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Keep in mind that VirtualDub is not a professional non-linear video editing program but made for linear processing of video clips.
The two video frames in VirtualDub show your input video on the left and the output video (with applied filters) on the right. In this example video (it is a screen capture from Assassina€™s Creed) there are black bars at the top and the bottom of the video. It actually doesna€™t do anything, as the description already says, but will allow us to crop a video.
HSV: Adjusting hue causes red to become blue, blue becomes green, green becomes orange and so on. Let us again take a look at the difference between the original video and the resulting video. This filter is about Histogram Equalization (again, the images in the Wikipedia article are very descriptive).
You can also take a histogram over the whole video clip or some keyframes by clicking A«Sample videoA», but often a sample frame is enough.

The histogram shows that there actually isna€™t any white but only about 30 % grey (on the book cover of A«Das ParfA?mA»). If you take videos (or photos) under good light conditions (sunshine, for example) you usually do not have to correct levels. It doesna€™t hurt that there is no full black (would be at the very left of the input levels graph) in the video, because in reality there wasna€™t any either. Deleting is done by moving the slider to the left end of the section you want to remove, clicking the Selection Start button (or pressing Home), navigating to the right end of the section, and clicking the Selection End button. If you need a non-linear video editing program, you should take a look at the OpenSource program kdenlive.
The slider below allows you to navigate in your video; if it is too sensitive, resize your window to increase the length of the slider. Brightness makes the image lighter or darker, but in opposition to adjusting Value in HSV the luminance of light parts is increased stronger than dark partsa€™ (so it doesna€™t look as linear as adjusting Value, which looks like spraying White over the whole image). By moving the white slider of the Input Levels below the right end of the histogram the 30 % grey will become white in the resulting video.

This is not because I want the thumbnails to look boring but because there was not enough light available. If you want your output video to start at frame 20 and end at frame 200, set a selection starting at 20 and ending at 200. Below the current position is shown: The frame number (starts with 0) followed by the time. Value changes the overall brightness Increasing it also causes black to become grey (That is not what we want – see later). Contrast is even more interesting, it makes the image look more brilliant if used carefully. In this example clip Ia€™ll draw it even farther so that also the other book covers look white in the preview (I know that they actually are white).

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