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Video Download Capture, the comprehensive tool with advanced technologies for online streaming media, offers a cost-effective choice to free download online videos from new generation Web 2.0 social communities, such as YouTube, Google Video, Dailymotion, Megavideo, Vevo.
Based on the high performance download capabilities of revolutionary streaming media technology inside, online video download gets easier, smarter and faster.
More than all popular online video sharing communities like YouTube or Dailymotion, the built-in online video recorder expands the supported scale to any videos online such as movies, TV shows, music videos and more.
This ultimate video download solution includes a quick video editor to crop, trim and customize original videos in seconds, and a lite multimedia player to play any online videos without hassles.
Sleek interface and user-friendly functional design optimize the experience of downloading online videos with the essential tool. You will experience the evolved online video download upon our revolutionary concept of 'what you watch is what you download'.
This well-improved application can download online videos and convert any videos in super performance and high quality, 300% faster than other utilities.
Well-categorized wizard of video conversion makes your online video download output exactly what you want, whatever it.s for iPod, PSP, Xbox or DVD.

Resource-friendly and user-friendly features, as well as useful built-in video recorder, editor and player just complete your video download in one simple solution.
Hundreds of online video addicts around the world recommend as the top video download tool for novices to enjoy the same happiness of video experts.
Free technical support with prompt response is dedicated for you from our professional team. Best MPEG4 to MP4 converter - OJOsoft Total Video Converter free download to convert MPEG4 to MP4 videos. Do not worry about converting MPEG4 to MP4, for OJOsoft HD Video Converter can help you a lot. This intelligent utility works continuously and quietly as all multiple online video download tasks will be processed automatically with a few clicks.
And the promise of no-adware, no-spyware, no-malware, no-popup, and no-registration ensures the safest approach to online video download.
With the nice MPEG4 to MP4 decoder, converting MPEG4 to MP4 is just a matter of five clicks.

Most MP4 media players are incompatible with the MPEG-4 Part 14 or the .mp4 container format. It can also be best AVI decoder to realize AVI files conversions from AVI to WMV, QuickTime to AVI, MPG to AVI, MKV to AVI. In this sense, in some markets, any new function added to a given media player is followed by an increase in the number, despite there being no corresponding MPEG-5 standard.
It features a long-time recorder,a real-time video Capture system.It's high speed comes from it's being optimized by MMX Assemble code.

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