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This tutorial will walk you through creating custom columns for your post types and making these columns sortable.
The first step in creating custom columns, is to make these columns available on the edit posts page. What we’ll do here is overwrite all of the default columns and set it up however we want. Now that you’ve created some custom columns, you have to actually put some content in them.
What we’ll do is set up a PHP switch statement in our action to display our custom content when one of our custom columns is called.
I’ve tried to leave the following code fairly well commented so that you can pick it apart and use for your own projects.

At this point, you can already click on a movie genre and see all movies that have that specific genre. Note that we’re only sorting by metadata here, which in our case is uses the duration meta key. The first step is making the duration column sortable by filtering the manage_edit-{$post_type}_sortable_columns hook as shown in the following code. One thing you should note is that I set the orderby to meta_value_num in this particular case.
However, I've found their apps a little hard to use. Why? Because their suite of software, mainly the consumer apps I've mentioned, errs on the side of ease of use.
Not really, because the problem here is that Apple tries hard to make something simple by hiding complexity.

The end result are apps like iMovie for the iPhone, which are justly praised for bringing editing to a mobile device, but whose operations and functionality can be limited and opaque. Take a look at the screenshots of Apple's iMovie and competitor Splice below: Looking at those two screenshots, which application looks like it means business?
For the same reason that the 'neon' flickers on when you launch the app: iMovie is intended as a demonstration of what the iPhone can do in terms of image and audio processing rather than as simply a super useful tool.
With Splice, you get a no-nonsense editor with more functionality than iMovie and a price—free—that's better, too.

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