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There are options in the Canvas inspector that allow you to print one canvas per sheet rather than scaling to fit across sheets if your page setup is smaller than your canvas. A: I have occasionally posted example OmniGraffle documents to articles I write in the Notebook section of Konigi. Who are the hottest new and disruptive adtech and martech companies that will propel data-driven marketing forward? With hundreds of US and international delegates on hand, the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) presented the 2015 International ECHO Awards last night during its &THEN event, the annual conference of DMA. Throngs of marketers from around the world poured into Boston Sunday to celebrate another year of marketing excellence, but also to access the trove of advice and insight the annual gathering of esteemed professionals. Moments is designed to make it easier to use the platform by removing the need to follow other people in order to create a newsfeed. Facebook is instituting something akin to employee performance reviews for app publishers in its ad network, grading how well their inventory achieves advertiser objectives like driving downloads or selling product.
Reddit seems to be getting tired of losing out to other media companies on stories generated by its massive online community. It’s been a long-running debate in academic research and the business press: Do companies benefit financially from having a marketing executive in the C-suite?

Facebook wants to see the relationship between its site and live TV content grow even more interconnected. Video is an extremely effective communications tool for engaging and educating customers, and to increase brand awareness, says Ascend2 in their new study.
According to a recent survey discussing the impact wearable technology will have on customer engagement, nearly 70% of consumers say they are ready to engage with brands through wearable technology devices. Keep in mind that that template is made ideally for projecting on screen and for printing on 11x17 paper.
The Direct Marketing Association (DMA) answered that question today at the HOT ZONE competition during its &THEN conference.
The feature appears as a central tab on Twitter's mobile app, offering a magazine-style look at the most talked-about news items. As to why that is, BloomReach research found top-notch personalization to be the e-commerce giant's greatest strength. According to a recent survey, two-thirds of CMOs feel pressured by the board or the CEO to demonstrate the value of marketing.
The company showed off a number of tools and resources that they’ve been working with broadcast media partners on, including polling for live events and a number of new APIs that will allow partners to display specific Facebook content streams with much more ease.

Video marketing is rated very successful at achieving important objectives by 25% of companies and another 60% rate it somewhat successful.
If you want to hide them from your exported document, just hide the column number shared layer. The site contains original stories, videos, and graphics created by an independent editorial team within Reddit. Below you'll find a snapshot of what attendees are saying about the event, as well as an assortment of insightful snippets from speakers. Five or so brands will start testing a new ad unit called Promoted Moments in the coming days, and several more are in talks with Twitter to get on board. The app now has more than 10 million active accounts, and more than 2 million of those users log in daily.

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