an audience of more interested buyers. By focusing on the essential message of a campaign, capitalizing on the potential of the smallest ad spaces, and maintaining coordination between all parties, B2B marketers can maximize the effectiveness of every ad placement.

Even as ad spending growth has stalled in most traditional media, digital continues to climb. eMarketer recently hosted Digital Advertising Trends for 2013, an interesting webinar that examined major developments in US online, mobile and social ad spending, including 2012’s key areas of growth and trends to watch in 2013. In today’s connected marketing environment, where the conversation never ends and every message can link across platforms, the static Integrated Marketing model that has guided marketers for nearly 20 years needs to be upgraded to a less linear approach. Much like the tablet, mobile use is on the rise and a key touchpoint for engaging with customers.
In the past months, the digital landscape experienced a myriad of changes that paved the way for something greater.
He is a baby with lovable charisma as he gains warm welcome from the earth just like when we embrace Facebook.
Apparently, the advertising budget on digital media is predicted to jump by 62% this year, which equals to 9,869 billion baht. What could be a bizarre idea today might turn out to be the next big thing before the year ends.
A well-constructed Social Media Marketing calendar could help determine the objective of each post, when to post and budget allocations per se. According to Yahoo, Gemini is the first unified ad marketplace for mobile search and native advertising. Perhaps most significantly, the digital age has allowed for a plethora of new techniques in creating advertisements through computer software applications and digital photography and editing programs. The Internet has opened up a world of possibility for advertisers to get their message out.
As a result, product placement is becoming more and more common in television shows and movies. Larger ad sizes allow for more images, more text, and make for a busier ad space with more information for the viewer to digest.
The campaign was to be deployed across nearly 100 different publications through a variety of channels including web, mobile, print, and radio.
Smart business marketers with high stakes riding on the success of their singular brand message reaching customers at all touch points ought to synchronize, not integrate, their marketing plans. Below, we have compiled 10 of the most informative and useful articles relating to B2B marketing in the mobile space; how to maximize results and communicate with prospects on a channel they use most frequently. Instagram ads are essentially the typical Instagram photos and videos that seamlessly get displayed right there in your feed. For the first time in history, mobile usage exceeded desktop use in 2014, and that number is expected to rise exponentially in 2016. It is notable that Facebook is already 12 years old in 2015, but some online marketers fortune that the little Instagram will seize the social media throne one day. While it took her a while to get a whole picture of the digital marketing channels, it really was the difference in the ideal marketer’s traits that she found may pose to be a challenge.

Nevertheless, with the ever changing landscape, digital marketers would need to be ready to change their plans on the spot and perhaps several times throughout the course of a campaign. Email blitzing, also known as spam, has become so commonplace that it is now regulated by the government.
During the preliminary creative stages, we tested concepts by focusing first on how they played out in the smallest ad spaces.
It may seem obvious but its important to keep in mind that consistent contact between agency and media planner is vital for campaign fluidity and success. With 2016, just a month and a half away, and many things are set to change in the digital landscape, and the predictions come rolling in, setting up the waves of change. In other words, it’s about adapting with direction and coming up with short term plans on how best to adapt. If the design and concept work in the smallest of spaces, then they are likely to be effective and powerful in any ad size.
This strategy helped us identify which concepts were the most effective in communicating the core message of the campaign in the most engaging way. This will help the entire campaign to be more effective and make better use of the advertising spend. In terms of psychology, likes essentially reflect a positive attitude towards oneself and one’s brand.
Some users definitely own smartphones, DSLR, mirrorless lens, retro cameras, compacts and etc. Social networking sites, such as MySpace, have also helped introduce new means for advertisements.
The result was the creation of a distinctive campaign that grabbed attention and delivered the message. The only difference is a small ‘sponsored’ mark at the top right-hand corner of the advertisement. Things get snapped and shared easier when you carry a multifunctional smartphone all the time.
At times, it’s also a reflection of authentic feedback regarding certain topic or products (I am talking about organic likes FYI). Have you ever come across a page with low number of likes and then decide against liking the page and the posts yourself? If you compare two Facebook pages, the audience tend to end up following a page that has more likes.

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